• Published 18th Jul 2012
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Militant Equestria - GuitarKirby

A story about what would happen if Equestria went to war with Earth.

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Chapter 10

(A Note from the Author: This part of the story is separate from the other two narrations, and exists to add clarity. It is told in third person, and it is related to events happening outside the warzone. -GK)

Fluttershy shrunk slightly as she approached the black hive. Blue-green goo coated the ground, and she had to be careful so as not to slip and fall. Her face was hidden behind her mane from fear. However, she was accompanied by Shining Armor. He seemed uncomfortable at the place of an old enemy, but he had not objected to what Celestia had said.
"Shining Armor, all of the races must be informed of this war, if nothing else. If it seems at all possible, we have to gain their support. I can think of nopony better suited to this job than Fluttershy. However, she may need accompaniment, as she is easily startled. I want you to go with her to the Changelings' hive, and speak with Queen Chrysalis."
Fluttershy froze at the entrance to the hive, seemingly paralyzed with fear. Shining Armor patted her back, and she reached up a hoof, and tapped at the side of the entrance. The knock echoed down the shadowy hall. Then, a loud yell was heard. Chrysalis came flying out above them. Shining Armor was infuriated at the sight of her, but did not speak; he was afraid to do so. Fluttershy stepped toward her. She inhaled, and spoke in almost a whisper.
"Um... Your Majesty, I was told to let you know, that these horrible, two-legged creatures have come to Equestria, and they're attacking the ponies." Chrysalis stepped up to Fluttershy. She had a look of sadistic glee on her face.
"So, the great princess of the ponies has reached out a hoof to us Changelings, has she?"
"Well... um..."
"She wishes to ask our help in this great battle, does she?" Fluttershy squeaked, and Shining Armor spoke, keeping his voice free of any emotion at all.
"Chrysalis, we were simply told to inform you that war has broken out. We do not ask for help. We are simply passing information to you." Chrysalis gave a nasty look to Shining Armor.
"You came, as well? Do the princesses of Equestria seek to insult me?!" Shining Armor's legs stiffened; he was tensed for violence. However, Chrysalis' next words came in a different tone.
"Do not think I wish to hurt you, Shining Armor. I intend to help in this battle, but not for you, nor your princesses. We fight for what you give us, what you feed us. Without your race's emotions, we cannot survive. We will battle with you, in whatever ways you wish." Fluttershy looked up.
"Oh, thank you so much. I don't like fighting, so Princess Celestia sent me to go make peace with you. I'm sorry that I wasn't very helpful..."
To both Shining Armor and Fluttershy's amazement, the Queen actually smiled. A sincere, kind smile.
"My little pony, I hold no personal grudge against you. You and your friends did very little to me, whatever your intentions were. Shining Armor and Cadance were the ones who did damage to me. We shall never be friends, but I harbor no hatred for you."
Fluttershy smiled, but hid it behind her pink mane.

Interview with the President of the United States.
"Mr. President, what, exactly, is the nature of these creatures?"
"While I would like to say that they are friendly, they reacted strongly to our meeting, and clearly mistrusted us."
"Isn't it true that you didn't exactly trust them, Mr. President?"
"With good reason, it seems; our peace negotiations quickly descended into their blaming us for an incident that was clearly caused by them, and nearly resulted in the death of a Navy pilot."
"I see. What, exactly, do you intend to do?"
"These things have declared open war on our country. I do not believe the United Nations will back us in this war, so I intend to send our military to crush these things before they can do any damage to us."
"How long do you think it will take to militarize properly, so we can remove this threat?"
"Based on the abilities we've seen so far, we intend to take two months. The first to plan and prepare, the next to militarize and actually attack. We aren't sure of everything they are capable of, so we want to be fully prepared. Also, we want to say that we do not intend the use of nuclear weapons. We are not even asking the UN for the codes necessary to access our nuclear arsenal."
"That's good news. Why a military attack as opposed to a nuclear strike?"
"Excessive force and the horrors of nuclear attacks do not appeal to this nation. We have the right to defend ourselves, not to torture others just to make things more convenient to ourselves."
Further interview information classified. CIA documentation #5162151781

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Comments ( 6 )

good chapter again and it would take less than a month for the US to attack them without the UN Nations backing

"We are not even asking the UN for the codes necessary to access our nuclear arsenal."
The UN does not hold ANY nuclear launch codes. The launch codes are held by their respective owners.

This is just a little American military tactics
Also, Knowing America, they would attempt to gain Air superiority first. This would allow them to safely call in various air assets such as the AC-130 spectre gunship, or the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. From there, the would continue to do the 'shock and awe' thing, maybe setting up a perimeter around the equestrian side of the portal. They would move a troop of armour to spearhead an assault on the capitol, while leaving the bulk of their forces behind to maintain defence of both artillery positions and the portal. Depending on how many days it took to set that up, they would have mobile cruise missile launchers set up and ready to fire, all beaded towards the Canterlot castle supports. AC-130s with either F-15 or F22 support would annihilate anything and everything that needed to be annihilated... and unless Celestia plans on using god powers, the humans have already one. The equestrian army would be demoralized from rapid and constant defeat, and since ponies haven't known war in forever, they would more likely surrender than die.

Then America would train some insurgent fighters to do their dirty work, then leave while claiming democracy has won.

970660 UN stands for United Nations. UN Nations is redundant.

971677 technically we never lost nor won the Korean War its still on going it never ended

971957 also true we do go for air superiority first, but dont forget the F16 Fighting Falcon and F18 Hornet/Super Hornet

972527 Eh, I was just generalizing.
972497 And like I said, up to debate.

The U.S. Would also soften any defenses with UAV, which would most likely be out of range of a magical attack and would not be detected till it was too late

Great story by the way.

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