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"When all you know is gone, why do you keep on living? Ponies die every day, but it's how you live that matters. So this is me, on the raggedy edge, don’t push me."

The tale follows the story of Sunset, an orange Pegasus with a green mane and a setting sun on his flank. Set in the Fallout Equestria Universe created by Kkat this story takes place roughly ten years before the events of the 'Vault Dweller'. Though not branded by the Enclave, that is not from lack of trying on their part, Sunset's luck of always being able to fly away from the terrors of the Wastes has finally run out as what started as a normal caravan guard job takes a turn for the unexpected.

I will do my best to keep this updated on a fairly regular basis, though that all depends on how much of a hash I make of the rough draft. Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the FoE sidefic herd :twilightsmile:

There's a regular gathering of the other writers who are also working on FoE sidefics at the
compilation document. Drop by the chat sometime :pinkiesmile:

I might do that, thanks for the heads up


yay cant wait for the next chapter when is it?

Should be out sometime this weekend, maybe earlier depending on how editing goes.


oh good chapter please dont let him be dead :twilightsmile:

Just a heads up, chapter 4 is on its way. Should be uploaded tomorrow everypony.

Tes didnt actually die did he? I hope he didnt actually die and its just Sunset dreaming isnt it? Good chapter

Aww thank you. There is actually a reason for this. Ya'll get there.

Right, chapter 6 incoming. Pulling long hours and what not kinda derped the schedule, however within the next few days.


very good chapter like it what Stable was he in? If it was a Stable which one was it? :twilightsmile:

the rise of the sunset crusaders perhaps :P idk but this was a great chapter!

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