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I write in my spare time, as a hobby and I would appriciate some feedback on any stories I write here on fimfiction.


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  • ESerpentine music
    Twilight's tests on the lamia potion are progressing smoothly, but now she needs a subject who is more accustomed to hard work to see if there are any different effects in the transformation.
    THEJamiboi · 4.5k words  ·  55  5 · 4.9k views
  • ECamp Cobra
    TwinWing has booked a short stay at a slightly unique camp ground where snakes wander freely between the woods and the sleeping bags of those staying. However, the Pegasus has made the mistake of pitching his tent a little too far away from the camp.
    THEJamiboi · 2.5k words  ·  32  3 · 2.6k views
  • ESea of hypnosis
    Bolt and Ruby take a short holiday to the beach to enjoy the cool water, warm sun and sweet drinks... But Ruby has another treat for Bolt to taste of her own creation.
    THEJamiboi · 3k words  ·  29  5 · 2.8k views
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  • TBlind desire
    Crust Toppings is a pizza deliverer and he hates his work, as fortune would have it however, one of his deliveries takes him close to Shady Grove, the town of lamias
    THEJamiboi · 15k words  ·  29  6 · 1.3k views
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