• Published 1st May 2016
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Accused and Abused - Mystic Shadow

Rainbow Dash really does hate Soarin for what he had done. It's only a little flaw, she would get over it, right? Meanwhile, Soarin tries to get that bit closer whilst Rarity and Fleetfoot try to figure out their problems.

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Chapter 2 (updated)

Author's Note:

By the way, they're titled with chapter numbers because I have in no way have a creative mind when it comes to thinking of titles.

Rainbow Dash stared out of the window of the train in Canterlot. She was on the train, going back to Ponyville with Rarity. She had no idea why she was there. She could have flown. But she didn't. She didn't feel like it.

'This isn't the real Rainbow Dash... ' Rarity thought, raising an eyebrow at the mare. She looked down at her outfit she was wearing and scoffed, throwing it off her body.

"Shadow Spades really needs to have more STYLISH costumes, I mean that one was OKAY but it needs to be SPECTACULAR!" complained Rarity, looking through her costume chest.

Dash rolled her eyes and raised an eyebrow at her. "How do you even do that?"

"Do what, darling?" she asked, levitating the chest to who knows where, wearing a brand new dress so Dash wouldn't know that she was 'investigating'.

"... forget it..."

Rarity looked at her suspiciously and straightened out her dress whilst Dash gave her a blank expression.

"We're on a train and you just go and get changed?"

Rarity nodded before answering, "Why, of course! Haven't you ever got changed on a train? I simply do it almost all the time on a long trip!"

"... right... but... we don't even wear clothes on a regular basis!"

"Good point, but us Canterlot ponies must always stay in style!" she struck a pose then went back to her regular composure. "Say... do you know that show Twilight brought back from the land of that school? On that 'phone'? My little pony? Did you hear the theme tune? Why, I say, you should really look up to your name clone! Though, you do look in style with those shades of yours..."

Dash glared at Rarity before rolling her eyes, "I KNOW my awesomeness is OFF THE CHARTS but I am NOT referring to a horrible version of myself, I am TOO AWESOME to wear the dresses like yours!" she retorted.

Rarity flattened her brow. "It's called FASHION, Rainbow, you should really look into it more!"

"Research in BOOKS?! BLEH! I mean, Daring Do is AWESOME but information books? Please! It'd take me to switch bodies with TWILIGHT to read one word of one book!"

"I never said you'd have to research in books, darling, there's also museums all around! Ooh! You must SIMPLY come with me to Manehatten someday! I heard they had the biggest fashion displays in all of EQUESTRIA!" Rarity squealed.

Dash just looked at her with an even more flat expression. Boy was this trip going to be a long, boring and tiring one.


For Rainbow Dash at least...

Rainbow flew up to her cloud house after saying goodbye to Rarity. She had been staring at Dash all the way back, and she had no idea why. It was as if thoughts were in her mind in every direction, all directed at her.

Dash was then instantly greeted by Tank, flying up to her. She nuzzled him back in return and made her way over to the coach.
She watched Tank slowly fly his way over to her and she sighed, making space for him.

"Oh, Tank... I... I don't get it... I thought he trusted me... I thought I was his friend..." sighed Dash, softly stroking a hoof over his shell.

Tank nodded, understanding her clearly. Dash didn't notice and frowned a little.

"Why do I even try... ugh..." she stood up, looking out of her window. "I need somepony to talk to... who do you think, Tank?"


"What? Why her?


"... yeah uh... if you say so... guess I'm off to..."

"Pinkie Pie's..." Dash sighed as she stood inside Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie throwing random questions at her. Of course, Dash didn't mind talking to Pinkie... but... asking for advice? This was a whole new thing on its own...

"So! Dashie!" Pinkie grinned, finally finishing her line of questions. "What brings YOU here today?!"

"Well... err..." Dash's eyes landed on her other four friends talking, Rarity taking one or two glances at her.

'Great... JUST what I needed... somepony stalking my every move...' she thought sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Um... Dashie? HELLOOOO?!"

"Um... I..."

"Well why ain't it tha gal we were just talkin' 'bout!" Applejack smirked, whilst Twilight and Fluttershy looked over at her, Rarity already had doing so.

