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I've never said this to anyone before, but this story made me want to shoot myself in the foot.

DA FUK!? Did I just read?


I'm not sure if I should like this for the extreme complex writing or dislike it for the extremely pointless plot. Can I do both?

My mind is full of fuck.

Oh... my.

It is soooo pointless and stupid xD

Lovveeee xD

A glorious slice of life with a romantic feel coupled with plenty of dark humor and adventure.

I humbly request an increase in chapter count.

i unfortunately know the people who wrote this...

R.I.P (rest in puddle) scoot.

Youtube brought me here

Another splendid chapter my dear sir. I particularly liked the heartfelt embrace between our hero and Apple Bloom near the end. It amazes me how you change the mood so quickly, taking the reader on a roller coaster of laughs and into the complex elegance of pure friendship. I for one cannot wait for the next update.

931743 Your anonymous-ness is useless against me

1000393 That is Amomynous to you.

Oh my god that made me::raritydespair::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::pinkiecrazy::fluttershbad::flutterrage::fluttercry::facehoof::twilightoops::pinkiehappy:

I have the weirdest wingboner right now...

This story touched me in more ways than one.

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