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Well... *scratches head in embarrassment* I feel that after so long I ought to post something, anything! Anything at all! So I have this short science fiction thing that I kept intending to continue and improve but in trying to edit it I found so much that needed changing in order for me to like it enough to continue that I might as well start over from scratch. Anyway, I have a bad habit of getting myself started on projects which are designed to go on for 10,000 or more words and then running out of interest halfway through. So instead of waisting more time on this thing I'll just post what exists and if you hate me for simply ending it in the middle of an action scene then you are welcome to do so.

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If this story is only one chapter long, then shouldn't it be marked as complete?


It's marked as canceled, but its noted in the title as being incomplete because I never finished the first chapter to my satisfaction.

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