• Published 4th May 2016
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Sitting on a Rock - Phaoray

After events at the Spring Fling, Trixie has fallen into a depression. A depression Sunset is ensuring she doesn't come out of again. Can Maud break Trixie out of it, despite her utter lack of social skills? Or will she just creep Trixie out?

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Shattering the Rock.

"Hmph, why am I wasting my time with you?"

Nervously, Sunset looked around the darkened hallway filled with lockers. She liked to use this spot for meetups, the dead end and buzzing, flashing lights that never got replaced made for a wonderful atmosphere to convince others to see things her way if she needed to get a little confrontational.

For the moment though, it was working against her. She eyed Maud up, keeping a hard glare leveled at the seemingly emotionless girl.

"I should have known that note from Pinkie was a lie."

"...She didn't lie...I wrote the note..."

Sunset glanced down at the note Pinkie had handed her earlier.

I need to meet with you.

The lack of pink paper and confetti all over it should really have given her a clue. Sunset put the note away, cursing her own carelessness.

"Fine. What does little miss stoner want from me?"

A moment passed by with Maud looking at Sunset, then back to the lockers, then back to Sunset again. Sunset was about to lose it when Maud finally opened her mouth...

Only to close it and look away again.

"You're joking. Look, I don't have time for you to act like that twit Fluttershy on me right now. Did you want something? If not, I'm leaving."


Sunset growled, caution flying out the window as she approached Maud and poked her in the chest. "Then out with it, rock freak! I can't see what you want from me, it's not like I even have anything...to do with...something you care..." Sunset's eyes narrowed. "this is about Trixie, isn't it?"

Maud gave a small nod, causing Sunset to cross her arms and grin.

"I thought I've been seeing some life back in her lately. She's even been aware enough to avoid a few of our, ahem, friendly interactions. Is the little mage starting to grow back her spine?" Sunset leaned in, her grin turning back to a glare while her voice took on a sarcastic tone.

"Are you two planning on trying to break my arm this time?"

Maud shook her head minutely. "No...but..."

Sunset pressed her nose into Maud's, anger palpable in her voice now. "But? But what? I'm a little amazed at her stupidity if she thought sending you would convince me of anything."

Maud appeared oblivious of the heat in Sunset's eyes and words. "Not Trixie, she doesn't know I'm here..."

"Ha, so you do know how to speak a full sentence. You're not as dumb as the rest of the school says you are."

When no reply was given, Sunset sighed and backed off. "Hurry up, I'm already giving you more attention than you or your little blue friend deserve. Though-" She gave Maud a nasty look. "Even broken, Trixie has been surprisingly fun."

"It's just..." Maud looked to the side. "I know about the tripping...and the meet ups..."

"Aww..." Sunset had a strong urge to pinch Maud's cheek condescendingly, but thought better of it. "You don't like me messing with her? But you should see the expressions she makes. I barely have to touch her to see her tremble now." She sighed blissfully. "There is someone else I am hoping to make tremble like that. One day. But, until then, it's nice to have someone like Trixie around as a reminder of what's to come."

"...Could you not..."

"Not what? Come on, use your big words."

"...Could you not do that to her, please..."

"There we go, was that so hard?"

Maud's neutral expression shifted Barely, but it was enough for Sunset to notice something was different. The problem was that this new face looked every bit as neutral as the last.

Still, Sunset reasoned, even if she didn't show it, nobody liked to be mocked, right? Sunset had plenty of experience pushing buttons, and Maud had to be feeling annoyed.

"Aww, are you about to get emotional on me? What's that look like? Does it involve tears?"


Sunset cupped one of her ears and leaned forward. "What was that, hun?"

"...Could you not do that to her anymore, please?"

"Give me one good reason why I should stop using her as my chew toy? If anything, she should be thanking me. After all, aside from you, it's not like anyone bothers with her anymore."

"...Your arm..."

"What about it?"

"...That's one reason..."

"...Hmph-" Sunset crossed her arms again, leaning against the lockers. "Threats? I'm not buying it, hun. Besides, this is all your fault you know."


Sunset pretended to look over her nails as she spoke. "I'll admit it, Trixie is good at getting under my skin when she wants to. If she had just ran off after her defeat instead of throwing me off stage, I wouldn't have had to follow her. Heck, even after what she did, I would have been done with Trixie after that night. Would have."

Her gaze shifted from her nails up to Maud's face. "But someone decided to butt in. To join our little one on one match. You remember how that turned out for me, don't you, hun?"


"Still-" Sunset continued. "I would have been done with her. Even if she had recruited some muscle, you arrived too late to really help, and your social skills are a joke. But, well, it's only fair that I return the favor and hurt you as much as you hurt me, right? And poor Trixie had already been through enough. After that night, the only one I needed to get back at was you."

She backed off a bit from Maud with a grin on her face. A part of Sunset reveled in this feeling of control. Of having someone right where she wanted them.

