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Lyra decides that she wants her hands more than anything in the worlds, and testing for science may be her only way to success.

EDIT: Added dark tag due to future chapters involving some-what dark material (It's pretty light dark so don't worry c: )

Chapters (2)
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If that title doesn't get this story featured, I don't know what will. :rainbowkiss:

Nice story :yay:
I'm looking forward to this.

Correct me if I'm wrong or tell me if it's intended, but I think it's Aperture without an A after the R.

Portal and MLP, interesting. Putting in read later for now.

I love the premise, but the writing could be better. If you don't have a prereader, get one; I could do it if you want.

Please continue, it's very good.

1056204 oh my god thanks for the correction lol! XD

1056216 Im actually looking for a pre-reader so if you wouldn't mind I would love to have a pre-reader!!

Thank you all for your positive support so far. Please look out for more of Lyra and GLaDOS's adventures ^-^ :twilightsmile::yay:

HELL YEAH its out

1061135 haha yah sorry for the wait on it!! I had some dely due to summer vacation :twilightsheepish: But yah it will be a continuing series so look for more!!

Luv it. Lyra is pretty much my favorite pony, and portal one of my favorite games... Are you a mind reader physic person thingy person thing? Oh well, Have a spike for now. :moustache:

"Edit thing: Great, tracking is not working for me. thats lovely, ill just add it to read later for now.."
HAHA! It works, Tadaa, magic fixed it again, or someone else did. dunno.

1067799 haha no im not I just love portal and ponies, originally I thought of it being Pinkie and GLaDOS, but that was more cliche so I thought 'hey, why not Lyra' :twilightblush: Glad you like it :scootangel:

why is there only 241 views this needs more :heart:

1277252 haha thanks, once more chapters come out im sure there will be more :twilightsmile:

WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER AAAAAAAAAHHHHH (foams at the mouth) GJAENADLNJLN (passes out) but seriously its been quite a bit not that i mind just want a update on how its going

Hey yeah sorry I do need to add an update :twilightblush:

I'm back in school now so my scheduled is pretty packed and has put me WAY behind on my writing. I do plan on the next chapter or The Cake Is a Lyra to come out before the end of next week. My other fanfic Bubbles and Rainbows will come out with part 2 before the end of October. Please give me time I'm very very sorry for the wait and I will get right on it for sure! Thanks for sticking with the fic and don't worry chapter 2 will be out very soon.


ps. Bubbles and Rainbows could maybe possibly have a happy ending c:

Only one mess up: it's not Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device, it's Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

1635451 Actually, the proper full name for it is the name listed. I had looked it up in search for some information for the chapter and discovered that was its old name. I decided to use it to fit to GLaDOS's more knowledgeable nature. :twilightblush:


1636151 Well I appreciate that. I really wanted to get the attitude and mind set of GLaDOS in this story and whats more knowledgeable then a long lengthy name of something :raritywink:

GLaDOS is adorable and so is Lyra needless to say this fanfic will be the most adorable fanfic ever created

1637787 Haha thank you, they are both pretty cute :twilightsmile:

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