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The bugbear found me. I don’t know how. I don’t know who or what it’s working with, never mind what’s happening to me, but I’ll get to the bottom of this if it’s the last thing I do.

Forgive me, Lyra.

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Ginger Tartare.

Definitely something fishy going on...


I would really love to see a episode of Bon Bon and Lyra

6865148 It just popped into my head, and I went with it. I couldn't help it.

6865452 Who knows? You might get one next season. Slice of Life was well received, and Hasbro does make Lyra and Bon Bon dolls.

6865598 I just want season six to explore more of the background characters and hopefully sunset shimmer will make a few apperances but I'm going to be sad if they ever decide to cancel the series kind of like what they did to that other one littlest pet shop which I don't watch but after hearing that, its like saying they may cancel mlp

Well, count me in for the ride.

The ride has only just begun. There will be some world-building going on; it's a reason I tagged it AU. That and the fact that it has already seriously diverged from Slice of Life.


[There]'s a reason I tagged it AU. That and the fact that it has already seriously diverged from Slice of Life.

That is funny because it not only has your story diverged from the episode Slice of Life, but from the Slice of Life genre as well.


The ride has only just begun. There will be some world-building going on; it's a reason I tagged it AU. That and the fact that it has already seriously diverged from Slice of Life

Count me in on the ride!


“What about unicorn rabbits?” I asked

That's a funny lookin' Langolier.


The plot thickens... I'm amazed this story's still below ten upvotes; I'm looking forward to where you're taking it next!

6895508 Technically, the threshold is ten votes, up and down combined. There are seven votes total as I type this. The problem is the relatively low view count, much lower than what my other stories had received in the same timeframe. Oh well.

I thought the time stunner would have something to do with what's happening to her - and it looks like it does!

(And good backstory on Stevie.)

“I do not know as many as you might think,”

Conversely, you could say "many things".
Either way, it seems Bon bon is in deeper throuble than she thought.

They seem to be taking everything in stride.
Well, who ever said worrying ever helped you solve problems. :pinkiesmile:

6925698 Nope, I'm sticking by many. It implicitly refers to details, as in many details.

Lyra then Pinkies business dream...this is breaking my heart.

Like my lyre and that photo and a few other items, not to mention all my bits.

Erm, does Bon Bon play the lyre too?

Wash it off with that special shampoo, and you were as good as new.

Now, this is exactly what happens if you spend any time around Zecora. :rainbowlaugh:

6969459 Ouch. That was a big goof. I deleted the mention of the lyre.

I was too focused on the rhyming. Yeah, that's it.



I really hope we get to see these guys again.

This may, or may not be of interest to you, set in the Elder Scrolls universe, it starts slow but gets very silly quite quickly.

Well, that escalated quickly...:facehoof:

So, we're dealing with some kind of metaverse bureaucrat/regulator types, stronger than Discord, Apollo and Celestia. An entire realm, bound for apocalypse and dismissed as a failed experiment, suggests that they are also extremely callous and are pursuing some goal known only to themselves.

Scary business.


I counted out six pieces of candied alfalfa and hoofed them into a small bag. As I pushed the bag to the far side of the counter, a blonde-maned, gray pegasus counted out two bits. A unicorn filly bounced in anticipation beside her.

The mare grabbed the bag with her mouth and lowered it to the floor. “You can have one,” she said.

Two pieces floated up out of the bag. As soon as she noticed her mistake, the filly adjusted her telekinetic field and released one of them. The other piece flew straight into her open mouth.

Whatever I take away from this story, this will stay with me.

Using her magic, Twilight enlarged the image. The something first resolved itself to a cloud of dots, then the dots resolved themselves into runes. The cloud was expanding towards the equator, slowly but surely, as more copies of those runes popped into being.

The endgame approacheth.


The endgame approacheth.

Yes, it does. Not many chapters remaining.

I hope you have an exit strategy.

“That you’re the secret love child of Princess Celestia and King Apollo?”


Yay! you actually went there! Thank you for this, I've been in a bad mood[1] all day and this makes it better.

[1] I don't know if you're familiar with Mass Effect 3 but I've been playing that for the last few days, and have just got to the bit where I had to choose whether or not to allow Legion to upload the Reaper code to the Geth, if you know the game, you'll doubtless know that Tali'Zorah does not react well to the consequences. My heart is broken, but this helped. So, thank you again.

Returning to the story, Bon Bon seems to be considering a somewhat Faustian deal. :rainbowkiss:

Also, bonus points for the lemur.

