• Published 3rd Oct 2015
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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 1 - New Transfer Students.

Inside her office, Principal Celestia sighed for what felt like the nth time. It was Friday in the afternoon, and she thought she was almost free for a relaxing weekend sudden news that affected the whole school had to arrive.

Then after a whole minute of silence, the door to her office opened letting Vice Principal Luna in. “Did you want to see me, Sister?” It was common for both sister’s to talk informally with each other when it was just the two of them.

“Yes, Luna. I’m afraid I have some … news.”

“Is it that bad?” Luna asked as he took a seat in front of the desk noticing the hesitation in her sister’s voice.

“Do you recall the news about St. Everfree?” Celestia said out of left field.

“Sure, it was all over the news this last week.” In fact, there was still some news about it that morning. “The school that collapsed in the middle of the night.”

St. Everfree was a public school much like Canterlot High, but it was located in the neighboring school district so its collapse didn’t have many repercussions that affected them directly.

“They say it’s still a mystery how the entire building had collapsed, but I have my doubts…”

But unlike Canterlot High, St. Everfree had a certain “reputation” amongst schools. Said reputation was being known the “delinquent school” because of the large amount of gangs that it had.

“Rumors said that the collapse was caused by a gang war.” Luna said crossing her arms in distaste. She tolerated many things but thugs and delinquents were something she hated with passion. “It’s a relief that we don’t have to deal with things like that.”

“Instead, we have to deal with students from another world using magic to try and conquer the world.” Celestia said as a jest, which just earned her a look from her little sister. “By the way, how are your classes with them going?”

“There doing as well as they could possibly do, given the circumstances.” Luna answered after a semi-frustrated sigh.

After the Battle of the Bands was over, many expected the trio known as the Dazzlings to never return again. But since they had officially enrolled to Canterlot High, they were obligated to assist classes. The idea of expelling them was brought up, but explaining to the Board the reasons why would’ve made the faculty sound mental.

Fortunately Sunset Shimmer, another student who had came from the same magical world as the Dazzlings, confirmed that they no longer possessed any magical powers and weren’t a threat to anybody.

So, the Dazzlings remained as students.

But since the events of the Battle of the Bands was still a sore spot for a lot of the student population, both Principal Celestia and Principal Luna opted for removing the trio from their classrooms and put them on one all for their own. The girls didn’t object since they much preferred to be on their own than with the rests of the students.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough in the budget to hire an extra teacher to handle this new class, so Vice-Principal Luna ended up with the job.

“They might be very rough around the edges, but they aren’t delinquents. Good thing there aren’t any of those here at CHS.”

“Well…that is going to change soon…” Celestia said with hesitation, already expecting a big reaction out of her sister.

“Say what?!” And she didn’t disappoint. “Sister what are you talking about?”

Celestia took a big breath before she began explaining.

“After St. Everfree collapsed, the board decided to transfer the affected students to other nearby schools.”

“B-but we aren’t in the same district as them.” Luna tried to reason but Celestia just shook her head from side to side.

“Yes, but the number of students in need of transfer was too much for the other schools in the same district. So the board accepted to send some of their students to this district too.”

By now almost all the color in Vice Principal Luna’s face was gone. Still she managed to remain composed enough as to not freak out. “H-How many…?”

“Six students.”

Instantly, Luna let out the breath she had being holding in. “Six? Sister! I thought I would be higher than that! You almost made me faint!” she had being dreading a two digit number.

“Yes, but looking at the files I received, it seems we will be receiving the bottom of the hypothetical barrel.” Celestia then proceeded to hand over the files to Luna.

“First we have Sombra.”

Luna opened the file to see the picture of a handsome and regal looking young man with flowing black hair, dark grey skin and green eyes.

“He had instigated a lot of fights and carrying a weapon with him at all times.” Celestia explained. “He also steals or forces victims to steal “crystals” for him.”

“Crystals?! As in the drugs!” Luna asked alarmed.

“No. Literal crystals. He seems to have an unnatural obsession with them. Also his profile said that he tends to disrupt classes with megalomaniac rants and speeches.”

“Great! A delinquent narcissist.” Luna said sardonically but her comment was ignored by her sister, who advised her to open the next file.

“Next is Discord.”

The profile photo showed a dishevel-looking boy with white bushy brows, black hair, red eyes and grayish complexion making a silly face with eyes crossed and sticking out his tongue.

“Infamously known for his “pranks” and the disorder they cause.” What followed were several pictures of classrooms defaced or destroyed beyond recognition. “Also several “riots” can be traced back to him as the cause.”

“He sure lives up to his name.”

“Tirek and his brother Scorpan” Celestia continued.

The first profile photo showed a large young man with whitish hair, yellow eyes and red complexion. The second showed a much smaller young man with dark brown hair and light brownish complexion.

“Though they do not engage in criminal activities, they have been involved in several fights and they have been responsible for sending more than 20 other students to the hospital.”

“I can see what you mean.” Luna said as she looked at Tirek, his photo showing him with anger in his eyes and a sneer. “He sure looks like a thug, but the brother…” she then turned to Scorpan. “He looks like he couldn’t hurt a fly.” He looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Appearances can be deceiving Luna.” Celestia warned and gave her sister a look. “He may not look dangerous but according to his file, he had been present in all those fights.”
Luna nodded in accordance as they proceeded to the next file.


