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If one could wind time back, imagine what power one could possess. If they could erase their missteps, their wrongdoings, their enemies and themselves, what does that mean for everyone else?
Princess Celestia has that power, and she isn't necessarily merciful in its use in negotiations with Queen Chrysalis, who has, along with her last heir, been driven out of the hive after their crushing failure to conquer Canterlot.
But Celestia has connections to this heir, and knows who his father was.

Story takes place before and during Games Ponies Play/Just For Sidekicks, and ends sometime after Magical Mystery Cure, but before Twilight's coronation.
Rated teen for vague and moderate descriptions of wounds, and kissing.

Chapters (17)
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Will all the chapters be this short?

7166263 Future chapters will get longer. I've only just reached a respectable writing style, and my goal is to keep myself busy with this project. Is there a problem?

I'm amazed nobody's discovered this. It's well written and has an interesting premise and theme. Have a like and a fav.

7245549 Thanks. I'm really glad you like it.

*snerk* You totally got that last bit from Tangled didn't you?

7245566 Not that I was aware of, but I can see the similarities.

7245549 In all likelihood, it may be less eye catching than other stories becuase it lacks a cover photo, which I need to start working on.

I am really enjoying this story so far. It really caught my interest my friend ;)

But Celestia has connections to this heir, and knows who his father was.

Let me guess: Shining Armour, right?

7293450 Can't say that I hadn't thought about that. I went in different direction from that, as there are so many stories about that. You'll have to wait and find out.

Woah, one hundred and nine views in one day! Must add more hype. New chapter!

Comment posted by HypernovaBolts11 deleted Jun 11th, 2016

Having searched through almost 10 chapters, I feel I need to remind you that a character tag is for a character that apperas frequently in the story. Chrysalis does not belong there.

7298595 Thank you for reminding me. I had expected the story to go in a different direction, and I'll fix this.

its a really good story

I enjoyed this story, will there be a follow on?

7338858 I'd be a foal if there wasn't.

7339130 she's scared of him. Hah fang is the rightful heir to the (king?) Meaning he is next in line to lead equestria!

So Celestia has a brother? Huh.

Funny, Love is providing infinitely more useful as a mole than Chrysalis ever was. Stupid Celestia, you done goofed!

Twilight, you done goofed too! Where's that letter to Celestia?! Are you trying to Stockholm him or something?

Yay for dead father communications?

Wait, since when did he start blaming his mother? Heart influence?

Haha the heart is teasing him....

Insert M.A. Larson quote: "she's dead!That's it!"

Wow Celestia, you're still being pretty dark...

And then Celestia explodes in with fire in her eyes to destroy him, right?

Well that was unexpected.
Anyways, have a fave and upvote, despite the OOC aspects it was more good than not.

7167872 No, there isn't. By the way, your avatar is broken. What is it suppose to be, anyway?

7481071 Okay, so it's not just me or my browser. It was supposed to be a Sonic the Hedgehog OC I made back when Sonic was still cool, but then sorta turned into my fursona after a while. I am a person of many fandoms.

Comment posted by HorrorYen deleted Nov 12th, 2016

Sorry for that I was... high (not really lol

Good story, and ther is even a sequel already :pinkiehappy:

7387519 oh i read a story called "song of change" where the heart actually talked to changelings!

8088155 there are a few actually. We like the Heart in Shifting Melodies, it's pretty snarky!

8088637 oops, i think that's the same one, i got the name wrong!

I like this story, I really do.

That said, it's pacing is weird, and there are still some rather obvious spelling mistakes scattered throughout.


The solar monarch was not amused, and she said, "I assume you know why I called you hear, Discord."

should be "called you here, Discord"

To hear is to register a sound, here is a place.

8172441 I know that very well. Thank you for highlighting this. (I'm passing some blame over to my iPad's autocorrect feature)

It is fixed now.

I can't find any of those stories. Are they still around?

What about Darkside when he fought Batman? :twilightsmile:

"It's game over man! Gameover!" :trollestia:

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