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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 24 - Strange Opportunities

Luna sighed as she made her way towards her assigned classroom. It was only the second day and she was already feeling like calling quits. The planning and the scheduling of the subjects to cover was easy and the material she knew like the back of her hand; but what she dreaded the most was a repeat of yesterday’s insubordination from Discord. His little quips and side remarks about anything she said got old pretty fast and any reaction he got: be Sonata’s snickers or Starlight’s outburst for him to keep quiet; Discord took as encouragement to keep going. And extra days of detention weren’t deterring anything.

Any other student would’ve relented any unruly behavior with a mere threat one day of detention, or even the threat of been sent to the principal’s office. But conventional means prove inefficient against Discord, and if this blatant disrespect is not addressed it would lead to others to follow in his example.

So Luna spent what should’ve been her free time, looking up for ways to take back the control on her classroom. It wasn’t orthodox but what part of her class’ was? It was time to show them who was in charge.

“You can do it.” Luna motivated herself and took a big breath before she entered her classroom and addressed her students. “OK! YOU HAD YOUR FUN YESTERDAY, BUT TODAY IS TIME TO…uhm…” all of her bravado went out the window when she felt the heavy atmosphere inside the room. Although everyone was quiet and sitting down, the intensity in the air made it feel crowded. The air felt so heavy it was difficult to breath. And tension all around was ready to spring back. “Uhm…..” it was a powder keg ready to explode and her vociferous entrance didn’t help any to alleviate the situation.

“Miss Luna, are you feeling alright?” Starlight was the first to ask her after she suddenly went quiet.

“Yes…everything is fine …” Luna waved the question away and redirected their attention back to them. “Are you guys alright?”

Now that she mentioned it, everyone looked very different than the previous day.

Starlight looked the same except for the change in clothing to something more feminine instead of the business like attired she had worn yesterday. That and her face was expertly decorated with make-up.

Next to her, Sonata looked somewhat sad, not a sad-like depression but a sad as if she was feeling sorry about something or someone.

But if Luna wanted to see classic example of pitying sadness, she would only had to look at Scorpan next to Sonata. He was looking down at his desk trying his best to appear as little as possible as to not draw attention to himself.

Behind Scorpan, Adagio didn’t look much better, except that behind the misery look she had, a ever growing bitterness was forming too.

Bitterness that Chrysalis, who sat behind Adagio, was radiating all around her. Very different than yesterday when she only acted annoyed or disinterested.

Disinterest kinda like the one Sombra was trying to currently show. The sharp dressed boy noticeably trying to look away from Chrysalis while gripping tightly a cane in one of his hands, which by the looks of it, was trembling in impotent fury.

Maybe he was trying and failing to be as cold as Tirek, next to him, had been yesterday, who today, was trying to stay as stiff as a board for some reason. Seriously, it was as if he was trying out to become a statue.

Not unlike Aria’s expression, who sat in front of the huge boy with her arms crossed and a permanent frown on her face. Usually around this time she would just lie on her desk to try to take a nap.

And that leaded her to her last student, Discord, who was dressed in a trench coat for some reason.

“What happened to you all?”

“Trust me, Ignorance is bliss.” Discord said without a hint of humor in his voice.

Luna guessed that she would put her plan in action next time she saw the opportunity.


After a few hours of class which included several instances of Vice Principal Luna prodding for answers to her questions regarding whatever happened to them all and receiving no answers, they were finally let go for some lunch, a bit half an hour earlier than yesterday.

She figured that lunch could probably snap them out of the strange funk that hanged over their heads.

Instantly the group separated and went their different ways.


Chrysalis went and stood to a dark corner of the school, not wanting to be near anyone at the moment. She wasn’t in the mood for eating, since the failed ambush of the Demented Duo that morning had soured her morning and appetite. She wasn’t afraid of the both of them or what they might try to do to her, but if they managed to get Tirek on their side and the three of them went after her would prove “difficult” for her.

The brooding queen wasn’t sure if to feel worried or not about seeing Tirek sitting one desk away from her with a stone cold look on his face. Did he not care at all about her soldiers attack? Or was his complete indifference was a mask to try and ambush her when she least expected it?

Either way, she didn’t like it one bit.

Then out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a lone nerdy-looking boy walking in her direction, probably without any intention to make any contact with her and instead just pass by towards his next destination.

Something that Chrysalis immediately remedied, turning it into an opportunity.

The small light blue haired boy didn’t know exactly what happened, but in less than a second he was snagged and pushed into a locker in the dark corner of the school where they still haven’t changed the light bulbs.

“What…?” He wanted to enunciate but he was silence once he was face to face against a “scary” and quite hot, new transfer girl.

“Say, would you mind doing me… a favor.” She said half demanding, half sensually.

