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Just a starting to wright some fanfictions nothing to existing. Hope to get some ideas from here.


After defeating Discord It seems he has finally bin beaten but using his magic Discord finds a way to affect twilight's mind. Causing her to see him but to all her efforts she cant make any one ells see discord.
(Ok well now that I look back on my story so far can any one give some help and tell me if the story so far fits the categories so far or is it missing one?)
The story idea is mine the characters are not.

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few spelling mistakes...
still have a good idea going

I think Twailight must say: STOP RIGHT HERE CRIMINAL SCUM.

:twilightblush:i was just wondering if you were in the proses of writing chapter 4 because this is a really good story and I'd love to read more:twilightsmile:
(no rhyme intended)

990198 Actually about 90% finished with it just doing some last minute edits sorry the next chapter is take so long.

988438 I take it that this is a expression of enjoyment?

Spell-check please...it ruins the flow of the story.

I get that reaction a lot. I'm glad people are enjoying my story.

It really is a good one. Really original idea too :twilightsmile:

Well here it is the new chapter I hope it meets everyone expectations and enjoys the new chapter.

P.S All criticism is welcome good or bad. :moustache:


Yes it does. Kind of drove myself into a wall with this chapter.

"I'm sorry."

The apology caught Luna off guard.

"sorry for what Tia?"

"For not believing you all those years go. Your my sister and I should have believed you that you where seeing discord."

"I see. Now would you repeat it into the camera."

Celestia grunts. "I'm sorry for not realizing that you were right. You are my sister i should of believed you."

"Your damn right you should of!"


There will be not to worry.

I apologize for the long wait but due to unforeseen events the latest chapter has taken longer than it should have taken. I promise the chapter is in works as well as a new story soon too come.

eh, This really doesn't seem like a Discord move. It's not a game, it's forcing her to make a choice, Discord(whether being written good or evil) loves game.


In a way I see what you mean but if you recall Discord plays this game with rainbow dash in an episode. But ill keep that in mind thanks for the comment.

Well actually, Discord's nature has always been chaotic neutral, never really evil. even his actions against the mane 6(who delectably were only messed with to that extent to sever their connection to the element, and even then that was for his own defense) didn't seem anything more then really mean. This is literally saying, chose one and loose the other. Rainbow Dash was merely mislead '" A weighty choice is yours to make. The right selection or a big mistake. If a wrong choice you choose to pursue, the foundations of home will crumble without you" His riddle was meant about the foundation of her her friendship, the vision of Cloudsdale was just a red herring.. But this is a fanfiction and that means we get to see characters being used in fun and interesting way's. So looking forward to how this turns out.

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