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I write in my spare time, as a hobby and I would appriciate some feedback on any stories I write here on fimfiction.


Crust Toppings is a pizza deliverer and he hates his work, as fortune would have it however, one of his deliveries takes him close to Shady Grove, the town of lamias and it just so happens that the mare he's delivering too is in need of somepony to care for her house and it's not like he can say no considering what he has to go back to.

A short story I did between some huge commission I've been working on for a fair while, hopefully it'll be done soon, for now though, enjoy this!

Features; lamias, coiling, hypnosis, consensual brainwashing, soft vore and a blind lamia

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Ruby, Bolt and Twinwing head to a festival hosting a new and rather popular game that has swept the lamia ruled lands, a deliciously sweet experience awaits them all~!

Just a short story I wanted to do, it's pure vore, with implied digestion but also regeneration so no dark tag. Also, this takes place in the Grand Dinner universe, don't need to read it to enjoy this however!

Also, can you guess all the OCs I used? Probably not, but it'll be interesting to see who can identify any of them.

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TwinWing has booked a short stay at a slightly unique camp ground where snakes wander freely between the woods and the sleeping bags of those staying. However, the Pegasus has made the mistake of pitching his tent a little too far away from the camp.

A short pure hypnosis and coils story based on the lovely cover art made by: https://fluffyxai.deviantart.com/
I'd like to point out I have permission from both the artist and the commissioner of the specified piece, so don't freak out. Now,, take a seat on a stool, chair or tail and enjoy! :)

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This story is a sequel to Spirals and Spices

Bolt and Ruby take a short holiday to the beach to enjoy the cool water, warm sun and sweet drinks... But Ruby has another treat for Bolt to taste of her own creation.

This story takes place after the events of Spirals and Spices, if you didn't know they end up marrying, so yeah, spoilers.

This was my entry for the competition for the MLP-hypnogroup on DA: http://mlp-hypnogroup.deviantart.com/journal/OFFICIAL-CONTEST-4-BEACHTIME-FUN-613772737 If you like hypnosis go check them out :)

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Twilight's tests on the lamia potion are progressing smoothly, but now she needs a subject who is more accustomed to hard work to see if there are any different effects in the transformation. Twilight, and Applejack, her newest subject, are about to learn that there is both more than one type of lamia form and one type of hypnosis.

This is the second place draw prize for: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/MightyShockwave of Applejack being turned into a rattle snake pony. Because I know him, I know he likes the black on white spirals more than rings, so I did that for him, he also prefers sfw... So, for about the first time in forever (Quit singing) I did something ANYONE can read! :D

I hope you enjoy. :)

(Also, I put it on Random tag cause... I dunno what tag this gets, it's just a hypno fic for the fun and sake of a hypno fic, no one kisses or anything and I know it isn't slice of life so yeah... Random. :)

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