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I'm just really into shipping ponies with each other. They/them. Call me Tik.


It is the Friendship Games once again between Canterlot High and Crystal Prep. Zipp wants her twin sister to stop being a coward around the guy she likes.

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Heyo! Wow! This was defiantly a read I’lll tell you what:raritystarry:! I don’t honestly ship these two but I can see how they would play out. I really did like the EG addition, I wasn’t much of a hater for it last time anyway. I liked the whole plot with the Friendship games but I think there was a lot you could have or could do with it. I feel this was definitely rushed, as in we didn't get to see much of heir relantionship develop and didn't get much of Hitch’s part in this either.
As for typos, not many I could spot, one in the beginning

But Zipp didn't bulge, not even at the usage of her full name. The multi-colored haired girl giggled as she continued to drag her sister across the dance floor toward an aquamarine-hair boy from Canterlot High.

I believe it's Multi-color haired girl and an aquamarine haired boy:scootangel:

I believe, pacing was the main issue with this here in the long run. Oh that and , this was a tad tropey, if know what I mean. A better word to put it as, would be cliche, but that’s it, as far as I saw. Loved the sibling thing, with Zipp, also I feel there should be either a Zipp tag or an Other tag, anyway.
Hope you didn't mind me poking in.:pinkiehappy:

I 100% ship them both in the movie and in here!!:rainbowkiss:

Thank you so much for your perspective
I can see the pacing problem, believe me, it's something I struggle with in all of my stories, not only this one. I believe it is a problem that wioo be solved with practice.
As for the mistakes, I'll correct them as soon as I can.
Thanks for reading!

My pleasure, I love helping out anypony I can! And don't worry about the pacing, like you said, with practice it'll ease up! And was happy to read a wholesome fic! Always do!:twilightsmile:

Whether there will be an Equestria Girls version in Generation 5 is because of how successful it becomes (which NoPony would have expected from Generation 4 at the beginning).) :ajsmug: :rainbowdetermined2:

That much I can already reveal (and that's just a guess.) :pinkiehappy:

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