"But, it turned out to be impossible to leave her alone. No matter what, I couldn't find anything on you. Nothing you liked, no one you hated. And I wasn't about to risk messing with Pinkie or the rest of your family. I'm not stupid. So..."

Sunset shrugged her shoulders. Inwardly, she was smiling. So few times had she been able to reveal any of her plans since coming to this stupid world. "All that left me with was Trixie. I didn't think it was working though. You never stopped to help her, no matter what I was doing. One move, and I would have had enough to get you suspended. But, you never took the bait. To be honest, I just kept doing it to her after awhile out of routine. Now, however...I'll do it because I know it upsets you."

Maud looked down at her own hand, then back at Sunset. "...So...if we are even..."

Sunset nodded. "That, and you and Trixie don't get in my way again. Look, I'm not a bad girl, I didn't start this. I gave Trixie chances to back down. Asides from the fun of messing with her now, she doesn't mean anything to me. You, however, do. So, for the next few weeks, I'm going to mess with her. Hard. Once I think you and I are squared away, I'll toss Trixie to the side and never think about her again. How does that-"


Sunset's eyes widened, her pupils turning to pinpricks as her train of thought derailed. The locker she was next to now had a hole in it. A hole currently occupied by Maud's bleeding arm.

"...Does this make us even...?"

After a solid minute of silence between them, Sunset gave a nervous grin.

"Right. Pinkie's sister. Why did I expect you to be mentally stable?"

"...Could you not do that to her anymore, please?"

"Seriously-" Sunset took a few steps back before hitting the wall and silently cursed the fact that this hallway was a dead end. "Shouldn't you be a little more concerned about your arm right now? That's a lot of-"

"-Could you not do that to her anymore, please?"

Sunset glared at Maud for the interruption, but held back commenting on it. She looked down at Maud's arm and winced. Sunset's arm had been bruised for weeks afterward, but what Maud just did to herself was going to take a lot longer to heal. The lack of any pain on Maud's face took away some of the pleasure for Sunset, but she wasn't going to complain.

"You know what? Fine. So long as you two go on with your pointless lives and don't get in my way, then I'll do what everyone else does. Ignore the both of you. Happy now?"

Maud nodded, her arm still in the locker. Small trails of blood were making there way down the locker from the hole, but Maud seemed transfixed on Sunset. Cautiously, Sunset made her way around Maud, not turning her back on her for a second.

"G-good, just keep her in line, all right? I'm already being too lenient."


"Okay then..." Sunset quickly left, Leaving Maud on her own. After ensuring that Sunset was gone, Maud slowly looked down at her arm.



"Hmph, you sure took your time."


"Well? I don't have all night you know."

Silently, Maud closed the door and walked into the darkened kitchen. She placed the bag of pain medications on the kitchen table before taking a seat across from Lime. A brief glance to the microwave confirmed that it was past midnight.

"...Why are you still up?"

Lime rolled her eyes and scowled, actions Maud didn't see due to the darkness, but she knew her sister well enough to catch.

"Seriously? You're not stupid. Mom and dad are out of the country, so who do you think the school and hospital called?"

Maud remained silent, following Lime's face as she looked between the bag of medications and Maud's bandaged arm. Maud didn't need to see it to know the mix of emotions that briefly passed across Lime's face before her usual scowl won out.

She glared over at Maud, Lime's voice turned to that same mixed pitch of overly aggressive and overly protective that Maud had hoped to not ever have to hear again. "Now. What. The Fuck. Happened?"

"Keep up, Maud."


"And none of that backtalk!"

"I didn't-"

"You were thinking it!"

Trixie repeatedly hit the buttons on her controller, trying to kill all the little monsters before they could reach the Trixie Imperium's crystal core, or the crystal heart, if you wasted your time to listen to anyone else who played the game.

Despite her best efforts though, she was being pushed back, with minions slowly making their way past her, or beating on her and causing her to have to back up to heal.

"How's your side?"


She growled, quickly grabbing for a drink of her soda before getting back into the action. Slowly, Trixie started setting up turrets and driving the monsters back. However, less than a minute later the screen flashed, indicating that the Trixie Imperium's crystal core had been shattered.

Sighing, Trixie put down the controller and gave Maud a dead pan look. "Your side wasn't good, was it?"


Maud clenched and unclenched her bandaged hand.

"How is it?"

"...It's good..."

Trixie rolled her eyes. "She still can't believe you got that from falling in the quarry."

Maud looked over to Trixie, and, like last time, the grey around her cheeks colored a bit before she looked away.

Prude. It's not like she doesn't have a pair too.

Maud was fully dressed in her normal school clothes, though she did have her boots off. Trixie was in a pair of red sweatpants, but-

Besides, Trixie reasoned, looking down at the purple bra she was wearing. I kept this on, so what is she upset over?

Maud rubbing her bandaged arm reminded Trixie of the real issue at hand. She hummed to herself, thinking if there was something else they could do. She wound up carefully looking over Maud's face, and thinking back to the endless amount of fashion magazines she had pored through over a year ago.

