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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 4 - Dis(c)orderly First Period.

“Discord! That seat belongs to me! I order you to move!” Sombra demanded angrily at the buffoon who dared to pick the seat right in the middle of the classroom.

After the tour of the school was over where they learned where all the important things where: the principal office, the cafeteria, the gymnasium (which also served as an auditorium when needed), the library, the computer lab, the science lab, they were finally shown to their own classroom. Room E-5.

Of course when they learned they were going to have classes together, there were some “reservations.” And Starlight Glimmer was kind enough to be the one who voiced them. This was the first time that everyone agreed upon letting their ex-SBP talk for all of them.

“Principal Celestia! There must be an error! This cannot be! I cannot be in the same classroom as ….them!” To her credit, she managed to keep her disdain in the word “them” on the barely noticeable.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Ms. Nagger is right; for the first time in her life.” Chrysalis reluctantly shared the same opinion but she didn’t waste the opportunity to deal a backhanded insult. “We are all in different grades!”

Indeed they were. Tirek and Chrysalis were seniors; Discord, Sombra and Starlight were juniors; and Scorpan was a sophomore.

“Yes we thought that might pose a problem,” Principal Celestia admitted, “but when we saw your “grades” we thought a repeat of 11th grade classes for both you and Tirek was needed.” She explained before she gave them a little smile. “You do want to do better if you want to go to college.”

“Whatever.” Chrysalis crossed her arms and frown. It wasn’t like it mattered anyway, they weren’t going to stay at this preppy school for too long and she didn’t give a crap about college. To her this was just a detention center she had to waste time in.

“…” Tirek decided to say nothing, reserving his opinion to himself, though by the look on his eyes I could tell he didn’t like it also.

“What about me…?” Scorpan asked a little worried. By the way the Principal said it he deduced everyone including him were going to have study 11th grade material.

“Ah yes you.” This time it was Luna who acknowledged the nervous looking boy’s question. “According to your records, your grades are well above average and you were taking a couple of classes that were of 11th grade curriculum early.” It surprised both Principals that someone with a reputation of getting into a lot of fights was such a good student, but then again Starlight Glimmer who had near perfect scores had a “worse” track record than him. “I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” At least compared to the others whose grades were below average.

“Oh…okay…” Scorpan said still a little worried about being forced to skip a grade, but what worried him more was the looks Discord gave him. The mischievous glint in his eyes was unmistakable.

After that, when no other objections were made, they were finally shown inside their new classroom. There wasn’t anything too special or remarkable about it; board, teacher’s desk, windows with the view towards the parking lot and nine desks lined up three by three.

In a blink of an eye Discord slithered away from the group and sat in the very center of the classroom claiming it as his own.

And that’s how they got to this exact point in time. With Sombra calling out Discord very upset.

“Uh? Did you say something?” Discord lazily asked as he used one of his fingers to clean up his ear.

“Curse you Discord!” Sombra got even more upset at being blatantly ignored. “Only I deserve to be in the center!”

“Sorry, but I called dibs first.” Discord shrugged nonchalantly.

“You did not!” The angry Sombra accused pointing with his right index right in front of Discord’s silly grin.

“Really? Well…dibs!” The grinning teen called. “There! Now it’s my seat forever! Those are the rules!”

“I care not for these ridiculous rules! The only rules Sombra follows are his own!” You could tell Sombra was getting really mad when he broke out talking in 3rd person.

“You can’t break the rules like that! Otherwise you will no longer be my bro!” Discord explained enjoying every single second of Sombra’s raising anger. Said anger was finally reaching his breaking point; it just needed another little push.

“Sombra’s not your bro!” He declared offended.

“Really? What a shame!” Discord lamented ‘sadly’. “If you were I would’ve being a bro and let you have this place, but since you aren’t…well, tough luck.”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sombra finally exploded and for a second his eyes shinned red instead of their usual green.

Thankfully, before he could launch himself at Discord to beat the smile out of his stupid face, Tirek decided to intervene and shut up Sombra’s yell with a swift hit on the nape. “Shut the hell up, it’s too early for this crap.” Tirek then proceed to sit on the third desk on the far right, not because he dislike sitting on the front but because of his massive frame he would’ve block the view of everyone who sat behind him. Ever since he was a kid that had been the case so he was accustomed to it.

