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whoa holy shit what the fuck did I just read

This story.
This story is odd.
This story looks like a free verse poem.
I'm not creeped out.
Except maybe by the whole adult baby theme.
That's kind of creepy.
Writing like this makes me think I'm giving a more extensive review.
You chopped up Fluttershy.
You monster.
But it wasn't a bad story.
I hope those anons got freaked out.
Congratulations on writing this.

Funny as hell.


Wouldn't it be Adult Foal in pony lingo? Then again, it's my personal fetish. :scootangel:

this is one of the few times i actually need to tilt my head and say wtf

....what the fu-*credits roll in*

In the words of The Great And Powerful Valen Dreth: HEHEHEHAHA

This format.
This format annoys me.
Very much so.
'Nuff said.

pinkie.ponychan.net/chan/files/src/135537488777.png Seriously, I mean I love a good padded pony fic but this was just No, Just no :rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie:

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