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On a brisk Winter morning in Ponyville, a mysterious stallion known only as "the Traveler" appears out of thin air. Nearly an hour later, both he and Twilight Sparkle vanished. Nopony knows where they've gone, and nopony knows when they are. The only thing anypony knows is that they were never heard from again.

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The throne of the alicorn Ao sits a thousand years empty, unicorns have disappeared, and pegasi enslave the remaining earth ponies. An author strikes too close to the dark secret of her home city. Banished, she seeks those who will stand with her against the corruption that stole the land.

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Life is great. Beautiful skies, lush greenery, an oppressive otherworldly government. It sure is a beautiful world.

Imprisonment and slavery would be a godsend. On the run from hordes of aliens in an enslaved world full of despair and sorrow, Free must save the pony population of the world while saving himself. The stakes keep rising, the opposition keeps growing, and Free has to face it all on his own, even when the odds are infinity to one.

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"A lie begets a lie, and the world must be protected by one."

Skyward Arrows, a simple author on the run from his own city, is faced with a decision that will change the course of history forever. Yet with every power comes a hefty price.

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