• Published 3rd Oct 2015
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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 8 - After Class' Clashes.

After a hectic first day, the school bell rang one last time, indicating that classes were over for the day, but for a selected few, the day wasn’t over.

“Everyone you are free to go.” Luna announced as the ringing faded away and everyone was preparing to leave. “Except for you Discord, I want you report to classroom 205 for your detention.” She said very seriously. “If you don’t report to Ms. Harshwhinny, you will get something worse than detention.”

The teen just shrugged Luna’s warning as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. “Fine by me.” He said before he walked out of the room and up to his “newest interest”. “Say, after my detention’s over do you wanna hang out. I promise it’s gonna be fun.”

Adagio tried to contain her new found disdain for Discord on the minimum. “I don’t think so.” She shot him down. Even after agreeing to “lead him on” just so she and her “sisters” could manipulate him into helping with their revenge, she wasn’t going to do a completely 180° and pretend she liked him right away.

“Aw…why not?” Discord asked with great disappointment if the ridiculous face expression he made was to be believed.

“I’m busy.” She answered very straightforward and turned to try and leave Discord behind.

“Don’t take it personal.” Sonata said walking from behind him, “We gotta get to work and we can’t be late!” Sonata said innocently enough trying to lift the rejected boy’s feelings, but her consideration was met by a glare that Adagio shot back with a clear message that said: “Shut up, NOW!”

“Really now…” Discord said very interested. “Would you mind if I ever…?”

“Yes I would.” Adagio cut in as she took Sonata by the arm and started dragging her away.

“Bye.” Sonata waved goodbye with her free hand before she and Adagio turned a corner leaving from Discord’s sight; who just stood there watching them go away.

“Ha! Three strikes and you’re out!” Chrysalis couldn’t stop and make fun of Discord when she also walked past him. He had been an annoyance the whole day so she enjoyed watching him suffer such obvious rejection.

“She’s just playing hard to get.” The dishevel boy reasoned without a hint of irony “I like that.” If good things were easy to get, then where was the fun in getting them?

Chrysalis stopped midstep and turn her head to give Discord a look of incredulity. “Keep telling yourself that you creep.” The dark beauty said before she shook her head from side to side and left. If that idiot wanted to delude himself there was his problem not hers.

“I reluctantly agree with the False Queen,” Sombra said feeling compelled to also share his opinion whenever anyone wanted it or not. “You really are a failure in the art of courting!” he said as he pointed his index finger overly dramatically at Discord’s face. “A written document and a dowry is the correct manner.”

“Gee! Thanks for the sound advice, Somby” Discord answered laying the sarcasm very thick.

“Unquestionably!” Sombra declared as he marched away feeling all high and mighty as always, finally leaving Discord all alone in the hallway.

“What do they know…” he muttered.


Sombra usually tried to come into sight as calm and collected, much to disbelief of everyone who knew him, but now that the tedious classes were over he marched with eager steps towards the school’s center of all knowledge.

The Librarium.

Though it was a place that Sombra seldom visited without the upmost important reason and today it was no different. In fact today’s encounter with the scruffy group of subservient dogs had incited him to visit the place. All because of what they were digging around for.

A Treasure.

An honest to god treasure.

Any other normal person would’ve dismissed the notion as either a lie or an exaggerated falsehood, but the self-proclaimed Royal was anything but normal. He was exceptional, gracious and extremely modest. Yeah…

But above all he was inquisitive.

After their “fight” the scruffy leader of the pack of dogs, Rover he recalled correctly, told Sombra that there was a rumor going around that the founder of the school, a guy by the name of Starswirl had hidden a treasure someplace in School grounds. Although everyone else believed the tale to be a simple story, the Trio of mangy mutts thought the story was true after they discovered a book in the library that told of said myth.

Intrigued by the tale, Sombra decided to investigate the validity of the mutt’s words. To do so, he needed to find said book and find out the true origin of the myth.

Entering the Librarium, Sombra noticed that it was exceptionally big for a normal High School to have. Big enough that it would take him hours to find the book he needed unless he lessened himself to one of the lowest acts he could ever endure: asking for help.

With a sigh of slight disgust, he walked up to a desk where a grayish pink woman with long Cerise colored hair sat at. “Oh, Hello! What can I help you with.” Said woman smiled at him making it much more difficult to complete his task.

“Curator of the Librarium. I seek your service to uncover the location of a grimoire depicting the life of the founder of this learning institution! The one they call Swirl of the Stars.” Sombra demanded in what other way but in a grandiose one.

“…come again?” The curator asked him, unable to understand what he was saying.

With a sigh of silent defeat, Sombra decided to ask once again using the tongue of the commoners. “I need help to find a book about the School’s funder: Starswirl.”

“Oh! That I can help you with,” The woman answered with a smile. “Is there a specific book you are looking for?”

“Yes. I’m looking specifically for books written by him.” Sombra specified. “Maybe an autobiography.” Those were his best bets to find some clue about the supposed treasure.

