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What do you do when the road you set out upon suddenly becomes too long? Or perhaps too lonesome? Do you give up, do you take another, or do you simply carry on?

Vinyl decides to see where her path leads her, in hope of something better, or maybe just something different.

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right in the feels.

I'm favoriting this just because of the picture.

*EDIT* My apologizes, I reread that comment and realized that it sounded like I hadn't read or enjoyed this story, neither of which is the case. Just wanted to clear up that I DID read this story and I DID enjoy it.

I want to cry.. so badly...
Thank you..

That was both sad and beautiful at the same time:fluttershysad:
but now... my feels... they hurt... so bad:fluttershbad:

That was so well done, short, sweet and beautiful. That final imagery you used was what did it for me. ;_; Great job.

I just want to say thank you to all that have commented and favorited my fic'.

This is my first fic', so I was very very nervous when I clicked "Submit", but your comments and support to this fic has inspired me greatly.

Thank you all

That was very touching, thank you for writing it.

Posted a quick review of this story, as it is the fifth story in my 1k hidden treasures blog! Great story all around. Here it is.

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