Less is more with some girls, still-

"Hey, Maud?"

Maud briefly looked over, indicating Trixie had her attention.

"Have you ever tried make up?"

"...No...It would run too much when I'm working."

Trixie nodded. "Well, let's try some anyways, maybe just some eye liner to match your hair? Trixie thinks it'll look really good on you."

"...Okay..." She nodded towards the game over screen on the television. "Sorry."

"Eh. You win some, you lose some. Trixie's not going to get mad at you over a game." She inched a bit closer, a little grin on her face.

"She wouldn't take you for granite like that."

Maud blinked giving Trixie a dead pan expression. At least, she assumed that's all that Trixie would see.

"You're smiling."

Maud's cheeks became slightly colored again. "No I'm not."

"Pfft, you're a terrible liar, Maud."

"So, everything good?"



Maud and her sisters, Lime and Marble, were sitting around the kitchen table having breakfast. Pinkie was long gone, as usual. Lime was sitting opposite of her two sisters, and was eyeing Maud suspiciously.

"How's the arm?"


"You injured it in the quarry?"

"...That's what I said..."

"Despite the fact that the school nurse called me?"


Lime scowled and changed the subject. "You never did tell us what you bought, Maud."

Maud's continued silence produced an irritated huff from Lime. Nervously, Marble looked between them.

"Look," Lime started, in her gravelly voice "I'd rather you just told me already. You never buy anything expensive. Not for yourself."

Maud stopped eating and looked over with a little irritation at her sister. "...It was just a rock..."

Marble looked over to Lime with her one visible eye, curious and worried.

"Spare me the bullshit. If you wanted a rock that big, you'd have just asked me or dad to get it. The pricing wasn't right for any rock you'd use, anyways. So what was it?"

"...It was just a rock..." Maud repeated, going back to her breakfast with renewed interest.

Lime scowled and crossed her arms, looking away from Maud." Fine, whatever. What do I know about rocks, right?"


Marble patted Maud on the shoulder, a look of concern in her visible eye.

"...It's not like that..."

"It isn't?" Lime stood up and placed both hands on the table, leaning over it and staring Maud in the eyes. "You've been acting really weird this year, and I wanna know why. And don't tell me you're at the quarry all the time, cause I had others check."

Maud glared at Lime "...you're checking up on me now...?"

Lime sputtered. "N-no! That place needs to be inspected every few months, even if it is shut down. I-I just asked the inspectors to tell me if you were there or not."

"..." By Maud's face, Lime knew she wasn't buying it.

"Someone has to! Mom and Dad are too busy right now, and you're not telling us anything!"


"Okay, okay! Sheesh, stop with the third degree!" Lime sat back down, gesturing over to Maud. "Look, we're getting freaked out. You're not at the quarry like usual, you're buying expensive shit that just disappears, you're sometimes gone entire days without warning, you 'suddenly' injured your hand, you're lying to me about how it happened, and now you're wearing that crap." Lime pointed to her own eye lashes to indicate Maud's eye liner.

"...I like it..."

"Do you like it, or does someone else?"


"...Gah!..." Lime groaned and banged her hands on the table, getting a startled squeak out of Marble. "Can't you just tell me what the hell is happening!? Is some loser giving you a hard time!? Is someone asking you for things!?"

Maud ignored Lime and placed a hand on top of the one Marble had on her shoulder. "...Really, it's not like that, Marble...I know what I'm doing..."

"Marble thought she did too." Lime growled out.

Maud gave Lime another glare before standing up. "...I'm going to be late..."

When Maud left the room, Marble and Lime looked to each other concernedly.

"That idiot." Lime sighed as she stood up and walked over to occupy the chair next to Marble. "Don't worry, I'll figure this out, okay? If it is like last time, I'll break who ever is using her in half. and if I can't I'll get someone who can."

Marble's reply was to swiftly bring a hand up and flick Lime's forehead. She grinned nervously while Lime rolled her eyes.

"Fine, but you're too soft for your own good."

You can do this.

Trixie took a minute to calm down. The butterflies she had in her stomach since last night were going crazy now. Nervously, she looked around, ensuring that Sunset wasn't nearby.

This is crazy.

But, Sunset hadn't bothered her in months. So, maybe Trixie was in the clear now? She had heard rumors of what Rarity went through at the last Spring Fling. Maybe Sunset was fixated on making Rarity's life hell now instead?

Trixie shook the disturbing thoughts from her head. It was now or never, at least if she was going to have any hope of a so called social life outside of Maud again.

I can-no, Trixie can do this.

The new Sophmore's couldn't have heard about last year yet, right? This was her only chance to get to them before Sunset, or someone else told them. What choice was there but to do it?

If she ever wanted some semblance of an audience while she was in Canterlot High, this was her best chance.

The Great and Powerful Trixie can do this!

"Greeting to you, the new blood of Canterlot High!" She called out in a booming voice as she walked through the cafeteria doors.

