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The throne of the alicorn Ao sits a thousand years empty, unicorns have disappeared, and pegasi enslave the remaining earth ponies. An author strikes too close to the dark secret of her home city. Banished, she seeks those who will stand with her against the corruption that stole the land.

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New Story! Comment, like, favorite - all the things you good people do.

Mkays, it definitely has me interested. I do think we need bit more of a lead-up as to why, after living in this society for years, the main character is taking such bold action out of the blue as well as why society is how it is. I'm sure all of this is to be explained later, so up and at'em.

Damn. DAMN. Dayum. I like it. Stories NEVER capture my attention unless they're one-shots, but this? Damn. What's a protus?

Interesting little world you've got there. Looks like I'm hooked.

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