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Bubbles and Rainbows part 2 (and other things) Q and A! · 3:38am Jan 22nd, 2013

Hey guys, thought I would make a little post explaining various things on the delay of the fanfic

Q: Why is it taking sooo long to write!?

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it seems one of my favorite authors has died :fluttercry:

the anticipation is killing me. Got a new release date on part 2 of bubbles and rainbow?if you don't have one that's fine but if you do please share

77224 oh thank u its no probelm i loved Octavia Takes The Bus!! Will look foward to more from u!!

Thanks for the watch, my dear Artistic_Doe. Keep up the fantastic work :twilightsmile:

64067 haha that made my day no joke :pinkiehappy:

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