The cafeteria grew silent quickly. Inwardly, Trixie gave a nervous smile at how quickly she had garnered their attention. She strolled up to an empty table and stepped on top of it quickly, to allow her entire audience a better view.

"I am the Great and Powerful Trrrrrrixie! The greatest magician Canterlot High has ever known! To welcome you, Trixie has set up a show in the gym after school. For those of you who wish to be dazzled by Trixie's amazing feats of magic, do not miss out!"

Panting slightly, Trixie stood outside of the cafeteria doors, leaning against them exhaustedly.


Looking over, Trixie saw Maud standing a few feet away.

"Did you see that?"

Maud nodded.

"W-well-" Trixie started, trying to cover her anxiety. "The hard part is done with. Now to just make sure Principal Celestia doesn't catch wind of Trixie's act before it's over."

Maud gave Trixie a slight frown, and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh please, Maud. It's always easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

"I'm impressed."

Trixie had only closed the curtains for a second before she found herself pinned against the gym wall with an elbow pressed uncomfortably to her neck.

"I-is that s-so?"

"Yes," Sunset answered, a poisonous smile on her face. "I didn't think you'd ever try to pull off something this stupid behind my back again."

Trixie started to shake and sputter before Sunset held a finger against Trixie's lips.

"But, you know what, Trixie?" She grinned malevolently. "It's fine. You want to go back to being the weird magic girl you were at your last school? I really don't care."

Sunset backed off, though she held Trixie's shirt in a tight grip.

"I have bigger things to worry about than a smart mouthed faker like you. I have a trip to prepare for."

Trixie's hand slowly slid down to one of the hidden pockets in her shirt. "Y-you're leaving?" She asked, hopefully.

Sunset snorted. "Just for a few hours, at most."


"Never mind. It's not important, not for you, anyways. The important thing for you is to be smart enough to not get in my way again. EVER. We clear, hun?"


"Good." Sunset grinned. "Now, get out of here. Or do you need a re-"

Trixie threw a smoke bomb at the ground, quickly retreating to the sound of Sunset's choking.

Shortly after Trixie's third show.



Trixie backpedaled, slamming into the closed gym door she just exited from. The shock of the impact caused her to drop the box of supplies she had been holding, allowing them to fall onto her foot.


The door she just banged into then proceeded to open, causing her to fall backwards and hit the gym floor on her rear. From her position on the floor, Trixie heard a girl trying to speak, though it sounded like she was choking at the same time.

"Sorry about that."

Trixie used her arms to help lift herself up and stared at the girl now standing several feet in front of her.

Her skin was a deep pink, serving to help highlight her sparkling blue eyes. Her hair was a mulberry color and styled to be slightly longer in the back and along the left side of her face. A dark red, almost black choker adorned her neck, while her shirt and skirt were several shades darker in color than her skin. The girl had a hand over her mouth, though she quickly removed it and gave an innocent smile when she noticed Trixie's eyes on her.

"Something was caught in my throat just then."

The girl's body jerked briefly, as if struck, and she rolled her eyes.

"So, you're Trixie, right?"

"Hmph." Trixie stood up and began dusting herself off. She had met this girl less than a minute ago, and she already didn't like her. "The one and only. Can she help you with something, miss...?"

The smile only seemed to get wider on the girl's face as she spoke with a fake air of sophistication. "The one you see before you is known as Fuschia, Fuschia Blush."

Again, her body seemed to jerk.

"Right, and did you need something from Trixie...?"

Fuschia dropped the fake accent. "Is it true, what happened to you at the Spring Fling?"

Trixie frowned before turning away and picking up the box again. "She'd rather not talk about that. Now if you will excuse her, Trixie is going home to plan out her next act."

Fuschia held a hand up. "Oh come on now, don't be like that. Look, if you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. How about we get a drink somewhere and chat? Get to know each other?"

She was met with a deadpan stare. "Sorry, you're a decent looking girl, but Trixie isn't interested in that kind of thing right now."

"Woah-" For a second, it seemed as though Fuschia tried backing up, but couldn't. "Wait a minute. I didn't mean it like that! I'm not hitting on you!"

Trixie rolled her eyes and tried mustering her energy. Her shows took a lot out of her, especially with the paranoia of Sunset winding up backstage again. Though her heart wasn't in it, she felt it safest to keep up the act until Fuschia left. "It's fine, she assures you. This kind of thing is only natural for a young heart such as yours after experiencing one of Trixie's shows."

Instead of more stammering, Fuschia's expression turned a bit thoughtful. "Huh. I'm not hitting on you, but you didn't say no just because I'm a girl." She gave Trixie an innocent grin. "So when do you think you will be interested in-"

Fuschia suddenly let out a yelp and began squirming in place.

"I was kidding Lavender, I was kidding! Did you seriously just bite me!?"

While confused, Trixie took a few seconds to look over the situation in front of her. It didn't take her long to spot the second pair of legs doing their best to hide behind Fuschia's.

