Pinkie the candy pony

by azularmz06

First published

The epic party of a pink mare could carry a beautiful friendship turn into a lovely relationship.

It's Pinkie's birthday, and to avoid the mistakes of the last year, her friends decide to call Cheese, the premier party planner of all of Equestria, but he has been hidding a little secret.

How a sweet mare she is

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It was a not so normal day and pinkie was baking some cupcakes at sugar cube corner. The other mares were at Twilight's castle to discuss an important topic. Last year they made a mistake and pinkie got really sad. So this year they wanted to make it really special, they called the only pony who knew as much about parties as Pinkie, Cheese Sandwich.
Because Pinkie's birthday wasn't a game for little colts, Cheese was there in less time than the one that you take to say cheesy sense

The truth was that he was in love of her since he saw his idol grown and beautiful. When he came to the castle, Twilight noticed he was too excited, and that was not good in a pony that had insane party skills, so she just tried to calm him with a slow talk, after all, they had like 8 hours to get prepared.

“Cheese, hello” Said Twilight in a fancy way

“There’s no time to talk, let's see Pinkie!” Replied Cheese hurried.

“Woah Cheese, there's a lot of time, don't you want to eat some cotton candy?” Said Rarity, with some cotton candy in her hooves.

“Thanks Rarity but I want to see pinkie” Cheese was starting to get nervous, why would Pinkie’s friends would stop him from meeting her?

“And... Um... Why do you... Want to ... See her?” Said Flutter Shy.

“oh Flutter Shy don't you know ... Oh wait! You don't know!” Cheese’s eyes flashed with happiness as he remembered what Flutter Shy ignored.

“And what's exactly the thing that we don't know huh?” Apple Jack asked a little annoyed.

“Well Apple Jack, maybe it's time to speed down a little bit.” Every pony else in the room huffed as the light brown stallion calmed down. Cheese took out his accordion and started singing in a slow and romantic way.

"Years ago When I was a little colt
I was looking for answers
And I found them in her
Her smile full of joy
Her eyes as the ocean
I would never let her alone
Cause she's my candy
Oh my candy
Thanks to her
I met happiness
But I met something even greater
I met love
Oh I know that if I tell her
She'll just party again
But she does not notice that
She's my candy
Oh my candy
Now she's all grown
And beauty just came
Her pink body
Wouldn't stop partying
Cause she's a candy
A very special candy
Cause she's my candy
Oh my candy"
He sang with sparkling eyes as he stared at the window, probably remembering the pink mare he just couldn’t stop thinking about. The other mares stared at him a few seconds, amazed by the fact of Cheese having a crush on Pinkie Pie.

“Cheese, that's beautiful, why you never told us that you were in love with her?” Asked Twilight concerned.

“Well, as the song says, I don't think that she would take it serious.” Said Cheese Sandwich, looking at the ground with a sad frown drawn in his face.

“Maybe you can tell her today” Proposed Rainbow Dash, bored with those cheesy things she was not used to listen.

“I was thinking in other thing. As you know I've spent my whole life traveling from a place to another and never had a formal house...” Replied Cheese, like if he was about to say something very important, and at the same time, impacting.

“So?” Said, waiting for the time to leave.

“Maybe is time now for find a house, and a work... and love” Finally admitted Cheese.

"Are you saying you plan to live here in Pony Ville?” Twilight liked the idea of seeing Cheese Sandwich act as a stallion of his age.

“well, I would like it, yes, but I don't know if I'm ready to stop traveling, you know, I still have my cheese sense...”

“maybe you can stay here when there's no party in all of Equestria and only assist to the most important or the ones that really need you there...” Proposed Rarity, and every pony else agreed.

“Yeah, but who knows where I can work, I mean, all of you work in something, and I can't just stay without bits...” Cheese said, after all this time, they ended up solving his problems, instead of him solving theirs.

“Well, I think we can solve this later, we still need to plan Pinkie's birthday” Said Twilight, looking at the time.

Pinkie had been baking since she woke up, so mister Cake told her that it was time to her for taking a free day. She was walking through Pony Ville when she bumped with the half-finished party her friends were still planning.

“Hey, what are you doing? Gummy’s birthday was yesterday...” She just shocked when she saw who was helping her friends with the party. Her hooves got weak and she fell down in the grass. When she woke up she found that brown maned stallion with a worried look.

“Pinkie... Are you okay?” He said.

“Huh... yes... but tell me, is this a dream?” Said Pinkie, still a little confused.

Cheese giggled, but he was still worried about Pinkie's health “no, this is the real life, by the way, happy birthday” Said, happy to see her again.

“What? Today is my birthday?!” She asked excited.

“Yes Pinkie, today is your day” Said Cheese whit a dreamer look.

“That’s great! There’s nothing better than help plan my own party!”

“oh no, today all you need to do is having fun, let the other things to us, and you just got awake, you really got us worried, so you better rest a little bit.” Said Cheese serious and Pinkie’s friends agreed.

Everything was going perfect, all the things you could even think in a party were there, bubbles, balloons, cake, chocolate, candies, music, games, a big scenario, clowns, pinkie's cutie mark every where, fondue, party bombs, a popcorn machine, drinks, etc. It was even more epic than Rainbow's party, just the thing that you could wait from a pony who is in love. It was time now for starting the party, and every pony had arrived, Twilight went up of the stage and started talking:

“As you know today is the birthday of one of our most special friends, this pony is always finding the way for making us smile, so this time is our turn to make her smile, happy birthday Pinkie Pie.” The ponies of the town cheered and screamed “Pinkie!” as the party officially started.

Cheese was talking to Pinkie and he thought it was the best moment to tell her his feelings.

“Pinkie, there's something I need to tell you...” He said, getting a little nervous.

“Cool. Because I need to tell you something too” Said Pinkie, getting closer to him.

“Okay, you tell me first” Said him, not prepared for what happened next.

“Hum mm… well... Remember that the last time you were here you gave me boneless? Well, this villain Tyrek, and a castle, and a magic rainbow... and... Well, I'll just say it... he's gone...I'm so sorry” She said and immediately went up to tears.

“What? Well, you know... I think he saved Equestria, so maybe... oh it's okay Pinkie, don't cry” Pinkie Pie was crying so Cheese held her body with his hooves and gave her a warm hug.

“Hey Pinkie, want to hear a joke?” Cheese said, trying to cheer her up, but with no joke in mind.

“I… I think yes…” She said, drying her tears

“knock knock” He said, having an idea

“who's it?” She said in a happier tone, it was working.

“Cheese Sandwich” He said.

“Cheese Sandwich who?” Pinkie replied, giggling a little.

“Cheese Sandwich, the one that loves you” He finally confessed, closing his eyes so he wouldn’t see Pinkie’s reaction.

“Hum... I didn't get it...” she took a moment for thinking in it, and when she got it she just cut off Cheese’s hug and said:

“wait what?!!”

“Eh...he... maybe it wasn't the best way to say it...” He said a little blushed.

“No Cheese, it is that... I love you too...” She said in pauses as she assimilated his confession.

“And… maybe it's time for staying here for a while” Cheese said, a little more relaxed.

Pinkie Pie kissed Cheese Sandwich and they just continued the party, after all, it was still her birthday.