• Published 3rd Oct 2015
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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 28 - Those left behind - Part 3

Sombra was upset.

And whenever he felt like that, he would go up to the one responsible and teach them why they shouldn’t ever made him upset. Except in this occasion, there was no clear guilty party that could be swiftly punished by their actions.

Today had been nothing but a disappointment after another.

First was the complete waste of time that was “waiting for Chrysalis” who had to ruin everything by playing fool, not letting him use his well-prepared-in-advance speech to destroy her spirits. Second, was his inability to find those mutts so he could assign them an task for his future plans when he finally recovered the grimoire he handed over to Trixie in exchange for her cooperation.

And speaking of Trixie…

The moment she stood up and screeched an insult towards him, was so unexpected that when she fled the scene, Sombra stood there bewildered. And when you are in such a state you are very open to suggestions.

That is why when some girl shouted. “What are you waiting for?! Go after her!” He did so without complain, even forgoing his shirt as he gave chase after the wayward girl. It wasn’t until his body decided to remind him of his injuries that he started to question what he was doing.

‘Why am I even doing this?’

Why should he concern himself for the well-being of others? Why should he care about that girl’s extreme reaction? Weren’t better things that he could be doing?

That was what Sombra’s ego reminded him of; to care of oneself more so than others. But even that part of his psyche couldn’t explain this feeling that wanted him to continue. It was some sort of hot feeling on the back of the head that pinched him slightly.

Then, Sombra internalized both thoughts and feelings to try to come up with an answer to this strange situation. And by applying the knowledge taught to him by society at large, he rationalized he was doing this because he probably felt like he hadn’t repaid her enough for her actions from yesterday.

Yes, that made sense right? I mean, what else could push him to go against his own ego but his own self-imposed rules of adequate conduct…right?

Sombra continued to give chase through the empty hallways, sparing people from watching him topless and causing girls (and some boys) to blush and guys to feel out-of-shape in comparison; despite the lead she had on him, he was able to trail her by following the sounds of her crying, which in turn intensified the strange hot feeling on the back of his head.

The chase continued until finally both were outside the building.

“Halt!” Sombra yelled after Trixie as she haphazardly crossed the street with cars coming very close to hurting her. Thankfully after she was safely on the other side of the street she heeded his command and stopped. “Fool! You could’ve gotten run over!”

Despite his terrible timing and selection of words to show concern, Trixie still remained and stopped her escape. And it was at that exact moment when Sombra realized that he had zero idea of what to do or say next. He hadn’t planned anything and when he was chasing her he operated on the assumption that the moment he reached her would be the end of it. And now that he reached that point, he was speechless.

“What do people say in this sort of situations?” He was so at loss that he didn’t even realized he asked that out-loud. But it seemed that it had been enough for Trixie, since she turned to face Sombra who remained on the opposite boardwalk. Sombra took notice of her appearance that looked raddled; her eyes were red and the make-up she wore was smeared.

Whatever it was that made her upset, was doing a real number on her.

Sombra tried to inquire some more to make some sense out of this, but before he could even utter a thing, Trixie did something that frankly, left him flabbergasted. She brought up her fist in front of her and then raised her middle finger.

Now, Sombra had been on the receiving end of that gesture many times, but this was the first time he had been flipped by someone looking this upset. The strange combination of sad and anger was sort of surreal actually. But the spell of her gesture soon broke off as a stopping bus came between them breaking the visual contact they had.

The shirtless boy took this as an opportunity to cross the street to get to Trixie, but when he finally crossed the street, Trixie was nowhere to be seen. That is until a bus window opened and a blue hand flipped him off again as the bus move drove away.

If that wasn’t upsetting enough, a few moments later a police car passed by and someone shouted at him.

“See ya later Somby!” The whole thing happened so fast it took him a couple of seconds to realize who that person was.


After trying and failing to get any concrete information of what happened with Discord, Sombra was told that classes were suspended for the day, meaning he was no longer needed as a Model, ruining another thing of his day. Not to mention, when he looked for his shirt he found it missing with probably someone else taken it.

So when he had to make a phone call so to be picked up from school and get a new clean shirt, it reminded him of his embarrassing past at elementary school.

Indeed today had been a terrible day.

He almost wished for another fight with that Gas Masked lackey of Chrysalis just so he could have someone to beat to a bloody pulp.


Chrysalis wasted no time after they had been left go by the Principals that she boarded the first bus to go back to the city. She had places to go and money to be made. Ever since Everfree crumbled to the ground things had been going downhill for her.

No longer had the same tight hold she used to have over the powers surrounding Everfree. In fact she had to relinquish some of her power after she had been effectively insulated from her generals and soldiers.

So if she wanted to keep the power she had left, she needed to step up on her game, otherwise others would eat her alive. But being so far away from her troops wasn’t the only problem. Now that she had to do ACTUAL schoolwork was going to consume precious time she couldn’t afford.