"Friend of yours?"

The legs stopped trying to hide. From Fuschia's left shoulder a head of long, yellow hair appeared, swiftly followed by two wide, purple eyes set in light pink skin.


Curious now, Trixie put the box down and took a step closer, giving a small smirk. "Hello there. You are Lavender, yes?"

"R-right...u-um-"" More of her face came up, showing a deep blush on her cheeks as she shook. "I l-l-love your shows..."

"Why thank you. Trixie is happy to hear that. She-"

"-Okay," Fuschia interrupted. "Look, can we please take this somewhere else? I'm tired of being used as a human shield."

"W-wait! I-I'm not rea-"

"No, no, no! You've driven me crazy about this for weeks now! No more delays, and no more day dreaming! Trixie?"


"Here's the thing. This girl?" Fuschia shook the arm that Lavender was currently clamped onto with both of her own. "Has driven me nuts about meeting you since the first show you put on three months ago. I told her you're probably too busy to meet new people, or won't be interested, but she won't listen. Could you at least tell that to her face so we can move on and I won't have to hear about this anymore?"

...Are these two friends? I'm not sure if they are friends anymore.

It was odd to Trixie. She'd been looking for an opportunity like this for sometime now. Yet, she couldn't help but hesitate. Doing anything with these two meant risk. Yes, one of them was rude and most likely had been laughing at her earlier, but...okay, Trixie didn't have anything good to say after that. But the other one was gazing at her with such wide, hopeful eyes.

One pushed Trixie to walk away, while the other pulled her into giving them a chance.

W-well, she reasoned. If what she said is true, Lavender would not be talking to Trixie right now at all if it wasn't for Fuschia. So maybe she deserved a chance too?

The purple eyes in front of Trixie wavered. Fuschia sighed and started to turn away, a touch of anger in her eyes.

"C'mon Lavender, I told you-"



Trixie walked past Fuschia, causing Lavender to let out a squeak and shift to her friends other side. "She said it's fine. Trixie will grace you with her presence for a few hours."

She heard the tell tale signs of snickering behind her. This was quickly followed by a quiet thump as Lavender hit Fuschia again.

"On one condition."


Trixie looked over her shoulder and grinned at Fuschia.

"You're carrying the box."

"Trixie agrees. That teacher has been a pain in her side a few times too. But, legally, she can't make him disappear, even as part of an act. She checked."

The others at the table laughed at that as they bantered back and forth.

The small get together with the starstruck Lavender Lace and cynical Fuschia Blush turned into another. And another. Though Trixie was still having a hard time not being apprehensive about them, a part of her was growing more secure in their relationship. Albeit slowly.

Months following the first meeting between the three of them, and Trixie seemed to have found a small group of friends who, so far, didn't show any signs of abandoning her. It was nice, though nerve wracking.

Despite her new friends, Trixie would often look over to the table where Maud sat at lunch, occasionally accompanied by Pinkie Pie.

Maud would never join Trixie at lunch, which always worried her. She probably thought that she'd embarrass Trixie. Maud had also backed off from visiting her lately, or on being creepy. While she appreciated it, Trixie wasn't exactly happy to see their friendship start to crack like the weak point of a stone.

"U-umm, Trixie?-" Lavender asked. "We were thinking about trying karaoke this weekend. You c-could, well, you know...?"

Grinning, Fuschia smacked Lavender on the back. "She's hilarious once you get her going. Sure, it's like listening to a cat dying, but-ow!"

"Hmmm..." Trixie pretended to think about it while Fuschia tried to get Lavender to stop pinching her. "Sorry. Trixie actually has some plans in mind already."

The rock quarry, Trixie thought. I'm beginning to see why Maud likes it. It's quiet. Lets you think in peace with no distractions. Well, almost none.

Trixie eyed the statue of her irritably. Every week her and Maud would travel here, and every week, Trixie got a face full of her failure again. She glared at it.

"...If you want, you can break it..."

Trixie looked over at Maud, plastering a smile on her face. "No, no, Trixie was just admiring it."

"...It's fine. I break most of the things I make...eventually. Besides..."

Maud walked over to Trixie, handing her a hammer and chisel.

"...I was planning on doing it soon, anyways. I weakened the stone last week. So, go for it..."

"A-are you sure it's okay for Trixie to do this?"


"I mean, it's your statue, after all. You made it, Trixie wouldn't-"

"It's fine...I really don't like it either..."

"But, you put a lot into this statue, right? It's just, Trixie doesn't like such a...permanent reminder of-"

"-I don't either...It's okay...I can get a better one...If I want to..."

"All right. So, Trixie just needs to hit it here, right?"



"...It didn't work, Maud."

"...I can't make it any easier..."

"Are you calling Trixie weak!?"



"...Here, just-"

TAP! CRACK! crackcrackcrackcrackcrack-

"Trixie did it!"

