• Published 18th Jul 2012
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Militant Equestria - GuitarKirby

A story about what would happen if Equestria went to war with Earth.

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Chapter 4

I was doing a routine training exercise off the coast of California when the message came in. I was already a captain, and I worked with the Blue Angels at the time.
"Angel 1, this is Ground Control. There's something over Los Angeles that you need to see. It could be hostile, so be prepared to use force." If they had never said that, things might have turned out differently. I relayed the message to my team.
"Angels, this is Angel 1. There's an unidentified object over the Los Angeles area. It may be hostile, so be ready to get your hands dirty." Again, if I hadn't said anything, things could have turned out differently.

There were four of us in the air that day, including myself. I knew that the third man, a pilot named John Tellman, was a loose trigger. However, we had to assume the worst at the time. It took us only ten minutes to reach LA, and when we got there, it was rather apparent what the problem was; there was a tear in the sky, as though someone had ripped it open. We flew towards it quickly, but cautiously; anything that large could be very dangerous. I spoke first.
"Ground Control, this is Angel 1. I have visual on the object; it seems like... Well, it seems like someone tore the sky apart."
"Just what were were thinking, Angel 1. See if you can fly into it, but be very careful; don't be afraid to use force if it seems necessary."
We flew on. Tellman was on my left. Just by the way he was flying, I knew he was nervous. We flew towards the tear, all of us feeling rather apprehensive about it. However, flying through it wasn't a problem. It didn't even close behind us. What we saw below, however, was incredible; hundreds of ponies, of every hue imaginable. Some had horns on their heads that would glow every so often, making things they were looking at glow and levitate in front of them. Suddenly, I heard shout over my headphones from Tellman;
"Captain, they fly! Look ahead!"
I did as he suggested, and he was right. There were flying ponies everywhere, with small, feathered wings. They were pushing clouds all over the sky, moving every which-way. Before I could begin to comprehend all of this, there was a streak of rainbow in front of me. I looked out of my cockpit at Tellman.
"Tellman, did you see that?!"
"What was it?"
"I don't know," I said. I hesitated for a moment before making my decision. "But I'm going to find out. Keep an eye on the ground ponies."
I flew after the rainbow streak. To my amazement, whatever that creature was, it flew faster than any jet I'd ever taken on. I had to push the plane to its absolute limits just to keep up. Suddenly, the creature took a dive straight down. I followed; the capabilities of the Raptor I flew at the time allowed for pulling out of extremely sharp dives. However, I wasn't expecting what followed. To my amazement, the pegasus broke the sound barrier, an incredible feat in and of itself. However, not a second had passed before a blast of light - as though a rainbow had exploded in front of me - blinded me completely. Instinctively, I pulled out of my own dive, just in time to hear a shout from Tellman.
"Sir, this one's firing lightning at me!"
I looked out at him; sure enough, there was a greyish pegasus sitting on a black cloud, jumping up and down on it. Every few jumps, lightning would blast out of the cloud. The rainbow-streaked pegasus - which I could now see had a cyan color beneath the rainbow-hued mane - was flying over to her, probably to stop her. Tellman didn't wait that long; he opened fire. He only fired warning shots, but the grey pegasus was knocked from her perch in the sky. She didn't seem to be hurt, but a fall like that can kill. The cyan pegasus flew down and caught her, bringing her to Earth. A purple unicorn ran out to them, catching them both with what I could only assume was magic; a reddish glow encompassed her horn and the two pegasi. The violet unicorn had a small creature on her back that looked like an oversized lizard. Four other ponies came out as I circled the scene. It suddenly sprung to my mind that Tellman might cause more damage; I gave him orders.
"Tellman, this is Angel 1; take the others back to the city, and tell Ground Control what happened. I'll join you soon enough."
"Yes, Captain," he replied, in a rather sheepish voice.
I rolled my eyes at the sound of it. However, I continued circling and watching. The four others all seemed disjointed, but very concerned. One was a pegasus, like the cyan and grey. It was yellow, with a pink mane that fell over one of its eyes. Another was white, with a spectacular purple mane and tail. Another was pink; its mane was completely unkempt, but it bounced along excitedly, despite the bad situation. Finally, the fourth was white, but it seemed larger than the others - from what I could see, anyway - and broader in the shoulders. It also was a pegasus, but had larger wings. It also had a black mane, and a tail to match, though the tail had a streak of violet. I rather thought that one was male, considering his size, while the others were female. I was just thinking that I had seen all there was to see, when I was proven wrong. Gliding on huge, white wings, a giant pegasus came forth. However, she wasn't just a pegasus; she had a horn three times longer than any of the other unicorns. Her mane flowed brilliantly, three spectacular, shining colors. She took all eight of the ponies away in a flash of light. I turned and exited the tear in the sky, and spoke to Ground Control.
"Ground Control, this is Angel 1, and I'm going to tell you what happened as soon as I land. Have a strong drink ready for me when I land, though. Drink some yourselves; it might make this all a little more believable."

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