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I write in my spare time, as a hobby and I would appriciate some feedback on any stories I write here on fimfiction.


This story is a sequel to Spirals and Spices

Bolt and Ruby take a short holiday to the beach to enjoy the cool water, warm sun and sweet drinks... But Ruby has another treat for Bolt to taste of her own creation.

This story takes place after the events of Spirals and Spices, if you didn't know they end up marrying, so yeah, spoilers.

This was my entry for the competition for the MLP-hypnogroup on DA: http://mlp-hypnogroup.deviantart.com/journal/OFFICIAL-CONTEST-4-BEACHTIME-FUN-613772737 If you like hypnosis go check them out :)

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Comments ( 11 )

It was a good oneshot

7303457 Thanks glad you liked it :)

I enjoyed this one-shot quite a bit.

7476105 Thanks, it was fun to write :)

I just want to make sure you did get my last reply.

I meant to put this on your main page.
And it's the reply in the PM's about that story idea

Will we see these two together again?

Of course, just in other stories~

Also as the as that they are depicted here and the prequel

Interesting play from a married couple.

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