Trixie and Maud stared down at the remains of the statue.

"...H-hey, thanks, Maud. Trixie...I appreciate the help..."


Maud had a look on her face Trixie couldn't place.


"...I'm happy for you..."

Trixie looked at her confusedly.

"...I saw your friends...they look nice..."

"Oh." Trixie shuffled her foot along the ground. "They seem so to Trixie, too. Though she's not ready to fully trust them yet."

Maud nodded, and looked away, that strange look still on her face.

"...Statue's gone..."


"...You have friends now..."


"...No reason to stick around the quarry anymore..."

"What do you mean? Maud?"


Trixie sighed, glaring at the table in the back. Maud's table.

For the last month or so, Maud had all but abandoned Trixie. She stopped randomly waiting by her locker at the end of school, or waiting for her outside of school, or even waiting for her at her own door. Though Trixie was rather happy to not have to worry about that last one, the point still stood.

Maud was trying to leave her, and she couldn't figure out why. She'd even stopped wearing the eye liner Trixie had recommended.

It was strange to her. When Rarity and the others had turned on Trixie, she had been angry, but was over it in a few days. She never forgave or forgot, but, she had easily found other friends and moved on. That wasn't happening this time. She was still angry.

She had other friends now, but, Trixie wasn't really in the mood to move on. No matter how much of an idiot a certain someone was being right now.

Her glare remained fixed on Maud as she spoke. "Hey, Fuschia? Lavender? Trixie is sorry, but, something just came up."

Maud's walk back home was slower than normal. It could have been her desire not to see Lime at the moment. It might have also been due to it being Friday, and her not having any plans that weekend. Maud could even have just felt tired.


But it was probably thanks to the silver-haired girl pulling her arm in the opposite direction.

"Will...you...just...stop already!?" Trixie said through gritted teeth as Maud continued to pull her along.

Maud gave a soft sigh and stopped after another block. if she went any further she risked running into Lime, and she wasn't in the mood for that conversation.

Trixie let go of Maud, though only with one hand, the other tightly kept a grip on her wrist while Trixie panted.

"W...What is...wrong with you..? D-did you not h-hear *pant* T-Trixie's declaration?"

Fool! There is no escape! Submit yourself to the whims of the Great and Powerful Trixie!

"...Oh...you wanted me to stop...?"

Trixie glared at her. "She's been telling you to do that since we left the school! That was over three blocks ago!"

"...Sorry...did something happen...?"

"Hmph, yes, something happened! Trixie has been trying to drag you to her house and you haven't cooperated at all! That's what's happened! Of all the ungrateful-"

Maud cringed inwardly. She had been trying to make this process easier on both of them but this wasn't helping her at all. She had heard Trixie's demands earlier, but, if she had to admit it to herself, Maud had enjoyed Trixie's antics too much to stop. It had felt too nice to let the moment end. Strange, but nice. Still, why was Trixie here at all?

Something must have happened to her friends, Maud concluded. It's the only reason Trixie would be coming after her like this.

"Maud? Are you okay?"

She looked at Trixie, confused. "I'm fine."

"You don't look fine. Trixie didn't hurt you, did she? She can forget her own strength sometimes."

Maud easily held in the snort she wanted to make at that comment. Despite that, Trixie raised an eyebrow, and gave Maud a grin.

"Good. Trixie prefers this look, though don't think she'll let you get away with laughing at her often."


Trixie nodded. "You seemed...okay, Trixie is perhaps not the best in the world at this one thing, but, she thought you looked sad."

And there was that other part of Trixie that was unnerving to Maud. She didn't understand why, but Trixie was getting unnaturally perceptive on Maud's expressions, something only her family was able to do before this. It didn't make anything easier for Maud.

"...Did something happen with the others...?"

"The others?"

"...I mean...is something wrong with those two girls...?"

"Pfft. Plenty. Don't even get Trixie started. Lavender's great, though a little too quiet. Fuschia, on the other hand, still seems to struggle with how to properly handle Trixie's amazing powers of...amazement...why are you looking at me like that again?"

Maud blinked, feeling very confused. The part of her she didn't understand, or like, crept in, causing Maud to twitch one of her fingers in agitation. Warm, strangely hopeful agitation. "...If they are fine...then why are you here...?"

Trixie rolled her eyes and grabbed Maud's hand with both of her own, pulling her in the opposite direction of Maud's house. Maud followed behind, feeling a bit dazed.

"Have you been practicing?"


"The game! I'm not having the Trixie Imperium collapse around me like last time! Have you been practicing!?"

"A-a little...I-I don't understand..."

Trixie sighed. "What's there to understand? Heck, why do you even need to understand? Just follow Trixie like you usually do. You still know how to do that, right?"


"Have you really been practicing!?"


"Well it doesn't look it!"

Grumbling, Trixie turned back to trying to keep their team alive.

"By the way, who was that guy following you? Trixie didn't think you'd have a stalker of your own."

"...He was a friend of my sisters."