As he sat down, Tirek could see his brother Scorpan walking towards the desk that stood beside him, but before he could take a seat Tirek threw him a cold stare that said “Don’t even think about it.”

Seeing the intensity on his big brother’s eyes, Scorpan quickly backpedaled away as to not incite Tirek’s ire. Knowing that his brother wouldn’t let him sit near him, the small disillusioned boy sat on the exact opposite as his brother’s: on the first desk on the far left.

Chrysalis was the next one to take a seat. Bearing in mind the dislike she had for everyone of her fellow transfer students, the “Queen” sat on the third desk on the far left. Sure she was just a desk away from the guy whose brother she used as a bait to drag him into a fight, but she’ll be damned if she sat front and center where the teacher could see everything she did.

Sombra, who finally snapped back to reality from the shock caused by Tirek’s cowardly attack from the back, measured his options. If he couldn’t be on the very center of the room, then the front and center would be second best option as he could stand up and address everyone in the room from the very front whenever he deemed them worthy of his majestic words. But if he were to choose that place, he would be sitting right in front of Discord…

So Sombra ended up in the third row of the center line. Even if he was right on the middle of the Red Ogre and the Dark Queen, the place was better than sitting in front with his back turned to that Bumbling Buffon turned Slippery Snake.

Starlight, being the last inside, didn’t have many options left for a seat. As an honored student she would’ve taken the front and center, but very much the same as Sombra, she didn’t want to leave herself open from attacks from her enemies by giving them her back, especially if it was that irritating Discord who was right behind her. The same went with the other two seats left on the second row where she would’ve ended up with either Chrysalis or Tirek behind her (and Discord right beside).

With no other option she sat in the only “safe” place left. The first desk on the far right. At least she was near the door; perfect for quick exits for when the occasion demanded it.

Now that everyone was finally seated, the Principals addressed the group once more. “I see that you all found your seats. I hope they are comfortable, because those will be where you sit for the rest of the year. So take good care of them.” Celestia said looking at the seated students who didn’t look all that excited.

“I gotta say, putting these extra desks was a good idea, who thought of it?” Discord asked as he leaned back on his chair with both hands behind his head. Although it wasn’t worth the brain power, he wondered how “fun” it would have been if everyone was forced to seat much closer to each other.

“There aren’t any extra desks. Those are the seats of your other classmates.” Vice Principal Luna clarified much to the surprise of everyone. They weren’t expecting other students with them after they told them they were grouping them together. “Classmates who should’ve being here by now.” She said somewhat frustrated, the Dazzlings were known to arrive late to class. A behavior she had been trying to correct since the end of the Battle of the Bands.

“I will look for them and send them here.” Celestia said as she opened the door. “Why won’t you give them an introduction in the meantime.” The principal suggested before exiting and closing the door behind her, leaving Luna finally alone with her charges.

“Allow me to introduce myself again, I’m Vice-Principal Luna and from now on I’ll also be the teacher in charge of this special group.” Luna started her introduction in a very professional like manner. “And I don’t mean it like a “homeroom teacher”, because I’ll be the one teaching every subject.” This statement impressed some and made others curious, but before they could ask any questions, she continued. “You’ll not get other teachers or move to other classrooms except for P.E, or when you’ll work in the science lab. And when you do I’ll also be there.”

“Uhm…Vice Principal Luna…” Scorpan timidly raised his hand to ask a question. “If you’re going to be with us the entire time…Isn’t going to be too difficult to balance this with your duties as Vice Principal?”

“Good question.” Luna said quite amazed someone asked her about that. “First, you can call me Ms. Luna.” It would get really old and tiresome having everyone called her Vice Principal over and over again. “As for my work, one of the ‘benefits’ I get from teaching this class is that some of my duties as Vice-Principal will be relegated to others. So don’t expect me to be too tired to come to class.” She finished with a small smile towards the small boy. Despite what she read on his profile, he didn’t seemed all that bad and she couldn’t see any sign of this behavior being some kind of act to be on her good graces.

