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Derpy Hooves has lived a good life, to some extent. She had only one friend, Rainbow Dash, but after years of being the best of friends, a terrible event ruined their friendship for eternity. Years later, Derpy is resting in the PonyVille Retirement home and before she passes on, she looks back on her life with her friend.

UPDATE: due to popular demand i will be making a sequl to Bubbles and Rainbows revealing Rainbow dash's point of veiw shortly after i edit thia story and start my next fim-fic series! Please look out for it!

UPDATE 2: all revisions are done! Thanks for all the help! Hope you enjoy the revised part 1 Bubbles & Rainbows!

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Comments ( 39 )

Overrall, I really liked it. Sure, there were errors here and there, but who cares, really? You made me feel bad for Derpy, and that was the point, right? Still wish they would have made up though.:fluttershysad: You get a like from me, my good...person.:rainbowkiss:

Wonderful. I like sad past stories, and it was interesting seeing a Derpy one. There were a few mistakes here and there, but like Midnight Magician said, who cares? Keep up the good work VixenMew!

BTW, I don't know if I can look at Rainbow Dash the same way ever again....:rainbowhuh:

Oh man, that was a sad story, but I didn't imagine it having a sad ending. I was hoping Rainbow Dash would forgive Derpy, because she IS the Element of Loyalty. But that was still a good story.

okay, spelling mistake on first line "fille", should be filly, spelling mistakes dont bother me, but i would atleast correct that one for first impressions

ok, nice story (would change "my freind would be slaughtered" to killed, slaughtered is a tad brutal) one think i notice is that i think in similar story lines to you, if you check mine out sometime, i'm sure we could swap ideas behind the grey pony who is loved so much

It's always nice to see a story where Derpy isn't made to come off like a doofus.

726958 Thank you! More to come! :derpytongue2:

726958 Thank you! More to come! :derpytongue2:727000 Thanks it was moy first story so ya know ill get better :twilightsheepish:

727397 Yah i originally wrote it in Google Dox and it kept changeing it DX so i missed afew Fillys

I really aprreciate all comments from all of you! I love to get possitive and contstructive critisism! It was my first story and LOTS more to come! So keep looking for me thank you!! :heart::heart::yay:

727367 That was kinnda the idea, I've always seen storys where the characters make up, why not mix it up abit ^-^' also ties in how RD was kinnda like a jerk to Derpy in ' The Last Roundup' ^-^

poor derpy lost her one and only friend just for being herself dont worry derpy ill be your friend :heart::derpytongue2: rainbow how could you not forgive such A wonderful pony :rainbowderp:

This made me sad face :raritycry:, but apart from that this story is great, just wondering, maybe you could make a revised version using the fact that Rainbow Dash has the element of loyalty I would've liked to see a happy-ish ending, but aside from that, 1 like and a spike :moustache:

The spelling killed it for me. RainbowDash = Rainbow Dash, SpitFire = Spitfire, PonyVille = Ponyville, CloudsDale = Cloudsdale, SugarCube Corner = Sugarcube Corner, Never trust spellcheck on these words.:ajbemused: Ever.

...dang, just dang

awwwww:fluttercry: deeeerrrrpppyyyy i will always be your friend :pinkiesad2:

Derpy look me in the eyes:derpyderp2:...ILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE

This was really good, I wish you could write more for this fic..

Ignore this if you hate perfectionists (Sorry)
Rainbow Dash is 2 words, not 1
Dash is loyal, not quite sure she would act like that.
Cloudsdale is typed like this
Ponyville is typed like this
And Derpy's cutie mark story makes no sense…

728508 i know im terribly sorry i had origanally wrote this in Google Docs and everytime i put somemthing like Ponyville it changed it so i had to keep going back and forth looking for revisions so i did miss some DX if u want message me and you could help me revise it! ^-^:facehoof:

:730321 it took me a while to come up with her story for her cutie mark and trust me i revised it more times then i would rather count i nweded to come up with something that would have to do with bubbles and something to do with Dash, if u didnt like it thats fine with it i just wanted to let u kno how hard that was for me to write

728507 i kinnda made it that way so that it would be more unexpecting than just the same old thing over and over again :scootangel:

For all my readers who are spelling natzis (dont worry i love u guys :scootangel: ) i will be making spell review checks later today, im on vacation and on the road home now and all i have that is online is my phone and u could imagin how impossibal it would be to revise with it :rainbowderp: so dont worry spelling fix soon! Thanks!

730534 Good try though, I liked your story over all. Sequel please, either she apologises or RD does. I can't stand ponies angry at each other…

730764 haha well im currently writting more and they r funny randome one i just wanted to stand out with my first story ^-^

730303 well check the update u will be pleasurably surprised :twilightsmile:

732265 aw yeah, ill be sticking around, I'm pretty sure it said complete when i first read it... :derpytongue2:

>> oh well it did but due to popular demand I decided to make a Rainbow Dash point of view ^-^

omg i love this story so much but god dammit you writers do you have to keep making me cry

Oh my god...
This made me cry...
*Hugs Artistic*

821339 aww *hugs back* thank u ;3;

The thing I loved most about this story was how convincing you made it to be. Could all of this really have happened taking the canonicity of the show into account? Arguments could be made for both sides, I'm sure. Me? I'm not here to argue canonicity, but to read and enjoy stories that move. And your story, my friend, moves. Thank you for sharing this :twilightsmile:

875362 oh my god this is such an honor THANK YOU!! I love your 'Octavia Takes The Bus' series!! Thank you!! :heart::yay::twilightsmile::raritystarry:

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