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Accused and Abused - Mystic Shadow

Rainbow Dash really does hate Soarin for what he had done. It's only a little flaw, she would get over it, right? Meanwhile, Soarin tries to get that bit closer whilst Rarity and Fleetfoot try to figure out their problems.

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Chapter 3

Rainbow Dash was lying in her bed, thinking about her earlier talk with Soarin. She had taken in his words for the past hour or so and now, knew that he had... fancied... her...

She sighed gently, rolling onto her stomach and staring at a picture frame posted on her bedside table. She bit her lip. It was... herself... with Soarin... at the gala. At the time, Soarin was obviously her idol and... she obviously fan-girled over him like anypony would. That was why it was there. But...

'Screw him... screw it, Dash, forget all about him. He likes you... you don't care about him... it's... it's all fine... right...?' she groaned, opening her drawer and gently placing the picture frame in it. She wasn't sure why she wanted to keep it... but... she just wanted to. "No, of course it isn't... shut up Dash, your being silly..." The Wonderbolts meant everything to her... they were her one and only dream... maybe if she gave him a chance... 'Just a small one, Dash... a very slim, small, tiny chance... that's all I'm giving you, Dash... he can have that tiny chance...'

Her mind went back to earlier today. '... one... chance...'

Soarin stared at his plate of food. He hardly noticed all the chatting around the table and mess-hall, heck, he hardly knew where he was. All he was thinking about was HER.

Fleetfoot was also looking directly at him. She was starting to wonder if he had gone blind, or deaf, which was most likely at the state he was in. She knew it was something to do with Rainbow Dash, just not what. She raised an eyebrow as he stared in the distance of the cafeteria. Luckily, she wasn't the only one who noticed this.

"Clipper? Soar? Soarin! Soarin! Clipper! YO, DUDE, ARE YOU THERE?!" shouted Surprise, directly in his face, switching places each time she said his... names...?

Shaking his head, Soarin looked at Surprise before he looked back at the others. "...What?"

Fleetfoot chuckled nervously before dumping her tray in the racks and running out. "Gotta, um, DO THINGS..."

Spitfire looked back at Fleetfoot before going back to Soarin. "You've been... um... doing alot of... staring." she put flatly.

"... I have?" Soarin scratched the back of his neck with a wing before gritting his teeth. "It's nothing. Just like, um, no sleep... thats all," he thought over his answer before nodding to himself and focusing back on Spitfire. "I, uh, gotta go! Later!"


With that, he passed his full tray to Surprise and sprinted out, leaving a confused Spitfire behind.

Fluttershy glanced at Pinkie and Rarity at the ground, beckoning her to go knock at Rainbow Dash's door. She was being forced by the two to go and get Rainbow Dash since Rarity needed her to ask 'NEEDED' questions and, well, Pinkie was just there to ask questions about Soarin... which was basically the same thing...

"Come on Fluttershy, darling! I don't want to go to Twilight's and disturb her studying! Rainbow won't be doing anything!" Rarity called.

Fluttershy glanced between the two and the door. "B-but! L-last time you two came here and um asked her loads of questions, she got really, really irritated, especially just right after her nap... I-I don't like seeing Dashie like that..." she hid her face behind her mane and whimpered.

Pinkie sighed (happily?) "Oh, come on, Fluttershy! I'm sure shes not sleeping right now!"

Fluttershy hesitantly flew over to her mansion-house-thing, pausing for a few seconds, taking a deep breathe and knocking on the door softly.

Nothing. Obviously.

Fluttershy cringed to her self as she knocked harder...

Still nothing.

"OH FLUTTERSHYY! WHATS TAKING YOU SO LONG?! I HAVEN'T HEARD A DASHIE VOICE YET!" Pinkie's voice rang through the air as Fluttershy softly glided down to the ground.

"Um... shes not answering me... she usually does when I do it... that strong..." Rarity and Pinkie looked at each other and roll their eyes.

"Try harder!" Pinkie piped. She looked down.


Rarity sighed. "Okay, darling, we understand..." Pinkie frowned. "... could you pleaseeeee at least go and look through her bedroom window? Or... any window in that manner...?" Pinkie grinned.

"... um... n-no?"


Rainbow Dash groaned softly, laying in her bedroom as she covered her ears to Pinkie's loud... screaming. She looked up to the ceiling, grumbling to herself.

"They do know I can hear them, right...? Out of all ponies PINKIE PIE should be the one to know that... I'll just wait until Pinkie attempts to break down my door... when Fluttershy has enough strength to carry her up... hah... Fluttershy breaking down a door... cloud... door... she would need so much anger to do that..." Rainbow snickered to herself as she conversed to the ceiling, furrowing her eyebrows as she saw a pair of bright blue eyes staring at her from her window, "Pinkie... Pie...?"


"What are you tal-" she stopped her self and rolled her eyes. "You know what, why am I evening questioning it? Yes, Rainbow Dashie is awake, NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

Pinkie brushed a hoof over her shoulder. "Cool it, bruh." Rainbow stared at Pinkie in utter confusion, Pinkie brushed it off. "Auntie Pinkie is here to sort you all out!"

"Your only like, a month older than me!"

"Shhhh, respect you elders, young mare..."

"Yes," Rainbow snickered. "yes, I got it, your 80, correct?"

Pinkie's nose twitched as she glared at her. "I'm serious!" she coughed before going to her normal self. "Anyway! Answer my question?!"

Rainbow huffed. "What question? Besides, aren't Fluttershy and Rarity there?"

Pinkie snorted. "Well, IF YOU WOULD OPEN THIS WINDOW, you would be able to see your other aunts." Rainbow flattened her brow and just opened the window, rolling back onto her bed.

"EEP!" Fluttershy's hooves gave out as she dropped Rarity on the cloud floor, Rarity letting out a shriek, complaining about how dirty the floor must've been.

"It's clouds, Rarity! They can't technically get dirty, silly!"

"Oh, it's the same thing!" she waved a hoof. "And excuse me, Rainbow Dash is NOT going to be my niece!"

"It's figurative language, Rarity, maybe you should learn it." Rainbow smirked. She glanced down at Fluttershy who was shuffling in her spot. "Uh, are you okay, Flutters?"

"Um... yes."

Rarity smiled brightly, "Right! Time for interrogation!"



"Whelp this is where Rainbow Dashie takes her leave from 'Interrogation Time'. Runaway time."

Author's Note:

(Part of this was written on the day Newbie Dash aired but I wasn't bothered to finish it off on that day and apparently not any time in between heh...)

I'm SOOOO sorry that I had like a HALF A YEAR (nearly) pause of NOTHINGNESS (literally) but, um, I was... busy... doing stuff... aww fine I was browsing Youtube videos most of the time... And fanfiction....

BUT... UM... AREN'T YOU HAPPY THIS IS BACK?! ... probably no, your not but just go with the flow... you know you miss it... *criiiii ... Im joking don't take that seriously...

Okay. All of that above was written like a month ago, and I don't even know. Just roll with it, I just literally scanned through the text and remember, this was written over two freaking months and then left alone for who knows why. I was going to add more to this chapter but I need inspiration. Whelp! See you next chapter!

~Mystic is not sorry

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I was going to add more to this chapter but I need inspiration.

RE-REALLY!!?? :flutterrage:
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I didn't think people really wanted to keep on reading lol. It's cringey so thats why I wanna rewrite~

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Will there be more? It’s really good right now.

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