• Published 18th Jul 2012
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Militant Equestria - GuitarKirby

A story about what would happen if Equestria went to war with Earth.

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Chapter 9

(A Note From the Author: Hey, guys. I wanted to say thanks for the constructive criticism and such that I've received on this story. Originally, this was just an idea floating in my head, and I needed it removed so I could get to work on my own characters, and my own novel. A common complaint/comment I've heard is that there is no possible way that ponies could stand up to the USA's military forces. Probably true, in a more realistic setting. However, I still hold fast to the argument that the ponies have very strong points as well. The Elements, combined with magic (let's face it; combined Unicorn magic could totally stop a nuclear strike), flight (who knows what the Sonic Rainboom is really capable of?), and even strength (just wait until you see what Bic Macintosh does), I feel that these two races are well equipped for battle. Not to mention, when a world is at stake, unusual alliances are made. I just wanted to clear this up, so thanks for reading. I understand any and all complaints in this department at this point; I'm still happy to hear anything else relating to this story. Thanks for reading, as always! - GK)

After the humans left the room, I found myself in complete shock. Celestia seemed to shrink, while Luna simply glared at the door. The others around the table all looked somewhat stunned. I blamed myself, of course; it had been almost entirely my fault. If I had kept my peace, nothing might have happened. However, I still didn't think that Tellman person was trustworthy, nor did I think he had regretted his actions. I did not realize that Celestia would so quickly jump to the offensive, nor did I even consider that Luna would declare open war. Celestia glared at Luna.
"Sister, why did you do this? I hoped we could keep them away long enough to close the opening to their world!"
Luna snapped back, her voice powerful.
"But sister, we could clearly see that these two-legged creatures held nothing but contempt for our race!"
Celestia sighed; a fight would not fix anything. She seemed to have returned to her kinder self, but there was a spark in her eye.
"Soaring Sp-"
"Please, Your Majesty, call me K."
"Very well. K, I want to apologize for your involvement in this. I'm afraid I must keep you here, however, as you have become important to the survival of Equestria."
At this, I frowned. Quite by accident, the ponies in this room had become the greatest leaders of Equestria, and maybe our entire world.

About a month later, we had managed to militarize most of Equestria. The Elements of Harmony had become the great leaders; I chose to serve as a lieutenant in the EAF; the Equestrian Air Force. At the forefront of this army was Rainbow Dash. She served as what Celestia called "High Captain," leading all important battles. These pegasi were specially trained by Rainbow Dash to be the fastest, toughest fliers in the land. She was merciless on all of us; our training regiment was strict, and she was quick to hand out punishment. Through this, we became the most respected branch of the Equestria Military.

There were other branches as well. Twilight Sparkle served as an overseer of the two magic-based branches. The first was the MOF, or the Magical Offensive Front. These unicorns were trained in powerful attack magic that could bring down jets and helicopters. They were also taught special defensive magic, to guard the front lines. The other magically based branch was the UNG, the Unicorn National Guard. This branch was made up of large, defensive units that were stationed in many cities. Two shifts were assigned to each city, and the Unicorns synchronized their magic to create powerful barriers, to stop bombs, bullets, and anything else the humans could use against our cities.

Applejack, along with her brother, Big Macintosh, trained the Earth ponies in the EGT, Equestrian Ground Troops. These ponies were given special armor (designed by Rarity to be both functional and intimidating), and sent out on the front lines. Each had a small unit from the MOF mixed in, to help magically protect them. Special weapons were invented for these teams. Applejack wanted to fight at the front, but she had to train the ponies back home. Each and every one of them got strong enough to crack stone. Big Mac, on the other hand, served with these ponies. Although the normal troops were strong, Big Mac was the strongest in the entire military.

Probably bravest of all of us was Fluttershy. She became the envoy to other species across the land, such as the dragons, and the changelings. Although it was frightening for her, Luna or Celestia would often send Cadance or Shining Armor with her.

Derpy became a model for poster slogans. She was seen in her mail-job, being struck down by a jet, with the words NOPONY DESERVES IT underneath.

However, war didn't actually break out until two weeks after this preparation. It surprised us that it had taken the humans so long to attack, and I never found out until much later. The tear in the sky had gotten larger in the last month, and had stretched to a point where ground units could enter and exit at will. Nobody walked down the streets we could see; we rather thought that the humans had set up a perimeter there, just waiting for somepony to walk out and be a sitting duck. However, they attacked first. They brought a small squad of soldiers into our land, along with several tanks. We had our own troops stationed there. They were able to fight off most of the soldiers, whose bullets shattered as soon as they hit the shields. Our specialized Earth pony weapons were special metal machines that shot small spears at the enemy. It was activated by biting a small bit of wood. The humans weren't entirely overwhelmed in that attack, however. We lost several ponies after the shields were broken by the human's weaponry, no small feat. Although the ponies managed to dispatch most of the soldiers, the tanks were another problem entirely. Many an Earth pony died that day attempting to knock over the tanks. Even battalions of them couldn't dent the metal monsters. That was when Big Mac came, an angry flame adorning his eyes. He stomped up to the tank. He then turned, and kicked the machine, alone.

To everypony's amazement, the tank leaned to one side. Time seemed to slow down for a moment, before the tank slammed onto its side. Everypony stared in awe at Big Mac. The impossible seemed to have happened, and we rejoiced for a very short time. When people asked later if he was angry, he simply said:
"Eeyup." The only other question asked was if he was thinking at all. His reply?

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