Before she could skip classes and not be bothered about stupid things like homework because she had worked her way to obtain the power to do so, either by blackmail and intimidation or by seducing or paying off some of the teachers. Things now she couldn’t actually do without manpower or money.

Of course she could also get herself a sect of followers that obeyed her every command and did her homework for her, but the idea of seducing and having to deal with preppy kids to keep their interest in her was too much. She wasn’t THAT desperate.

So the plan was to get to the city, visit some people, remind them of their loyalties, collect some ‘protection’ money, maybe even pull a little con so she could gather enough money to finance an “investigation” on her teacher and principal’s lives, dig up some dirt and hold it over them so she could have a more “pleasant stay” at Canterlot High.

Ha! Maybe even get enough influence over them to convince the Principal to transfer her to another school, nearer to where she needed to be with her soldiers, or maybe even get rid of those other nuisances like Sombra and Starlight. If only they took care of themselves like Discord had done.

She couldn’t believe the idiot had done something so stupid. It all reeked of a sham. But either genuine or fake, Discord’s actions will have repercussions even the idiot could never fathom.

And she was the one who will reap the seeds to her benefit!

But before all of that, there was someplace else she needed to go first.


Inside one of many poorly lit alleys of the big city, a teen with light blue hair, greenish skin and dressed in a navy blue coat was waiting patiently to make contact with an individual of interest.

It was none other than Chrysalis very own general. The master spy known as “The Camouflage”: Morpho.

He had specifically chosen to meet at this hour, middle of the day, because no one would’ve suspected that a meeting this important could take place other than in the middle of the night. Sometimes playing against the cliché paid off.

As he was waiting for his contact to arrive, he felt a vibration on his pocket, signifying that someone had urgent information for him. It was one of his rules to never, EVER, be contacted through the phone unless it was of the upmost important news. An even then, this was but one of many phones he owned under different names and different phone providers, which he would change and rotate constantly between models. The Phone Companies Customer Service REALLY hated his guts.

Morpho opened the message to find a locked file which was sent by one of his informants who most likely got the information from other informants under them. Even now, the informant that sent the message was under the assumption that he had sent it to another faceless minion instead of Morpho himself, who would resend the message anyways to start another chain that would eventually go back to him again to another phone.

It was a convoluted system in which nobody knew each other and nobody knew who sent what to whom. That way, if anyone tried to trace him would have a massive headache trying to figure it out.

Morpho opened up the text file and read the important news.

“Huh? Discord was arrested.” The spy muttered slightly surprised by the news. “I’ll have to make some calls.” It would be foolish not to follow the situation and see how it developed. For now, he had to re-send the message to another face-less minion of his.

Just as he was done resending the text file, he also sent a new message to have someone to find out what precinct they took Discord to.

“I see that you are keeping yourself busy.” A voice called out as a newcomer made his way from the shadows.

“It’s been a long time, Rex.” Morpho greeted as he put away his phone. Rex was a dark brown-skinned guy with murky green hair dressed in an equally dark green hooded coat. Clearly dressing up wasn’t a concept for this guy.

“It’s Rep! Not Rex!” the green head corrected annoyed. “You people better remember my name correctly.”

“Hn Sorry.” Morpho said but it was clear by his voice that he really didn’t mean it.

“So? What are you buying?” Rep asked as he opened up his hood to reveal several pockets inside. “I got good sh*t right here.“

Morpho shook his head side to side. “If I wanted to buy your merchandize then I would’ve talked to a “Wooly”, not you.”

“If you ain’t buying then what the hell you want?”

“To talk business.” Morpho stated with a smile. “More specifically, I want to talk business with Catrina.”

“Nah ah! Nobody speaks with the boss lady!” Rep shook his head candidly. “Much less a top dog in Chrysalis gang!” In fact talking with anyone associated with her was prohibited unless it was to sell some merchandize. “If she wants to apologize for what she did then she better…”

“I’m not here on behalf of Chrysalis.” The spy promptly interrupted. “In fact if Catrina were to allow me 5 minutes of her time, I assure you that we’ll reach a deal that will greatly benefit the two of us.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because Chrysalis reign will be no more.”


“Girls, I’m not so sure about this.” Scorpan said, showing how nervous he was by his voice alone. “Do you honestly think this will work?”

“Absolutely” Applebloom said without a hint of doubt. “This is gonna work!”

“Are you sure?”

“It worked for me and Rarity, I’m sure it will work for you.” Sweetie Belle reassured him and gave him a big smile. “You just gotta believe!”

“I don’t know… I don’t want to doubt your methods but this all just feels…a little feminine.” There was no other way to describe it.

“That’s what I’ve been thinking too.” Scootaloo agreed with his sentiment. She had suggested other ideas before the others settled for this one she couldn’t support wholeheartedly. “I mean, Rarity is a whole lot different than Scorpan’s brother.”

“I’m sure the principle works the same.” Sweetie said a little defensively, not wanting others to doubt her idea. “Remember that it also worked for Applebloom and Applejack too.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure that argument’s acceptable to establish a trend.”

