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Sakka no Kouma, also known by her Equestrian name as Page Turner, loves to write stories and share them. She had been given an audience at a festival to tell the legends and folktales of her homeland, but what happens when the legends are true? Only one who knows the stories can truly save the day.

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Vinyl Scratch does a pretty good job of hiding her little secret, but what happens when this big time DJ meets a small town singer who knows about it? Will a friendship bloom from their shared experiences?

This is basically going to be a complete rework of a story I wrote a while back by the same name, only now I'm much more experienced as a writer. This is a story with an OC of mine I don't give much love.

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Heads up! An updated and better version is in the works at the moment. View this as an experimental story or a precursor rather than a finished product.

Vinyl Scratch has a secret she's never told anyone, not even her closest friends, so how does this random stranger know her secret? Who is he, and what is his secret?

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