"Yeah... interesting..." she muttered sarcastically.

"Rainbow Dash! There you are! Did you forget our meeting today?" Twilight inquired.

Dash thought for a few seconds, blushing slightly. "Uh... yeah... sorry..."

"Oh yes!" Pinkie giggled. "I forgot about that too!" Pinkie bounced across to the table, plopping herself in the seat next to Applejack and grinning whilst Twilight rolled her eyes. "Here I am, Twi!"

"You WORK here, Pinkie."

"Oh! Yes! I do! Thank you for telling me that, Twilight! I would have NEVER figured that out!" Pinkie smiled innocently, actually meaning it.

"... right..." Twilight turned back to Rainbow Dash. "RIGHT! Come on, Rainbow!"

Dash grumbled to her self quietly and made her way over to the table, having to sit next to Rarity, being the only seat left. She didn't mind her. She just wanted to know why she kept on 'spying' on her.

"Alright, now that all of us are here, why don't we just carry on with our conversation from last week, shall we? Apples or pears?" Twilight smirked.

"Um... Twilight...? D-do we have to talk about this? I-I mean... apples and pears are both nice but um I really don't like it when you girls argue and um... s-sorry y-you can carry on..." whimpered Fluttershy, her eyes barely peeking out from under the table.

Dash huffed heavily, looking at Fluttershy and Twilight with a bored expression

"Can I leave now? I don't want to be involved in this. I have better things to do." Dash stated plainly.

"Already?!" shouted Twilight, confused.

Dash glared at her. "Yes. Already. Can you not hear me?"

The other five looked at Dash in surprise as Rarity leaned towards Applejack.

"See! She's acting strange! Rainbow Dash wouldn't act like this!"

"Hm, ya'll are right. Well if ya'll figured out that Wind Rider's situation, ahm' sure that ya'll conclude to this."

"One can only hope..." she murmured out.

Dash scoffed, rolling her eyes, "I'm NOT deaf, I can hear YOU TWO... Rarity. My eye is on you... all of you... argh... screw it. Bye."

With that, she spread her wings and lifted off, out into the sky. She was usually quick and simple, but that? That was a whole other thing...

"W-what just happened?" asked Twilight, letting out an exasperated sigh.

They all just remained silent. They had no idea what was about to come. And I don't either. I'm the author but I just write as I go. Small plots are in my head! AHM!!!

When Dash had flew out, she was just flying above Ponyville, slowly approaching Cloudsdale. She didn't know where she was going. Nor did she care. She just wanted to be on her own.

' I'm expecting they would want an apology at some point... it was pretty rude of me to just bail out... UGH! None of this is helping... I need a nap...'

With that thought, she flew over to a cloud perched above her, laying softly on it with her hooves under her chin. She would apologise later. Right now, she needed space to herself. Too bad some-pony was going to ruin that.

"Oh, hey Rainbow Dash."

'That voice... ignore it.' she gritted her teeth, pretending that she hadn't heard the pony.

"Uh... are you okay?"

She looked at the pony that was talking to her. As she had expected, it was him, Soarin. She instantly looked back down, hoping and praying that he would just leave. She wasn't upset at all, just... REALLY, REALLY angry... but... she had no idea why.

Finally, she spoke up, having no idea why she did. "... N- I MEAN... yes, sorry, my words slipped, I'm fine. Really."

Her eyes met his as they looked on at each other. Soarin averted his eyes and bit his lip. He, himself, didn't know why he was talking to her.

"... okay... but... but... I... I'm really sorry about... earlier... it was my duty, without Spitfire there and all... I... don't bother saying it's fine. It's not fine. I don't deserve it in any way... and... you didn't deserve what I... threatened. I know you probably hate me... but... I... l-lo... ugh, forget it. Bye... Dashie." Soarin looked back into her eyes and turned around, silently flying out into the setting sun.

Rainbow had a blank expression on her face, trying to take in what was happening. Was he really about to admit his feelings to her? Her eyes then furrowed.

"Did... did he just call me DASHIE!!??"