7156504 Yeah, I went there. Discord, that bastard, didn't give me a choice.


I know you say this's a tragedy, but I'm still hoping for a happy ending. Somehow.

I'm too old to cry, but were I a younger man, I would freely concede victory.

Well played Quill, well played.


Well done, beautiful fan fiction. I still hate the idea of overlords experimenting with poeple's lives like they don't matter. But, hey Bon Bon made it work. Good job. Hope to read another story from you in the future.

I know this said "Tragedy"... but I was still hoping up until the very last chapter that Bon-Bon would somehow get a happy ending.

I wonder if Bon Bon is triggering the spell again every time she draws the runes for Twilight.

Probably not what's actually happening, but I think it’s a funny hypothesis.

Bravo. That was a very compelling read. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, you threw a curveball. And your twists walk the fine line between being unexpected while making perfect sense in retrospect.

I gotta admire your take on Bon Bon, both for her no-nonsense attitude, and for the way she managed to give the cosmic overlords a black eye.

So, were you trying to make a bizarro version of Background Pony, or were the parallels coincidental?

7637220 Background Pony was in the back of my mind, but naturally I was aiming for something quite different.

The curve balls were very much the intent. I didn't really have the story planned out in advance, but I did know how it was to end and how what looked like an unqualified victory would become anything but (a BP parallel, I suppose). So I kept coming up with stuff to foreshadow what needed to happen. And sometimes I needed to foreshadow that stuff. This backwards-chaining is how unexpected twists make sense in hindsight.

And it's nice to see some spillover here from my currently featured story. It got very little attention while it was updating, and virtually none since.

So, if somepony slept in the same bed as Bonbon, would they remember her?

You know, for a story with the tragedy tag, and which earned that tag, it still ends on a remarkably uplifting note.


And it's nice to see some spillover here from my currently featured story. It got very little attention while it was updating, and virtually none since.

Yeah, popularity on Fimfic can be fickle and strange like that. Ironically enough, I read that other story while it was the New Stories box, before it made the Featured box. Which is odd because I don't normally cruise New Stories for reading material.

I don't care if she's 'just doing her job' I would buck that bunny's buck teeth out!

My Little Kitty! World hopping now this is getting more and more interesting! :pinkiehappy:

“A pony is a juvenile horse,” the pegacat above me pointed out.

Not really.

It's not gonna work is it? :ajsleepy:

And yes! It would be great to see the cats again! :rainbowkiss:

Whoa. Can't wait to find out what the heck is going on. If all else fails, Nexus seems...tolerable.

Beyond isn't all bad. But the agency she works for is shit. :ajbemused:

Happy days...still mysteries to unravel, but I hope at least that there's no catch to Bonbon's cure.

I don't like where this is going. I want to agree with Twilight that they can't play by their rules forever and they have to fight back. Plus it's the only way to save the kitties. Celestia and Apollo seem to disagree, however. Damn... :unsuresweetie:

Bon Bon should have just let Lyra get ret conned with her! She'd' still get to 'live her life' only in Nexus, and without getting all her memories changed all the time.

Good story...I gotta read something happy next.

Finally read all chapters and well, it was great, I enjoyed it.

Like some stated before me, Background Pony seemed to have been an inspiration but the story and its treatment is enough different to not be a repetition.

So upvote (of course) and I expect to see more story from you.

In the future when they finally need the third princess to be the tiniest bit in the know, I want genius horse to read between the lines enough to come to learn that they wiped her mind, once she found out they conduct cruel experiments on sentient beings for their own amusement, and were willing to murder everypony in the world, just because she once had the tiniest chance to stop them. Except this time, she truly is ready for that knowledge, and acts with tact, discretion, and humility, until it's far too late to stop her. That's the story I wanted to read. Bon Bon's story here could have been revealed in fragments and hints in that story, as Twilight secretly pieces everything together, but it doesn't stand well on its own.

And just when they're starting to reason with her and weaken her resolve, Twi finds an aging photo of the pony who does not exist, smiling together with a pony Twilight once knew. Twilight cannot remember a relationship that never existed; Lyra never had such a friend in her life. In this way, she realizes just how much of an enemy of friendship the lemur Order is. Then she fucks their shit up.

So, had potential, but it was the wrong story to be told. The monsters win, everything remains unresolved, and even the tragedy feels lukewarm and tepid. Good try, I guess.


Well, finally read the whole thing. This is a good story. Loved the concept of all those different races, and the weird geometry of the Nexus.

It was a sad story, but slightly hopeful. The ending was bitter sweet, and wasn't overwhelming, which was nice.

Yes, that little candid moment was pure gold.

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