“Yes, let me check…” The woman turned to her computer and started keying searching for the requested book. “Uh-oh, the registry says that the only copy we had of the founder’s autobiography was checked out.”

“By whom?” Sombra asked, surprisingly, in a composed tone of voice yet if one was to look into his eyes, they would see the irritation been hold back by a thin thread. “If…you don’t…mind me asking.”

“Well, you’re in luck. She’s right over there.”

Instantly the self proclaimed Royal turned towards where the curator was pointing at and found a blue-ish girl with platinum hair. “Thank you for your assistance.” He said to the curator without even turning back before he stalked up to the platinum haired girl that had HIS book like a hungry predator ready to shred its meal. Once he was right behind her, he rose his arm up and…

Tapped her on the shoulder, accidentally startling her.

“Gah!” was her not so subtle squeal. “Who dares to touch the Great and Powerful Trixie without her permiss…” she turned around to berate the offender only to stop when she came face to face with one of the most handsome guys she ever laid her eyes upon.

Long flowing ebony hair, big expressive green eyes and a chiseled face that made him look like a man and not a simple boy. Trixie kept silent for a whole 10 seconds before she realized she was very obviously staring. Then she did something that no one ever had seen her do before.

She apologized.

“Ah! Sorry you caught me off-guard.” She said as she run her finger through her luscious hair.

This act was so unbelievable that one kid who happened to over hear her ended up fainting head first into his book and the table he was reading at.

Paying no mind to any of this, Sombra pointed his finger towards the book Trixie was carrying. “The curator told me you appropriated the only copy of Starswirl’s Biography. Is this true?”

“Curator…?” Trixie repeated back somewhat confused by the good-looking boy in front of her. “You mean Ms. Cheerilee…?”

“That is not of importance! What is is the fact that I require to make use of that book in your possession immediately.” Sombra demanded a little too straightforward for anyone’s comfort.

And Trixie was no exception. “No I can’t, I needed it for my lousy homework.” She then clarified. “Ms. Harshwhinny demanded for a 5 paged essay about local history with all references being from real books.” Why waste time with something like that when it was so much easier to get information from the internet?

“If that’s the situation, then choose another book and give that one to me.” Sombra demanded even more forcefully.

“And why should Trixie do that?” The girl finally snapped back at him. She could only tolerate so much thanks to his striking good looks, but now it was on. You could tell because she started talking in 3rd person. “Why you care for this old book?”

“Sombra’s reasons are only for him to know!” Sombra also lost his patience and whipped out the 3rd person speak too. “The only thing you ought to know that I require that tome. If I were to let you have it, it would take you seasons to complete.”

“Are you calling Trixie slow?” she growled in indignation.


“Why you…! No one insults the Great and Powerful Trixie like that!”

“Great and Powerful? Loud and Bullheaded is more apt!”

“Bullheaded?! Why…you are a cretin!”

“And you are a harpy!”

“No good jackass!”

The two of them would’ve continued launching insults at each other, had it not been for the interference of an adult in charge. “That’s it. You two stop!” Ms. Cheerilee frowned at the squabbling kids. “I won’t tolerate any of this behavior!”

“But Ms. Cheerilee! He's the one who...!” Trixie tried to plead innocence in the whole thing, but the woman was having none of it.

“I don’t want to hear excuses.” She cut Trixie off. “So either you two make peace and share, or I’ll send you both to detention!”

Both teens remained quiet and looked at each other with silent contempt. Sizing one and other questioning if it was worth it or not.

“Fine/I reluctantly concede.” Both teens said at the same time, deciding to “share” instead of detention.

“Good! Now please work in silence!” Ms. Cheerilee gave them a final hard look before she turned around leaving both Sombra and Trixie to deal with each other. After ten seconds of tense silence that felt like an eternity, Sombra finally opened his mouth.

“I read much faster than you.”

“Oh yeah?” Trixie said before slamming the book opened at one of the tables. “Right here and now!”

With a scoff Sombra sat down in one of the chairs with Trixie followed right next to him and both of them started reading at what could be described as a VERY fast speed; their eyes darting from left to right in half a second each time.

“Finish!” they would call after the other whenever they had finished with the page hurrying the other to speed up to turn the page.

Even thought to them this was an intense battle to show superiority of reading ability over the other. For the observers around them, it looked like they were just turning pages without rhyme or reason calling each other out to further irritate one another.

And for the duration of the next hours, Ms. Cheerilee wished she had sent them detention on the first place.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the lack of timely updates, but I recently got into a new job an it's taking me some time to adjust.
And since carrying cellphones or using the internet is heavily prohibited during work hours I have to catch up with all that happens in other websites when I'm finally home, leaving me with barely anytime to write.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but once I get into the rhythm of things I might be able to write more.

And before I forget:
Yes, a treasure.
And yes, it will lead to something. I'm not kidding.