• Published 18th Jul 2012
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Militant Equestria - GuitarKirby

A story about what would happen if Equestria went to war with Earth.

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Chapter 5

Rainbow Dash and myself immediately flew off. I couldn't keep up with her unmatched speed, so she flew far ahead of me. I flew as fast as I could, however. I didn't know if Celestia was flying, or if she had transported herself there by magic, but whatever the case, I knew I couldn't wait for her.

Although I was slower than Rainbow Dash, I wasn't slow for a Pegasus. I rocketed over the land, attempting to find what had been described by Celestia. It was hard to miss when I came across it; a giant tear in the sky. It was all I could do not to fall out of flight when I saw it; it was as though a claw had rent the sky in two. Rainbow Dash flew up beside me. She seemed somewhat out of breath.
"What is it?"
"Good question. I wonder if Celestia could answer it."
"What's your name, anyway?"
"Soaring Spirit, but my friends call me K," I said, blushing slightly.
"Awesome! Are you a good fli-" Rainbow Dash was cut off mid-sentence by four large, metal objects that came through the tear. They were silver, and flew at high speeds. They looked like aerodynamic, oversized birds, but with wings that never flapped. They flew over Ponyville in a diamond formation. Rainbow Dash suddenly spoke again, her voice hard.
"Nobody outflies me; let's see how that leader can compete against the fastest flier in Equestria!" Before I could say anything, she disappeared in a streak of rainbow. The leader separated from the group when Rainbow Dash flew in front of him. He flew after her, attempting to catch her. To my amazement, he held his own, nearly matching her incredible speed. I watched the other three; they began circling over Ponyville like vultures. I kept an eye on them as Rainbow Dash raced. I didn't expect the Sonic Rainboom, but when it came, I wasn't surprised; she was obviously trying to intimidate these new creatures. Suddenly, I heard the crack of thunder; having been distracted by the Rainboom, I had lost focus on the other three; Derpy Hooves was following one of the metal monsters, hopping on a black cloud to keep it moving. Unfortunately, the cloud occasionally shot lightning at the creature, probably terrifying it. I heard her attempting to apologize to the creature, but it flew away for a moment, before circling around to face her. I yelled out; Rainbow Dash was already flying towards Derpy, but it was too late. The metal creature spit out several small, whitish objects at an incredible speed. None of them hit Derpy, but she fell from her cloud; it seemed as though she had fainted. Rainbow Dash dove for her, and I immediately went to the ground. Dash only just barely caught her before she hit the ground. The three circling planes began to leave. The fourth began circling the grassy field where Rainbow Dash was flying towards with Derpy on her back. I landed, and began running towards the most obvious landing point. The two were caught in a reddish glow; unicorn magic, undoubtedly. I saw several others running up to us, all of them people I knew, or knew about. Twilight Sparkle was the one holding the two pegasi in the air. Fluttershy, another pegasus, was looking at the plane in the sky with a terrified look on her face. Pinkie Pie, the local baker, was hopping up and down excitedly, though she still looked concerned. Rarity was making a fuss over Rainbow Dash, who was trying to speak over her. Applejack was there as well, trying to calm Rarity down. On Twilight's back, there was a small dragon, named Spike. Suddenly, Celestia soared to us, seemingly from nowhere, and spoke in an infuriated voice, though it was still quiet and controlled.
"What happened?" The mess of speech from before died down. Pinkie Pie even stopped bouncing. Rainbow Dash looked at the Princess desperately.
"They made Derpy fall! I just barely caught her in time, and Twilight caught us both!"
Celestia looked at Derpy, concern heavy in her eyes, mixing with the fury.
"Are you alright, my little pony?" She asked. Derpy's crossed, golden eyes looked at the Princess confusedly.
"I'm alright, Princess... I want a rest..." Derpy suddenly fell asleep. Twilight gently lowered her and Dash from the air. Celestia then turned to me; I bowed low, not wanting to upset the Princess. She smiled at me.
"Rise, Soaring Spirit. I wish to hear what you saw, as it seems you were not involved directly with this." I rose, and nodded. There was a flash of light, and we were in the halls of Celestia's great castle.

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