‘Although I wouldn’t mind if the others tried to do that.’ By the looks of things, besides Starlight Glimmer, the rest of them didn’t care being seen in a good light.

“Also I wish to remind you that here at CHS we won’t be as tolerant as St. Everfree was.” Luna said a little more serious now. “You won’t be able to get away with any sort of misdemeanor like before. So I don’t want to hear complaints about any of you getting into fights, bullying other students or damaging school property.” As she said this Luna send them a hard look to show she wasn’t kidding; and for the kicker. “I want you in your best behavior. Otherwise you’ll deal with me. And to clarify, I DO have the authority to expel any of you. Are we clear?”

What she got was a bunch of mutters from the ones sitting on the back, even Discord didn’t look as amused as before; she also received a nod of approval from Starlight and a small ‘yes’ from Scorpan.

“I said, ARE WE CLEAR?”

“Yes, Ms. Luna.” Everyone reluctantly answered, except Starlight, who looked like she was on board with the whole thing 100%. Satisfied with the answer, Luna continued. “Good. Now before we start…”

“SORRY FOR BEING LATE MS. LUNA!” came the hurriedly apology of a bluish white girl with long arctic blue hair tied in a single ponytail, interrupting Luna on the middle of her sentence by careening into the classroom. “But Aria was being a meanie and… and… and…” But the pony tailed girl started mumbling when she saw 6 unknown people staring directly at her.

“Hey, don’t do go blaming me for your own clumsiness you …whoa…” Another girl, this one styling long twintails of moderate purple hair with aquamarine streaks, entered and was also surprise by the presence of six other people. But one that caught her attention the most was a girl who was sitting nearest to the door, who looked a lot like her.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the others, including the first girl who finally snapped out of her surprise, and they all stared from one pale pink girl with purple hair to the other.

Starlight was also quite surprised by the appearance of this girl. At first glance, the resemblance between the two was uncanny but if one paid enough attention they could spot the differences. While this girl had Pale, Light grayish fuchsia colored skin, Starlight was Heliotrope. As for hair, they did share the same moderate purple coloration, but their streaks were different; while the twintailed girl had brilliant aquamarine, hers were paler. And finally there were the eyes; the girl’s were muldberry while Starlight’s were Persian blue.

For the common eye, they would look identical, but Starlight’s eyes were anything but uncommon, they were trained to spot up to the smallest of details. So anyone who came and say they both looked the same she would label as an idiot.

“Wow! She looks exactly like you!” A case and point, proven by the blue-ish girl who entered first.

“What’s going on in here?” Said a now third girl, this one have very long and vivid curly orange hair and very pale apple green complexion. She two was taken by surprise by the other occupants on the classroom, but she was the only one to voice her query “Who are these people?”

Ever since they had being pulled out from their respective classes, the three of them had accustomed themselves to be and have an entire classroom all for their own. It was a much preferable fate than having to deal with the constant gossip and looks from the other students who were still sore about the whole “trying to brainwash them into servitude” episode. Anyway, having six other people here was a complete 180° to what had become their routine in the past couple of weeks.

“I see that you three finally decided to grace us with your presence.” Luna said dryly. She was getting tired of these three always arriving late. “If you three could take your seats we can finally continue.”

“But! But our seats! We won’t be able to sit together.” The ponytailed girl pointed out when she saw the only desks left available.

“Well, if you had arrived early you could’ve had a say on which desk to seat.” Luna said as she motioned them with her hand to take their seats.

Not wanting to seat front and center both the twintailed girl and the Curly haired girl sat on the two available seats on the second row, leaving the blue-ish girl to seat on the unwanted desk.

“As for your previous question, these are the new transfer students who will be attending CHS from now on and your new classmates. Didn’t you read the news update on the school webpage?” She asked despite already guessing that the answer was a no. “Well, since we have new students I think this is a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better.” Luna said with a thoughtful nod. “How about everyone share their name, likes, dislikes and dreams for the future?” that was sensible enough for her. “I’ll go first. My name is Luna. I like looking at the stars and reading. I dislike being overlooked and bell peppers, and my dream for the future is for you to graduate.” She said with a smile. “So who’s next?” but when nobody rushed to raise their arms, she decided to pick the next one herself. “Ok, you!”

