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Lyra decides that she wants her hands more than anything in the worlds, and testing for science may be her only way to success.

EDIT: Added dark tag due to future chapters involving some-what dark material (It's pretty light dark so don't worry c: )

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Derpy Hooves has lived a good life, to some extent. She had only one friend, Rainbow Dash, but after years of being the best of friends, a terrible event ruined their friendship for eternity. Years later, Derpy is resting in the PonyVille Retirement home and before she passes on, she looks back on her life with her friend.

UPDATE: due to popular demand i will be making a sequl to Bubbles and Rainbows revealing Rainbow dash's point of veiw shortly after i edit thia story and start my next fim-fic series! Please look out for it!

UPDATE 2: all revisions are done! Thanks for all the help! Hope you enjoy the revised part 1 Bubbles & Rainbows!

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