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glad to no there is a sequel to the first story this is going to be awesome

I'll read it latter but, my opinion, Jason wins. . . Jason always wins. (Or at least, he should)

whens the next chapter im already hyped for the next one

Great starter chapter, the ponies who dislike this are clearly stupid

Best story ever written and I mean it great job

Yes hes back the bdass is back

nice job dude I was beginning to think that this next story would never come nice job

I like it, I like how time has actually passed, unlike other fanfics that shall not be named, it makes it more interesting than it already is.

Happy Nightmare Night,
-Bright Light

*reads further*SHITS GONNA GO DOWN!!!!!!

yet you continue to amaz me

Ohhhhhhh whoever that is he better not fuck with jason

Princess Luna I presume

No one hurts jason's friends and gets away with it

you almost done with the next chapter?:)

welp, i am finding this a good read.

I liked the first story, the Anthro thing didn't bother me, but Jason as a wolf-man? Really?

Well before Sombra brought him to Equestria, he was in a normal anthropomorphic world.

okay, that last bit was funny.

hopefully Freddy doesn't fuck things up this time.

oh damn! cliff hangers I hate them so much

(Time to cut lose)was that Jason's voice

The next chapter I'm working on will shed light on that thought :ajsmug:

So it's Jason's mind talking nice

Yep, due to Jason's voice box not really being their anymore. He just has his thoughts.

aaaaaaawwwwww Jason Voorhees has a heart for multicolored ponies

Only for the ones he knows, otherwise its not really a clean sight


lesson one never ever fuck with jason and their about to learn that lesson

It would make sense for Jason to somehow heal Celestia with his powers

That was intense but Lol at the end of this chapter

Jason must get his hands dirty in to protect his friends:flutterrage:

Boy Tirek screwed up big time:rainbowlaugh:

Celestia ain't dead something tells me Jason gonna save her

Tirek you done ×#@÷ up now Xd

Whelp excuse me while I go into the corner to cry now:ajsleepy:

Hmm well then. Jeson is truly dead. No clue on how to deal with that. So while I was reading this I couldn't help to think if Micheal Myers was in the place of Jeson during this.

:raritydespair::applejackconfused:6753432 What's with the look?! I'm scared!! :rainbowderp:

That's for me to know, and for y'all to find out

6753695 MrVoorhees I've been expecting you....You know a lot of people (including myself) are going to want a sequel to this. I have an idea if your interested in learning it pm me if you don't then just don't pm me either way is fine.

I don't know about a sequel but I'm happy to hear

Farewell voorhees youll never be forgotten and no harm will come to equestria. Unless another formible villian pops up then thats your time to shine and kick ass xD

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