“M-me? Well… my name is Scorpan…” The small boy said a little nervous as he stood up. “My likes are…uh…studying and…um…my family…?” Thankfully he avoided looking at his brother when he said this, fearful to see his reaction. “I dislike…violence and fights…and my dream for the future…I want to…be friends again with…an old friend.”

“Good. Good.” Luna smiled, the more this boy talked the more she could see that his records were highly exaggerated. And if that were the truth then maybe that held true with the rest too.


So the introductions continued on, and they were as accurate as one would’ve expected.

Sombra was over the top claiming he loved the taste of battle and crushing the bones of his enemies under his foot; he disliked commoners and traitors and hospitals for some unspecified reason, and his dream was to rule with an iron fist.

Luna could see that he if he didn’t ended up in jail (or some mental institution) he had a future in the dramatic arts… or as a politician.

Chrysalis gave vague responses as liking to hang around town, hating everything and that she had no dreams for the future.

Starlight kept up her “Perfect Student” act, claiming she loved studying, organizing events, and helping others find harmony and friendship; she also said she disliked tardiness, disorganization, rule-breakers and delinquents in general, and her dream for the future was to be the first Female President of their Country.

With her temper, Luna doubted her dream could become true, but she could find work as a prison warden.

The trio known as the Dazzlings, also gave vague answers. Liking music, and performing (or used to) although Sonata did shared her love for Mexican food. As for dislikes the three of them said the same thing. “We hate the Raimbooms.” The pain of their loss in the Battle of the Bands was still fresh on their minds.

Tirek was the least informative of them all. “I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. And my dream for the future, no! My ambition is for only me to know.”
Luna would’ve pressure him to share something but quite frankly she was a little intimidated by him. She knew it was unbecoming of a teacher to be afraid of a student but she couldn’t help it, at least for now.

“Well… and finally we have…”

“Yes! You saved best for last!” Discord said standing up overflowing with energy. “My name’s Discord! As for my likes; well I’m down for everything! And I don’t hate anything except things that are Bo~oring!” His exuberance was a nice change of pace from the downers that had been everyone else, but Luna only hoped he didn’t take it too far. “As for ambitions for the future… I wish to get to know you a little bit better.” As soon as he said this, he slide up to the person sitting on his left and rested his arm over her desk. “Well…hello there Beautiful!” he winked trying to act smooth.

Said girl just gave Discord a single glance of disapproval. “In your dreams!” Adagio shot him down instantly, but that didn’t discourage Discord one bit.

“Will see about that!” He declared as he sat back on his desk and leaned backwards until he apparently “fell asleep”.

“Zzzz…Hello…Zzzz…beautiful…” he said between snores.

Around him everyone groaned at his antics, except Sonata who just giggled finding it very amusing.

“Discord! Stop acting like a fool!” He was chastised by Sombra of all people, who was acting like a voice for reason for the first time that day. “That’s not how you court a lady! You have to make your intentions known through a written document!” Ok maybe not the voice of reason today, but some day. “After that you should give a dowry equivalent to her worth to her family!” Then he gave a once over to the girl that had “caught” Discords eye. “A healthy calf or three chickens and a goat should suffice.”

“WHAT?!” Adagio was outraged, not because of the talk about buying her affections, but because she thought the price was far too low. “Are you mental?!”

“No, I think he’s about right.” Aria couldn’t help but rubbed it at their self-declared leader. “Heck, I’ll settle for just the chickens if they can provide eggs for breakfast.” After the Battle of the Bands and losing their powers, they were forced to get jobs just so they could afford to live in a crappy apartment and to buy their own food since they no longer could sing to make people give them anything they wanted. So with very little money for luxuries, the prospect of fresh, not to mention free, eggs was too good to let it pass.

“I don’t know, wouldn’t it be better to have a calf? We could get fresh milk out of it.” Sonata, after she was done with her fit of giggles, added her own two cents.

