• Published 1st May 2016
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Accused and Abused - Mystic Shadow

Rainbow Dash really does hate Soarin for what he had done. It's only a little flaw, she would get over it, right? Meanwhile, Soarin tries to get that bit closer whilst Rarity and Fleetfoot try to figure out their problems.

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Chapter 1

It was a... rainy... day in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash was... moping, why? 'Cause the Wonderbolts betrayed her. Not exactly betrayed but close. He had directed it to her, they all did. They did nothing but a small conversation. They obviously didn't trust her, especially him.

Who is this him you ask? Well... I'll let you find out...

"Stupid... messed up... Wonderbolts. Why... why me? It could have been any-pony else! Your 'most promising reserve'? My flank, Spitfire... your CO-CAPTAIN doesn't seem to agree..." Dash grumbled. She was lying in her room in the West Wing of Canterlot Castle, thinking back to the previous day. Soarin. It was all his fault... after... after all those times she had saved him... that was how he repaid her? She would NEVER allow it.

"If you want to treat me that way... you can be the LAST favourite in my eyes..." Dash rolled onto her back and looked into the mirror in front of her and sighed. "Dash... your not meant to be moping over a colt... ponies in Flight School were... worse... but... UGH! I CAN-"

"OH, RAINBOW DASHHHHH!" shouted Rarity, bursting into the room, making the room shake slightly.

Dash rolled her eyes and rolled back onto her front, facing her whilst thinking, 'And you thought I slam the doors?

"Whaaatttuppp Rares?"

"Darling! First of all! YOUR MANE IS A DISGRACE! Let me fix it all up!" scoffed Rarity, looking at her mane in disgust and grabbing a brush. " Oh and second of all, Spitfire has invited you to dinner at 6:00 PM straight!"

"Is Soarin going to be there?" asked Dash quickly, ignoring the fact that she was trying to fix up her mane in a very Rarity-like way.

"Well... of course... any reason?" asked Rarity, raising an eyebrow at her.

"No reason... you know... can you let Spitfire know that I'm not going to show up? I feel a little sick..."

Rarity looked at her in disbelief, dropping the brush at an instant. "You're not going to show up? Just for a little sickness? This isn't the Rainbow Dash I know! If I know you, you would be squealing at an instant! I-I mean, the Wonderbolts are your dream! A-and... Soarin's there! You never stop talking about him! He's your idol!"

"Well... things change... I guess I don't idolise anypony anymore..." Dash sighed, rolling her eyes.

Rarity stood there gobsmacked, looking at Dash suspiciously. She obviously had something on her mind... OH, Rarity WAS going to find out what that was! No matter what.

"I... eck... I guess I'll tell Spitfire then... are you sure you don't want to go, darling?"


"Alright then... I'll check up on you later, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever..."

Rarity stared at Dash for a few seconds. She was trying to see through her but she couldn't...

After giving up, Rarity walked out of the room, closing the door gently with her magic and walking back to the meeting area reserved for the Wonderbolts.

Spitfire spotted her walking with concern in her eyes and was just about to ask what was wrong when Rarity trotted right past her, going up to Soarin, who was talking to Fleetfoot.

"Oh, Soarin!" called Rarity, motioning him to come with her.

"Uhh... okay...?" Soarin quickly glanced at Fleetfoot to see if it was anything to do with her but she just shook her head and rolled her eyes, walking away.

"Soarin... is anything wrong about you and Rainbow Dash?"

"Wha- uh? I don't think so... I mean... I hope not..."

'Hmm, this seems like a whole new case on its own... but never fear! Shadow Spades is here once again!'

Soarin stared at Rarity who had a smirk on her face and was looking upwards, not moving or speaking. He averted his eyes and quickly scurried away from the over-confident mare. Dash's friends were sure... interesting...

Rarity looked about, noticing that Soarin was no longer by her side. She sighed, rolling her eyes and rushing away to have a quick costume change.

"Your... heading off... today...?"

Dash looked at Soarin standing by the door way and averted her eyes downwards, she really didn't want to speak to him but she knew it would be rude.

"Yeah..." she whispered softly, bowing her head.

Soarin stared at her for a few moments before nodding, "Uh... okay... see you around, then?"

Dash paused, thinking over what to say. Should she carry on being nice or just give in?

'Element of Loyalty...'

"UH! Yeah! Yeah! Sure! Haha..."

She trailed off, wincing heavily, Soarin just raised an questioning eyebrow at her.

"Are you alright?"

"I... yeah, sure, I'm fine, just a little stressed cause... reasons..."

Soarin looked on at her for a few more seconds before nodding. He trotted out of the room and softly closed the door. She really did seem different... was there really something wrong like Rarity had asked?

He really hoped not. To him, Dash was perfect in every way. There was not one flaw he could think of... even if there was, he would consider it a compliment. He knew Dash didn't yet like him in the way he liked her, but he was determined to fix that. So. Determined.


Not that much that he had to force her...




Fleetfoot was leaning over Soarin who had fallen over on the ground and was smiling innocently.

"Ughrrr... Fleet, what do you want?" he asked, irritated.

"We're going to dinner! I don't know why you went into Dash's room, we told you she was sick!"

Soarin visibly flinched but remained silent. She didn't look the one bit sick when he had entered... though she did have a way of toughening up in front of ponies.

"Well... ugh... never mind, let's just go." Soarin took off towards the rest of the team as Fleetfoot quirked at him and rolled her eyes, flying after him, knowing something had happened.

And, she WAS going to find out what that something was.

No matter what.

Author's Note:

Feel free to point out any errors...

I wrote part of this before episode 6. I noticed how HYPED Rainbow Dash was when she wanted Starlight to meet Spitfire. I'm not going to change it for now, but maybe I'll add the remark of, 'the most wonderboltiest wonderbolt' XD

When I read it back... it feels rushed... I don't know... is it just me?

Also, sorry if I don't update in a while, I will always be active unless I put the story on Cancel or Hiatus.