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By the time I've been a shipper I noticed that OTP is more like Oh The Pain than Own True Pairing


It's Pinkie's birthday, and to avoid the mistakes of the last year, her friends decide to call Cheese, the premier party planner of all of Equestria, but he has been hidding a little secret.

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Tock tock?

Uhm.. who's there? (I guess) :rainbowhuh:

6491643 It's knock knock.

“Hum mm… well... Remember that the last time you were here you gave me boneless? Well, this villain Tyrek, and a castle, and a magic rainbow... and... Well, I'll just say it... he's gone...I'm so sorry” She said and immediately went up to tears.

I don't like it when best pony cries...:fluttercry:

6816250 That's something I don't like about my own stories, everytime I want to write something romantic :ajsmug: somepony cries, or both of them, or every bucking pony in the room :flutterrage:
I guess I'm too into sad/romantic moments :facehoof:

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