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Every party must come to an end. After the party's over, some things always get left behind.
Vinyl Scratch, better known to Equestria as DJ Pon-3, is dead.

Will Octavia learn to cope with her loss, or will she give in to despair?

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Why is everypony always dying? Like, one in ten fics have a deceased pony in them.


Seems like it and at least one in five have Rainbow Dash with a broken wing.

1122671>>1122696, They only seem like that because they are the only ones people tend to pay attention to.

Take my feels. Take all of them.

I was hesitant about the OctaScratch ship before, but I love it now. This was beautiful. I cried just a bit. :fluttercry:

The ending! "Even in death Vinyl Scratch will always spin that record. From the venues of Canterlot to the stages of the heavenly choirs that make the stars themselves sing. Play on Vinyl Scratch, we will always be listening."

“Are you... Octavia?” He panted.
“Um.. Yes?”
“DUMP EM!” The stallion shouted at his companions.

The best happy part of the story. :rainbowkiss:

Loved the backstory on this one. (And I managed to restrain myself from yelling "Are you ready to Rock Farm?!")

Ow, my feels hurt... Very moving piece of literature that you have written here. I couldn't help but to shed a manly tear (yes a manly tear, and not a slew of crybaby tears) :raritycry: anyway, I loved the story.

Well.... that was glorious. You captured emotion, made me smile (and even laugh a couple times) and feel; you captured their responses so naturally, gave such a good backstory (I thought the Sue/Suzanne bit was particularly clever), and had an awesome ending for Octavia.

1122671 hahaha isnt that the truth:rainbowlaugh:

Oof. I almost made it. So close, but I ended up :raritycry: Great story.

Beautiful. It takes a lot for a fic to really make me emotional, but this one did. The bits with Vinyl and Octavia together and the part with the will were especially heartbreaking. :fluttercry:
Take my like, my fave and my watch. You've earned them.

not vinyl.....:pinkiesad2:. any way great story.. made me cry vinyl is my favorite pony and Octavia the same.. i don't think ill read a sad one about vinyl and Octavia again thought...

Something about this story made it really emotional for me, it probably was that it happened to my favorite couple and they way it was written.

It was so emotional that I was almost crying when Celestia came to Vinyls grave to talk to Octavia, and that is in the very beginning. I would probably have cried the entire story if my playlist didn't decide to play "Smile, Smile, Smile". It gave me a weird feeling, I wanted to cry but I couldn't and a smile sneaked to my lips, It's very difficult to explain.

Anyway, this story deserves a like, a favorite and to become one of my favorite favorites (stories so good I don't want to loose them among my other favorites).

Thank you strangephantasm for writing such a good and sad story, I need to cry from time to time.

Octavia Philharmonica = اوكتافيا فيل هارمونيكا
Vinyl scratch = خدش الفينيل

You could not believe how ashamed I am of myself right now, as I abused this story to see how long it would take me to read roughly 10,000 words (the result is 53 minutes, should anyone ask). That experiment made me plow through the story and not really take every detail in its full form.

This all comes down to the fact that this story didn't deserve such treatment, for it was an amazing and emotional trip I wish I could somehow rewind.

One of the things I liked the most was thatnit wasn't just yet another Octy/Vinyl Shipfic, but rather took the next level and actually build a plot around it that isn't just there for the sake of being there. Not to mention the wonderful way you included Pinkie in the story.

I have to confess though: when 'Inkie' was uttered for the first time I genuinly believed it was a typo. Sorry for that.

2699485 about 34 Minutes ;) Speedread, of course, I hardly managed to catch half of the story

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