"What did he want?"

"...Nothing important. He won't bother us again...at least if he knows what's good for him..."

A few minutes later, Trixie dropped the controller as the game over screen appeared. She glared over at Maud.

"Are you okay? Is something wrong, Maud?"

Maud looked over to Trixie, albeit briefly. A quick glance revealed Trixie to be laying in bed on her stomach, lacking both a shirt and bra. Her sweatpants had been tossed to the side over an hour ago, revealing a pair of black panties with star patterns over them. Maud was sitting on a pillow next to the bed, though she positioned herself to keep Trixie only in her periphery vision, to prevent her face from burning away. Maud had to excuse herself multiple times over the last few hours to go to the bathroom, always returning with a head soaked in water. Trixie had almost insisted on going with her the first few times, just to make sure Maud wasn't trying to bail, but was met with stuttered assurances that she would be back very shortly.

"I-I-I...M-Maud is fine..."

Trixie broke down at that, laughing while flashing Maud a brief smile. "It'd be better for you to leave that kind of speak to me, Maud. Trixie's an expert by now. Okay! Let's take a break, then try that level again!"

Maud looked over to the window, pointing out the darkened sky.

"It's getting late..."

"Tch. Please, you're staying over this weekend. And Trixie is not taking no for an answer. Got it?"


"Good. Now, get ready!" Trixie stood up while grabbing a shirt so her parent's wouldn't complain.

"When Trixie returns with the snacks, we are trouncing this game!"

"Huh, now what do you suppose that is about?"

Trixie looked over to where Lavender was pointing. Outside the school, some crazed, purple haired girl was walking on all fours while her dog rode on her back.

I might have just found someone creepier than Maud.

Author's Note:

Well, this went through a great deal of changes. I don't think any of them are bad, but this was definitely more expanded upon than expected.

I hadn't originally thought Sunset would be in her for more than a scene, but comments made me reverse that a bit. Cursed logic. :pinkiehappy:

Also didn't expect to have a scene at all with Fuschia and Lavender, but they deserved more than a passing note I feel. Though it was a bit hard to find some references to glue together a personality for the two of them. I'm good with being creative, but I don't care to put a ton of time into making two personalities I am going to rarely use completely from scratch.

Hope you enjoyed this, goal is to have the next arc up in July. :pinkiehappy:

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Now I understand what those lockers in the cover are for! hehe. Especially since now I am looking at it through my laptop and not phone so I can see clearly the hole.. which I initially mistook as a handle
Also, thanks for the fun read. Didnt go as sad as I thought it would be, since Maud really got Trixie's back on this one

So that's what the cover art was about...

Sunset took a few steps back before hitting the wall and silently cursed the fact that this hallway was a dead end.

Fun fact; by the time of Rainbow Rocks, that dead end has either become a double-door leading somewhere else, or another hallway light gets broken!

Trixie and Maud playing together was adorable. :pinkiehappy:

She had heard rumors of what Rarity went through at the last Spring Fling.

Karma achieved!

And now we know why Lime calls Trixie an exhibitionist freak in another story. I can most certainly attest to the fun one can have if one member of a couple is a shameless tease. :moustache:

Oh, man that was good. Can't wait for Trixie and her friends to get into trouble because of the sirens next.

Hey hay hey! Glad to see Trixie picking herself up again. Maud was very sweet (if overbearing). In fact, I think it's really interesting how much Maud resembles Pinkie in this situation. Kinda like an introverted PP, I guess. All of the potentially overbearing and overwhelming affection, less the noise and spectacle! ... A lot less.

I'm glad to see Lime again, as small a role as she had. I dunno, she interests me. It's also nice that she is portrayed with the same Pie overbearing affection. All of the Pie's just seem to be really sweet. (I didn't forget Marble, I just haven't figured out how she fits in yet).

I'm glad to see Sunset really twist the knife here. It really drives home how much trouble Trixie or Maud would have getting along with her later. That's some good conflict! That said, I didn't understand how scared Trixie was of Sunset. I can see crippling depression and even hurt at continued bullying, but Trixie didn't have much left to protect at this point. Her friends, her image and her pride were stripped away. Sunset didn't seem to be threatening her with anything more than the reminding people of Trixie's embarrassment. That might hurt and make Trixie desperate, but not exactly terrified. Besides, if she was afraid of Sunset reminding people of her embarrassment, she would be as afraid and paranoid of simple gossip.

Fear would come from Sunset reminding Trixie that that Sunset knows and can destroy something Trixie still has and cares about to keep her in line. I'm not sure what that would be, but as a plot device, I think it makes more sense for Sunset to have something else on Trixie that would grind her to dust if revealed. That gives her something to really hold over Trixie and something more targeted for Maud to either physically take or extrat some promise about from Sunset to make Trixie feel better. But I dunno! I might have misunderstood something!

Looking forward to seeing more overtures from Maud, but it looks like the narrative is pointing more towards it being Trixie's turn to support her friend. Best of luck, big human form of a little blue horse! Don't screw this up!

