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King Of Thieves


A sequel to The Secret Life Of Rarity

Rarity, the Ponyville Butcher, has been executed for her many murders. Now she finds herself in Tartarus, where she must pay for her sins before before being granted into Paradise. In order to be redeemed, Rarity must confront the grave evil of her actions, as well as the consequences upon which her friends, family and so many others must suffer because of them.

Based within the Killer-Rarityverse by BronyWriter, who I greatly thank for helping me with editing.

*Please note that this is loosely based off my own religious beliefs concerning hell and salvation, believing in Universal Reconciliation.

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TSLOR is probably my favorite series ever, and I'm so happy to see more based on it! This story was an excellent read, and felt at home in the Killer Rarity Universe. While the whole idea with redemption in Tartarus was a bit confusing, I was able to move past it and appreciate it for the great story it was. Also, I like how you included things with Joyous Blossom as well, Rarity's reaction to the whole situation was interesting. Excellent story!

A similar story has always been in my head but i never got around to finishing and refining it. I know i had at least a small bit of it written up. In my version Rarity's personal tartarus was being "forever" strapped to her table while her friends and loved ones cut her to pieces in character specific ways, a big part of why i never finished was that i couldn't personalize a chapter for each of her loved ones. Day after day of waking up to once again find herself butchered only to awake to it again. The ending is some one the same however I drew on the interaction between joyous blossom and "rarity" have in broken blossom. Its been a while since I've read the story probably the three years since it came out but i believe [possible spoilers for something you should have read by now if your reading this but i could just be making this up idk] Joyous blossom has a vision of rarity that helps her overcome the evilness [which may have also been a ghost of rarity I'm gonna re read the trillogy soon now] anyway the rarity in tartarus is actually that rarity. After countles times being tortured by who she thought was a young version of her self she learns its really joyous blossom and awakes in a situation where she can help the young mare she has one more "day" of torture this time actually and evil and murderous version of herself before waking up and being guided to paradise by Joyous blossom. See whole thing mapped out and everything just to lazy to finish it like everything I start. I like this version as well I'll use it as my personal head cannon since I'll likely never write my original version.

You know. I read the description and expect a Dante's Inferno style epic.

Wow. I'm a bit astonished to get this much appreciation for my story, even with BronyWriter's help in editing. Anyway, I'm not exactly happy with the current story. Right now, I'm working on a newer version, one with Blossom's story more integrated into this one.

i feel the additions of Joyonous blossoms story really give everything a bit of extra depth

7282295 Thanks. I feel that it's quite appropriate that Rarity fully redeems herself with the 'killing' of the evil 'Rarity' that has been tormenting Blossom, not to mention it's kind of symbolic depending on how you look at it.

7283807 I quite agree.

I'll be honest, I read The first two stories of the killer rarity series, but could never get into the third. I did however thoroughly enjoy this little bit of fic.

This was a very good story, and I loved the view on the afterlife, it is very similar to my beliefs and that made the story much more compelling to me, very well done.

I read this fic from beginning to end and the whole thing just spoke to me in a way I didn't know was possible. The whole thing was so beautifully written and the fic IMO should be canon to the killer Rarityverse. Way to go and I hope to see more fics like this one

Beautiful...sad, dark, and dramatic, but beautiful:twilightsmile:.

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