“Don’t be dumb! We would have to wait a long time before it’s ready to give milk, not only that but we wouldn’t have the space for it.” Aria explained to her slow-witted companion. “But if we take the goat we could also have milk.”

“Oh! Okay!” Sonata agreed ignoring the insult in favor of the prospect of having both fresh eggs and milk for free in the mornings. “So, when are we getting the goat and chickens?”

“Never!” Adagio responded irritated. “You aren’t selling me for a goat and three chickens!”

“You want us to ask for more?” Sonata asked apprehensively. “We don’t want to scare him off by upping the price! We better play it safe and accept the offer!”

“For the love of… would you people KNOCK IT OFF?!” Starlight shouted her patience finally running out. “This has to be one of the dumbest conversations I’ve ever had the misfortune to listen to! Just what year do you think we live in?”

“Well… the practice of arranged marriages is still prevalent in many places like…” Scorpan began but was quickly silenced.

“Quiet! I don’t need a sociology lesson from you!” The anger was so clear on Starlight’s face you could see a vein popping from her neck. After that every occupant in the room fell into an awkward silence except for Discord who was still snoring.


“And you! Stop fooling around and start acting like a proper student!”

“Starlight! That’s enough!” Luna also had enough and called for order. “It’s true that Discord’s behavior is deplorable, but so it’s yours.” Starlight wanted to protest to that assertion but Luna wasn’t having it. “You miss, have an attitude problem and I expect you to work on it and keep it under control. Otherwise you’ll get something worse than detention, did I made myself clear?”

“Yes, Ms. Luna.” Starlight answered looking down, ashamed for the reprimand.

“And that goes for the rest of you too.” Luna turned from Starlight to the rest with a hardened look. “I let you have your fun but the time for fun and games is over. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Ms Luna.” Everyone answered in a chorus. Well, everyone except Discord who was still “asleep.”


Luna walked up to his desk and she slammed her palm on said desk. “DISCORD!”

“Who? What? Where? How” The previously sleeping boy fumbled around as he stood upwards. “Wow! I was having this crazy dream. And you were there! And you! And you and you and you and you!” he started pointing at everyone in the room and when he pointed at Scorpan, “Not you though.” Scorpan didn’t know of to feel relieved or left out by that comment. “And of course, you were defiantly there, beautiful!” Discord winked once again at Adagio who acted repulsed.

“That’s enough Discord!” Luna finally had it. “Detention after school!”

But instead of looking worried, Discord turned around and looked at Sombra. “Told you I’d get detention first! Now pay up!” To which the dark boy complied and grudgingly slapped a ten dollar bill on Discord’s hand. “Better luck next time Somby!”

“Ugh.” Luna couldn’t believe what happened and pinched the bridge of her nose in irritation. He could feel the incoming headache, and it wasn’t the end of the first period yet.

‘What did I get myself into?’

Author's Note:

Now before anyone asks about the Sirens and them not recognizing any of the bad guys, I have to say...
I'm kind of lazy... :twilightblush:
That and the timeline of events from "A thousand years ago" is very convoluted. All because of Starswirl the ******* Bearded.
So either the events of the founding are extremely inaccurate (or simply didn't happened at all an the play is all fiction) or Starswirl managed to live beyond the years of a mere mortal if anything is to make sense.

So MY OWN INTERPRETATION of the timeline goes:
-Founding of Equestria
-Reign and Imprisonment of Discord.
-The Sirens and their Banishment.
-Tirek Invasion and sealment
-Sombra raise to power and the Crystal Empire vanishes.
-Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon.

Note that between each event a significant amount of time must have passed. The Sirens could've just been born recently after Discord was sealed in stone, explaining how the Sirens might not know of him.
As for Tirek's invasion. It must have happened after Discord because Tirek knew about him and his imprisonment in the S4 finale. Although it could've also happened before the Sirens. So both events could be interchangeable.
I hope that explains my reasoning.

Now for the seating arrangement for those who need a visual representation.

1st row: Scorpan Sonata Starlight
2nd row: Adagio Discord Aria
3rd row: Chrysalis Sombra Tirek

I had like 8 other variations until I finally settled for this one.