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If Megan from My Little Pony the Movie (1986) was one of the last colonists on Equestria before Humans died out there, her family and its history must have come from somewhere, these are a few short ideas I had about a woman named Megan who is the great-grandmother of the Megan in that original film, and experiences she had over centuries of exploring space before settling on the planet that would one day be known as Equestria. The ideas were never strong enough for me to pursue them beyond what is written here. Think on it more as nearly two thousand words of musings on my part.

I actually wrote this over a year ago and only now have put it together in a pile to publish it.

Chapters (2)
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OMG this is really interesting story. I'm sorry about my reaction but i really loved this movie when i was a little kid. It brought a lot of memories about it and tears when Megan told that pony her feelings towards her. I really love your story.....well it's more of a theory then the story but you get my point. I haven't read all of your story though but i will get on that. I read half of " Acient History" and i must say I really love the effort and imagination you have put in the story. I hope you will write more and other similar stories. If i find some errors you accidentaly missed i will poit it out to you. Good job.! :D Here is a Twilight happy face for you :twilightsheepish:

7563710 Thank you for enjoying it! Many bronies would prefer to never bother thinking about the original mlp series but I find it fascinating to contemplate ways that every generation might be connected, if loosely. I'm always looking for help with errors, and I'm sure there are several in the mess of a story I posted here.

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