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Nearly 400 years before the return of Princess Luna, Celestia is made aware of the presence of a damaged weapon, a remnant from an ancient battle, fallen from the heavens and forgotten on a world it should never have been near.

A short story based on an idea from the Revelation Space novel series by Alastair Reynolds.

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...I have to wonder whether Celestia really is saving all of their lives, or accidentally dooming Equestria. If that thing deletes part of itself and then explodes, I think you'll notice the result anywhere on the same planet... might be worth banishing the thing to the Moon.

7053993 The mechanism is currently in a resting state. The ship it was attached to is gone, and It cannot be activated in its present condition, though Celestia does not know it. Furthermore, teleporting an object with such unbalanced metric properties would be...unwise.


7054265 And how long will it stay in its resting place, when the next Starlight Glimmer turns up and starts poking randomly at it?

I mean, the thing's basically a giant bomb on a planet-damaging scale. Leaving it around where just anyone can dig it up would be... irresponsible.

(Re-burying it while she flies back to Canterlot and gets a bit of help, now that would be a good idea - between her and Luna, they should be able to pick it up, carry it well into the atmosphere, and throw it hard enough that it never lands on the ground again. No teleportation necessary.)

I want a sequel.....I want to watch twilight mess up to the point that even Celestia screams out of rage and despair at the idiocy of her former student.

7179063 Umm... I'm not sure what your comment has to do with...anything... Twilight won't be born for another 400 years in this story.

Also on principle I don't write stories where there is any anger between Twilight and Celestia. I find that to be quite out of character.


It has to do with a sequel to this because I can't honestly see everything about that weapon being buried in time and covered up. And if there is one thing twilight is good at is finding obcure articles of the past.

I was unaware of your principles in this.

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