• Published 3rd Oct 2015
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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Interlude: The Decoy - Extended Scene

Author's Note:

I decided to post this because some people where confused by the last scene on chapter 20.
Not to mention this was supposed to be the full last scene for that chapter, before I cut it out for dramatic effect.
I guess it didn't work as intended. :facehoof:

Now this explains the last scene but also reveals a big plot point for the second arc of this story. So be warned those of you who were fine without the extended scene.

“Is this place fine?” Arachnia questioned as she dragged the unconscious body of the unlucky idiot who received Chrysalis’ punishment for failing. Inside the house, it appeared it was filled with mostly boxes and crates.

“This safe house will serve just fine.” The Gas Masked fighter said as he pulled up the body he was helping carry and put it on a chair. “Get the stuff from that box while I tie him up.” He instructed.

“Whatever…” Arachnia said as he followed his instructions. “For how much longer you’ll keep wearing that ridiculous thing?” She asked pointing at his face.

“For as long as it was necessary to hide.” He said as finished tying the body to the chair, after that he removed the air purifying respirator from his face.

“What about the rest?”

“I was getting to it.” The formerly masked boy then dug his nails underneath the skin of his neck and started peeling of said skin off from the entirety of his face. After grisly display was done, he revealed a new face underneath.

“How do I look?” He turned towards Arachnia, who sent a smirk his way.

“Same as you always do. Morpho.”

“I hope that’s a compliment.” Morpho returned the smile.

"You wish" She snarked. “What got you in a good mood anyways? Didn’t you get your ass kicked…?” Arachnia pointed out and then turned towards the ‘other’ Morpho. “Both of you.” Shouldn’t he be angry that the plan failed?

The spy didn’t let his fellow General’s words bring down his mood. “It didn’t matter if the plan succeeded or not. This little stun has now granted me the opening I’ve been waiting for.”

Oh, how long had he waited for this!

“Success or not, this mission has gotten rid of the majority of our forces, or rather the soldiers that were loyal to Chrysalis.”

“And now that Chrysalis is insulated away at that new school of hers, away from the new recruits…” Arachnia finally understood what the end game of Morpho’s plan was.

“All new soldiers will be loyal to me. And having Tirek, Discord and Sombra now gunning for her it’s icing on the cake.”

“Don’t you mean ‘us’?” The infiltration expert cut him abruptly placing one hand on her hip.

“You know what I mean...” The spy walked up to his partner and placed a hand delicately on her face. “I could’ve never accomplished this without you.” He said with longing in his eyes.

“Stop that.” Arachnia slapped his hand away. “Not even in your dreams, much less with the other “you” is in the same room.” She pointed at the unconscious body tied to the chair.

“True. We have work to do.” Morpho put aside pleasure for now in favor of finishing with business first. “Pass me the vial and syringe.” He instructed.

“Are you gonna kill him?” Arachnia asked curious hiding any signs of worry in her voice.

“No. He is far too valuable for me to get rid of.” He answered as he took what he needed from Arachnia’s hands. “Do you know how hard it is to find someone with the same bone structure, height and weight as me?” Then he filled the syringe with the contents of the vial.

“Who’s this guy anyway?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He’s me.”

“Don’t start with that bullsh*t. Just tell me.” She really didn’t have time for any of his smartass comments.

“This my dear, is a subordinate of mine. An ill-named friend, with a codename like the rest of my operatives, but I call him Decoy Snake.”

“He must be very loyal to you, if he acts as your Double, even during an ass kicking.” She said as she watched Morpho administer the shot to Decoy.

“Actually… he isn’t aware of our switch ‘arrangement’.” Morpho said with a little chuckle. “That’s what this shot is for.”

“You drug him.” Arachnia stated plain and simple.

“That’s a harsh way to put it.” He laughed even more, not denying anything. “What I injected him was an anesthetic, which also makes him very susceptible to suggestion.”

“And that means…?”

“That when he takes my place, he actually believes he is me. The real Morpho.” Well, a slightly modified version of him, a carefully crafted persona he wanted everyone to believe was his true self. “The human brain is capable of many illusions.”


“Right now, I need to turn him back to his normal personality and implant new memories in him. Make him believe he was the one who fought Sombra; make him remember every word, every punch, every injury that happened during that fight.” Even the rage and desire for payback against that b*tch that helped Sombra at the last second.

Morpho turned his head away from Decoy and looked at Arachnia who had become very quiet.

“I know. It’s a lot to take in. Take your time to process it,” Morpho suggested “but don’t take too much, we have stuff to do.”

“When you told me about this mission; you, going undercover while putting a double to take your place with Chrysalis… I expected all sort of things. I expected you to f*ck up, to fail your mission, and that you were gonna get discovered and punished for it; but this? This is too much…!” Frankly she couldn’t believe it even when it was happening right in front of her. That the arrogant spy that always acted full of himself she'd known him as, was capable of all of this.

“Well, you gotta crack a few eggs if you want to make an omelet. And if we are to get rid Chrysalis and take over, from now on we have to walk over the eggshells.” At least while he gained enough power and influence necessary. “Unless you wish to remain under Chrysalis’ thumb.”

Arachnia looked down to the floor and remained quiet for a whole minute. It was true that she had disliked Chrysalis for a long time, ever since the dark girl defeated her all those years ago, even before the formation of the gang. But in the dog-eat-dog world they lived in, one had to follow the Alpha if they wanted to survive.

Sure, Arachnia’s current life was way better now than before she joined with Chrysalis and had accomplished much, but that didn’t meant she owe her something.

“What do you say?” Morpho offered his hand to his fellow General.

Arachnia stared at the extended hand and considered Morpho’s offer. Was she gonna risk what she already had by betraying Chrysalis? Don’t get her wrong, she disliked her a lot, but incurring her wrath was ill-advised. Yet, her desire to surpass the so called Queen of Everfree burned deeply into her being.

“Fine.” Arachnia finally accepted and shook hands with the spy. “But I’ll be the one who strikes down Chrysalis for good.”

She risked a lot, but what she stand to win was greater. Besides, seeing the “dedication” Morpho had to achieve this goal help her seal the deal.

“As you wish.” Morpho smiled, pleased that an alliance had been form and his plans could march on.