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Everypony has dreams, but most ponies never realize them. However though hard work and dedication to his craft, Ponyville's resident farrier is about to get his chance to break himself free from his draining and seditary life.

This was a one-off I did to break the tension of editing up my main story. If you liked it, wonderful. There will most likely be more one-off's in the future. Thanks for reading!

Cover art by the Lovely KaraSkakalac to whom I owe many cookies.

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This hasn't received that much attention lately :/

*free like* :scootangel:

Break up your paragraphs so they aren't so massive and intimidating. Other than that I have nothing to say. I merely skimmed it until I got too bored to continue. If there's a following for stories with bloated descriptions of mundane events, this is definitely something they'll love.

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