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For the shit to dark for telly


Edward Green is a VERY smart pony...when he tries to figure out a murder mystery that recently happened, Celestia decides to ask the Mane six to figure it out instead...Edward is not happy with this...not...one...bit

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It's odd, but I feel Miss Hearthswarm had something to do with it.

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I love the batman comics
So i tried at getting the premise of a puzzle crime
Etc etc

Edward Green is a VERY smart pony

Then why does he have a human name? :ajbemused:


Why does joe
Have a human name?

He's the exception, not the rule. Plus canon characters can do things that OCs shouldn't.

It kinda confirms that it is possible to have a normal name

We have wildly different definitions of perfection.

When Edd got home he was angry...he pushed over a table and shouted to himself...TWILIGHT SPARKLE IS NOT A POLICE OFFICER AND SHE IS RUINING MY CHANCE OF BEING NOTICED FOR ONCE!!!"

It's nice to know our calm, collected and supposedly brilliant detective protagonist isn't above the occasional temper tantrum.

His name is Donut Joe.

Joe can also be in reference to coffee. As in a cuppa joe

It would sound stupid if he was named Donut Coffee.

He just needs the medication of character development

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