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Bubbles and Rainbows part 2 (and other things) Q and A! · 3:38am Jan 22nd, 2013

Hey guys, thought I would make a little post explaining various things on the delay of the fanfic

Q: Why is it taking sooo long to write!?

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Updates + Holiday · 1:17am Dec 31st, 2012

Hey everypony! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season (i sure did) and wish you all a happy new year! Quick little update on my stories

Bubbles and Rainbows- Editing part 2, expect out before January 4th

The Cake Is a Lyra- Starting rough draft port chapter 3 few days after the release of Bubbles and Rainbows part 2

Please keep an open eye for this weeks new story. Thanks!

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The Cake Is a Lyra chapter 2 out! · 3:31am Nov 18th, 2012

Hey everypony, The Cake Is a Lyra Chapter 2 has been released. I apologize for it being a day late, something came up Friday that caused me to not be able to have it edited by my editor and completely ready for submission. I spent all day today adding various elements to the chapter to make it worth its wait. Hope you enjoy it!

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Season 3 Premier + Updates! · 1:27am Nov 13th, 2012

Hey everypony, watched the season premier this morning (surprise surprise) and I for one absolutely loved it! I'm probably going to regret saying this but I for one actually kinda liked King Sombre, now please let me explain why! I will admit, he was a very, 'boring' villain. Unlike Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalias, ect. he really had no story, general information, and hardly ever talked, besides the random outbursts of 'mwahahahahah'. All we really knew of him was that he was,

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Fic Update 2 + Info · 1:30am Oct 25th, 2012

Hey everypony, I know that (if you happened to read The Cake Is a Lyra) you are waiting for chapter 2, which I said to come out before this Friday. However, it might not be released until the end of the weekend, and possibly later. I have yet to write the rough draft, then have my editor review it and then produce the final draft. I could finish the rough draft by Friday but to have it edited and completed would probably take some serious time and rushed effort. This weekend I have some things

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Updates + Livestream! · 6:13pm Oct 20th, 2012

Hey all my watchers out there, I feel like I need to write an update post, since I was recently asked about my fanfics and whatnot. So here have some updates!

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