“You were the one who said that you’d try anything right? And that you already tried everything else.” The little redhead reminded him, “So maybe this is crazy enough that it will actually work.”

“I-I guess.” He said still not really convinced that was even a real argument outside of movies.


Discord took a final look around and then took a deep breath.

Now it was time to do this.

“The time I pay my crimes was set for today.
And now all the colors have turned to gray.
The Man told me freedom is so far away,
I won’t see the outside colors ever again.

Turn me into stone, is what they trying to do.
Turn me into stone, I won’t longer move.
Turn me into stone, freedom all remove.
They say the unwanted discord is finally gone.

As long I’m trapped in stone there’s nothing to do.
Try and make a move but the law says no.
Wanna tell a joke but the rest won’t hear it.
This cold harsh jail’s trying to break my spirit.

Turned into stone, I was put in a yard.
Turned into stone, won’t let me die.
Turned into stone, just hear my pleas.
Don’t say that little Discord is now totally gone.
No, they won’t let us go for a thousand years.
Cause now that Discord is gone there nothing but cheers.

As he finished his prison song, the people around him couldn’t help but clap.

“Thank you, you all are too kind.” Discord said basking in the applause. That is until a party-popper decided to show its ugly mug.

“You know you aren’t in jail right? This is just a detention cell.” Said a woman who was looking at him strangely from outside his holding cell. "You should know by know. You been here lots of times before."

Thankfully Discord wasn’t the only one who got annoyed by that comment.

“Way to suck the fun out of everything. No wonder your name is Strict Guideline.” Commented a very casual dressed man, with messy dark hair who had liked Discord’s song.

“And you never take things seriously, Hotrod.” Strict Guideline accused with a finger. Unlike the man, she was dressed very prim and proper. Not a single hair out of place.

“And that’s why people like me more than you.” Hotrod shrugged and then put up his hand in the air. “Am I right?”

“Totally!” Another person, a somewhat chubby man who was passing by, high fived Hotrod.

“Boil!” Strict said scandalized.

“Sorry, I’m a sucker for High Fives.” Boil admitted not the least embarrassed.

“You know it!” Hotrod brought his hand up once more and Boil high fived him again.

“That’s my man Boil!” Discord also raised his palm joining in the fun as the chubby man also high fived him.

“I see that you’re having fun, detectives.” An imposing large man with dark chocolate skin and a circle beard.

“Hey, Sarge!/Sergeant Falcon!” Detective Hotrod greeted casually while Detective Guideline stood in attention.

“I’m going to the break room for some coffee.” Detective Boil excused himself and walked away.

“You two should be doing your jobs instead of socializing with the detainees.” Sgt. Falcon admonished the two detectives under his charge.

“Hey Sarge! How are the twins?” Discord asked from inside his cell, gaining the man’s full attention.

“Good thanks for asking.” The man said a little curtly, before he visually relaxed and the pulled out his phone, “In fact a few days ago was their school play, aren’t they cute?”

“They sure are!” Discord nodded with a smile and looked at the photos in the phone, “They are the cutest pair of trees I’ve ever seen.”

“I know right?”

“Um, Sergeant? Didn’t you want to tell us something?” Guideline asked trying to get on track.

“Oh yes, I do.” The dark man said remembering what his orders were, but first, “Sorry Discord, some other time.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Actually…” Sgt. Falcon then cleared his throat. “Hotrod, Guideline, please escort the detainee to questioning room # 3.”

“Why? Are the others occupied?” The boy behind bars couldn’t help but joke earning a small chuckle from the male detective and a annoyed look from the female one.

“Sure thing Sarge!”
“As you order sir.”


After what felt like an eternity of being left alone inside questioning room # 3 and handcuffed to the table. Discord was getting impatient. At least on the holding cell he could make conversation with the detectives and fellow detainees.

“Man! I’m so bored!” Discord whined as he banged his head on the metal table.

“It’s only been 20 minutes.” A new voice said, making Discord look up and see the newcomer.

“Well, in this modern age of fast internet access, it is impossible for a teen my age to stand still.”

“I guess you’re right.” The newcomer man nodded displaying next to no emotion on his face.

“So? What is the Precinct Captain doing interrogating a simple minor like me?” The handcuffed boy teased with a smile. “Are you finally going to put me away Captain Bolt? Want me to sign my confession?”

“Actually, I’m just here to inform you that he is right outside of this room.” The Police Captain calmly stated.

“Who? My lawyer assigned by the state?”

“No. I’m talking about HIM.” The man repeated with more emphasis finally cluing in Discord as to whom he was referring to.

“You mean…!?” Discord uttered in surprise, and before he could even finish his sentence, said man outside the room finally entered.

“Discord.” The man said with no hint of humor in his voice.

“Police Commissioner of the Canterlot City Police Department, Maxwell Entropy.” Discord identified him first by his title and the many badges he wore.

“You can call me dad.”