(also, since I almost forgot Fushia and Lavender! They had a good dynamic. Kind like RD and FS. Lavender was adorable and Fushia was a refreshing straight and honest person!)

Thank you for this story. :twilightsmile:

7197770 Glad you enjoyed it. I actually used your profile to track down some stuff on Fuschia and Lavender since you mentioned doing art. While I am not sticking fully to the personality ideas of "A World of Illusions" it was helpful in drawing inspiration for them.


Fun fact; by the time of Rainbow Rocks, that dead end has either become a double-door leading somewhere else, or another hallway light gets broken!

Heh, maybe they had Sunset fix that too while she was doing the entrance? I never noticed that. :twilightsheepish:

I can most certainly attest to the fun one can have if one member of a couple is a shameless tease.

Oh, your Adagio is quite amazing, as I have said a dozen times by now. I would definitely say though the big difference here is Trixie not intentionally doing it, where Adagio was doing it to get a rise from Flutters. Trixie isn't at all looking to get with Maud in this story, she just likes being comfortable. This, ahem, view of Trixie is just a bit more than she can handle.


It's also nice that she is portrayed with the same Pie overbearing affection. All of the Pie's just seem to be really sweet. (I didn't forget Marble, I just haven't figured out how she fits in yet).

Yep, they'll all suffocate you in one way or another unless you tell them to back off. Well, except for Marble, but, there are reasons you will see next story arc.

Sunset didn't seem to be threatening her with anything more than the reminding people of Trixie's embarrassment. That might hurt and make Trixie desperate, but not exactly terrified.

Hmm..well, she did take a bit of a beating that Spring Fling night, and this is literally Sunset checking up with Trixie at least weekly to keep the paranoia and fear going. Nothing is really stopping Sunset from going after her again, after all. Before, Trixie felt rather safe. She had friends, she trusted the teachers, she thought she was well liked. Now, apart from Maud, she feels alone and is pretty sure no one would stop Sunset if she came after her.

It's pretty cat and mouse for Sunset, and Trixie's sense of dread and fear has just kind of been worked into her by Sunset's little touches, comments, and reminders. She doesn't have anything to hold over Trixie's head, but she doesn't need anything specific anymore. If that makes sense.

(also, since I almost forgot Fushia and Lavender! They had a good dynamic. Kind like RD and FS. Lavender was adorable and Fushia was a refreshing straight and honest person!)

Yays, happy you liked them. I felt they deserved a little screen time, especially as Trixie's first real friends outside of Maud.

Fun chapter overall. Nice to see the Pie sisters worried about Maude, she's 2 for 2 about walking off victorious but injured from confrontations with Sunset.

I also liked Trixie renaming things in her game to fit her own internal narrative.

It's interesting to see Trixie unintentionally flustering Maude when she's clearly figured out the effect she has by your later story which I read first. I suppose she really wasn't lying when she told Fuschia she wasn't looking for romance, so she isn't noticing the signs.

"But? But what? I'm a little amazed at her stupidity if she thought sending you would convince me of anything."
"Not us, she doesn't know I'm here..."
"Ha, so you do know how to speak a full sentence. You're not as dumb as the rest of the school says you are."

"Not us" really should be "Not Trixie". "Us" would be if Sunset had indicated Maude was in on the planning, which she didn't here.

It's June 1st today, July isn't for another 30 days. I think you can understand the problem we have on our hands.

Good job with the story though, A+.


Lime calls Trixie an exhibitionist freak in another story.

What story is this?

Maud: "Aren't you a magician? Don't you have a pistol to use in your acts?"

Trixie: "Whoa, whoa! A little extreme there, Maud! Sunset's a bitch, but I'm not gonna kill her!"

*Later, when Sunset becomes a demon and mind-controls everybody*

Maud: "... Should've taken the shot when you had the chance."

This was awesome, thank you very much. The first part was awesome - you made me cry, you didn't ruin the sequel, I applaud while standing.

Now, let's point out the best moments. Again with that trick of yours, your stories made me think I was reading canonical stories. Though, I'm wondering when are Maud and Trixie going to kiss already? The romance is kinda subtle, but there are so many things in your story that me laugh. I'm sure it will happen in the next stories, which I will read after I'm done with this comment


Again with that trick of yours, your stories made me think I was reading canonical stories.

Huzzah! I hope you continue to get that feel as you read the rest of them. :pinkiehappy:

Though, I'm wondering when are Maud and Trixie going to kiss already?

Heh. :twilightblush: Yeah, that is kind of a slow burn. I will say, the series is NOW up to the point where that is going to be shown, but a lot of the beginning stories were about them dealing with life, becoming friends, and finally coming to the point of liking each other in a romantic, though messed up way.

Once I have the sequel to Hopes and Follies moving, I will be looking into either continuing my original plan of sequels, or altering a bit and making a story on their first date. I just need to get back to writing.

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