She was a beautiful looking girl with long dark cerulean hair, green eyes and a dark complexion. The photo showed her making a sultry face that one could find in many “adult” magazines.

“Where to begin with this one?” Celestia said with a sigh. “Not only she had infiltrated and stolen school files for blackmail and test answers for cheating, she had gotten several male teachers fired when the principal found out she had seduced them for better grades and leniency for her actions, not to mention she is the leader of her own gang boasting over 40 members.”

“Wow.” Luna was lost for words. This was truly a dangerous criminal mind they were going to deal with.

“Luckily none of her “followers” are transferring here with her.” Celestia said looking at the silver lining. “And finally we have…”

“Starlight Glimmer.”

She was a serious looking girl with long purple hair with light purple and aquamarine highlights tied in a ponytail. Unlike the others, she looked like a rule-abiding student. And taking a glance at her record it showed that she was a model student.

“Sister, what is this girl doing with the rest of them?” Luna seriously asked. “Student Body President, near perfect scores, perfect attendance. She sounds like a role-model student.”

“At first glance, yes, Starlight looks like a perfect student, but her actions show a lot more about her character.” Celestia pointed out. “As soon as she was named School Body President, she went on an almost militaristic campaign to get rid of St. Everfree bad elements.”

“That doesn’t sound that…”

“She formed a “Disciplinary Committee” whose job was to harass and beat up everyone who showed disorderly conduct or broke any rule. And the only ones safe were those under Chrysalis protection, those few that could fight back or those who swear loyalty to her and her cause.”

“So basically, she formed another gang under the guise of keeping the school safe.” Luna resumed looking at Starlight under a new light. “My god, what is wrong with St. Everfree? How could the faculty let all of this happen?”

“I guess they were too afraid of their own students and hoped that the gangs took each other out.” Well, that was just one of Celestia’s many theories. “And now we have six of the “best” St. Everfree has to offer.”

“We can’t let them in here!” Luna almost shouted. “Just imagine the kind of disaster they will…”

“It has been approved by the Board; we can’t do anything about it.” Celestia said despite sharing her sister’s opinion and worry. “The good news is that they granted me the authority to expel them…but only if they cause something major.”

“With these six it’s only a matter of time…” Luna was glad by this news, but the problem is that something “bad” needed to happen first. “I’m afraid to think what would happen to our students or the faculty when we let this six roam free.”

“About that…” Celestia said dead serious. “I’ve been thinking that instead of having them in different classes…”
In the middle of Celestia’s explanation, it dawned on Luna what her sister plan was.

“…we could group them together in a single class…”
“…and since we already have a class with only three students, I figured…”
“No. No NO!”
“That we should place them in your classroom with the Dazzlings.”

“Didn’t you hear me sister? I said no!” Luna protested, making Celestia sigh frustrated.

“I know how it sounds, but I think this is the most sensible solution.”

“Yeah, put all the bad apples in a single room, what could possibly go wrong?” Luna answered sardonically. “Really sister, what are you even thinking?”

“I’m thinking that the only person I can trust with this is you Luna.” Celestia answered back with enough determination that made Luna reel back a little.

“I know that I’m asking for a lot, but I trust you. You are the only one here with the mettle to keep up with these students and keep them under control.” Celestia was glad to notice that her words had calmed down her sister a bit. “Besides having them all in a single room under your supervision would make it easier to monitor them and their activities.”

“Yes, that is true.” Luna admitted but she was still reluctant to be in charge of such responsibility.

“Just think about how much safer our students would be with this arrangement. Think of all their praise and admiration for doing such a commendable…”

“I want a raise.” Luna cut her sister off.

“Luna you know that I can’t…”
“I want a raise and my own fully stocked mini-fridge in the teacher’s lounge.”
“The amount of money that would entail would be…”
“And my own Coffee machine with high quality imported coffee every day.”

“Fine!” Celestia finally caved in. “You’ll get a small raise and the coffee machine. But the mini-fridge is out of the question; as for the coffee, high-quality LOCAL only. ”
Luna remained pondering Celestia’s offer for about twenty seconds before nodding. “You got yourself a deal, sister.”

“Good.” Celestia nodded as she offered her hand to make the deal official and Luna accepted it gracefully. “I hope you are ready because they are coming in next Monday.”

“Not a long time to prepare…or inform our students about the situation.” Luna lamented.

“I’ll send out e-mails and update the school webpage to inform or students.” Celestia said before worrying a little. “I just hope there isn’t much buzz so we have to call for an emergency PTA meeting.”

“We survived two different takeovers from magical girls from other worlds, how much difficult could this be?”

“Did I mention they could be staying for the rest of this year and the next too?”

“Wait! What?”

Author's Note:

A classroom with Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, Tirek, Starlight Glimmer, the Sirens, and Scorpan with Vice Principal Luna as their teacher.
I wonder how many stories you can tell with this set-up alone?

Fun Fact: Gilda, Lightning Dust and a group of changelings didn't make the cut because I thought it would be too many characters to juggle.

As for pairings... heck if I know!
Send me some suggestions and ideas.