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All this talk of death is giving me the horn.

7096184 Good to know you like my story, sorry that one took a while to finish had some odd writers block where the only ideas I had were for Echos of the Past when I wanted to finish this.

7149134 I'm cool with it as long as this doesn't 'die' like some others I liked before joining.

I will make sure it won't die I just get busy which delays me writing chapters.

So the Crystal Empire is at war with Equestria ?

No this is Fallout Equestria, its Equestria after a nuclear holocaust if you didn't read the the original.

I love this story so far, and I know it takes awhile to work on it but could you please have chapters come out a little faster, I kinda forgot about this til I saw this chapter in my feed.

7392813 Sorry about that, when I wrote chapter 6 and got near the end, I made so many changes and rewrote, then added more and kept adding, thats why chapter 7 took so long it was scheduled for July 23, but I added a lot to it and more then I originally planed and is now my longest chapter in the series so far. I am trying to get chapters out at least once a month, but anyways I will be sure to try to make it go faster. Enjoy the new chapter.

Sorry it took so long to finish chapter 8 writers block and a forgetful memory are to blame but it's finished and I plan on finishing this story. It may be slow but I'll try to finish it as fast as I can.

I thought the wasteland was more or less gone after the events of Fallout: Equestria.

*Major spoliers don't read if you haven't read Fallout Equestria
Yes and no, Splendid valley was completely destroyed by Little Pip and the Grand Pegasus Enclave was defeated and the New Canterlot Republic to over the remaining cities who conquered the rest of the wasteland to restore order. Little Pip was left in SPP to survive and keep Celestia company. The Crystal Empire is to the north of Equestria itself covered by a wasteland of snow already with only a rail line connecting it to the Equestria. Equestria was still there just Canterlot ceased to exist and the Grand Pegasus Enclave retreated back into the clouds.

This your version of the story so I can understand why, BUT it is cannon that Cadance was a Pegasus before she ascension.

Yes according to MLP Cannon she was a pegasus before ascension, its soft cannon from the comics but the writers of the show hint on it. I try to stay as close to cannon as possible and insert characters from the new episodes outside their element

Just found your story, and enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the next chapter. Very good work.

Thank you for the support I'm glad you like it the next chapter should be out soon.

Thank you for your compliment, sorry it took so long, life over the summer wasn't the easiest for me but I'm pretty satisfied with this chapter.

Being getting frozen for almost 200 years, that's kinda of a problem. Pretty sure I can see where this is going too. Female Sole Survivor.

Bullet? Ash. I don't think energy weapons have bullets.

The revolver is a special weapon that harnesses crystalize energy.

Oh, it's 'Codsworth'

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