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This is a collection of short stories about the first dates of some of Equestria's couples.

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get togather's

It should be get togathers. No (').:twilightsmile: Besides, great story. :pinkiehappy:Does this story have Soarindash too? :rainbowkiss::heart:well if it does, I'll definetly wait for it. If it doesn't I'll read. Not that I'm waiting only for Soarindash part!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Do Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry

That was really sweet! It had a few run on sentences but otherwise it was really well written! I enjoyed it

Next one should be Soarindash

Can you do Flash and Twilight next please? :pinkiehappy:

I was notified that this was added to fluttercord group but i can't even see a Discord in the taglines. Is this going to be a story about Fluttershy first date? It's kind of hard to pinpoint which of their get together would count as date and they had plenty of them off screen.

Applejack and troubleshoes are a thing?

I thought it was just DerpyXTroubleshoes.

Yes!!! Finally!!! The first fic I've seen with trouble shoes. Though it was only a chapter and everything went a bit too fast for my liking... 6 out of 10 milkshakes riding bikes.

6077478 It was a mistake that it get put in there,sorry.

Great work!!!!!! Please do fluttercord next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meh. I don't ship it, but it was written good.

An interesting couple looking into this.

Wait, Bulk Biceps? And Fluttershy?
RAGE QUIT!!!!!!!!

ah Troublejack one of the few ships that if it were cannon I wouldn't mind

I’m not one to judge and I respect your opinion wholeheartedly... but who the hell thought it would be a good idea to ship bulk biceps and fluttershy together?!

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