“A-A-A f-favor…?”

“See, I’m low on cash and I was wondering if you could lend some money.” Chrysalis said while tracing her finger on his scrawny chest, eliciting quite the red blush.

“I-I-I…” He wanted to say something but honestly he didn’t know what to say in this sort of situation.

“I don’t you worry, I’ll make it worth your “investment”.


Discord had an intense look of concentration as rubbed his chin intensely. He was at an impasse.

Orange was the one he had expected to get ever since yesterday, truly that had been his initial intention. But then he came across Red that unexpectedly caught his interest.

He was torn.

Should he maintain to what he already had chosen in the first place, or should he give in into the red temptation?

Orange or Red? How could someone even make a choice when both were so appealing to the eye and made his mouth water in desire?

“I don’t know which one to pick!” Discord sighed frustrated. Why did this have to be so difficult?

Next to him, his companion decided to offer Discord an alternative.

“How about a third option?”

Looking to the third alternative, Discord face frowned.

Blue was a very nice option too. Blue looked very sweet, promised lots of fun and was asking to be taken. But was it really what he was looking for? What he needed?

“Or, why not pick all three?” was the next suggestion of his companion.

“Oh I wish.” Picking all three sounded very good, an easy solution to avoid further headaches. But was it the correct way to go? Despite getting all what he wanted, could he even handle it? Not to mention, what people would think if he went down that route. Would they think less of him or would they silently support said decision.

Orange, Red, or maybe Blue?

Which was the correct answer?

“You know, you are holding up the line.” The voice of another said annoyed that Discord was taking so long. “Pick a Cupcake and move!” Unfortunately the owner of that voice was soon assaulted by Discord’s Crazy Eyes that silenced him up real good.

“I’m not sure what I really want anymore.” Turning back to his dilemma, Discord sighed in defeat. “I guess I’ll abstain from picking anything today.” It was better to not get anything at all than pick something and then later regret it.

He would have other opportunities to make his decision.

“Ok, then I’ll take this one.” Sonata picked up the Blue frosted cupcake she had offered as an alternative and placed it in her tray, where she was carrying several tacos. “I’ll save this one for you if you change your mind.”

“Thanks for the offer Sonata. I’ll keep it in mind.” Who knows maybe he could grow to crave for Blue later and give it just a taste.


While Sonata and Discord were busy getting lunch for all of them, Aria and Adagio remained seated in the table Discord managed to clear off with that strange stare of his.

“So, are you fine or do you still have a stuck up your butt?” Aria asked her sister who had been moody since morning.

“Aria I don’t…”

“Want to talk about it? Well tough luck, because I won’t stop.” Aria interrupted. Had it been any other day, Adagio would’ve been impressed by the conviction she was taking, finally showing some ambition. Unfortunately, this day and this issue she really didn’t want to deal with. “You said it yourself. You said that if there was a “better way” to solve our problems, you would take it in an instant.” The twin tailed girl reminded sister’s words that morning. “Well, I say that Discord is our opportunity out of this crap hole.” And the fact that he was oh so willing to please both Sonata and her to get to Adagio, sweetened the deal. “The guy has money to buy us lunches and a car to give us a lift anywhere we want.” Heck if this guy had appeared before the whole Battle of the Bands crap show, they would’ve taken so much out of him already. “So snap out of whatever PMS-Induced mood swing you are in, snag him and don’t let go until the last drop of juice is squeezed!”

“If you find him so desirable, why don’t you snag him?” Adagio rebutted bitterly.

“Because, for some ungodly reason, he has the hots for you.” That and she didn’t want to seduce the guy. “So you better step up your game before his eyes wander to another chick who will take advantage of what he has to offer.” Although she really hoped it didn’t have to come down to that; in which case she would start prepping Sonata to be the one to reel him back to them.

“Why does it have to be me?”

“Don’t know, ask him.” Aria shrugged. “Putting aside that, I think it is time for the leader to lead through example, unless of course you don’t want to be the leader no more.” Now that got Adagio’s attention.

The Siren had lost so much by now: Her home in Equestria and was sent to this trashcan of a world; her true form and now had to live in a weak human body; her magic which in turn change her into a complete normal human; and finally her dignity by living almost like beggars. But if there was something she could cling on was her title as the leader of the Sirens. It was the only thing she had left from her previous life.

“Oh you would love that, don’t you?” The now livelier leader accused with narrowed eyes. “You’ll love to see me quit so you can take charge.”

“Probably.” Aria answered disinterested while flicking one of her twin tails. Despite her words, her intention wasn’t really to become leader of anything. Why would she want the responsibility when she didn’t have the power to back anything up? “So? Are you gonna act like a leader or you gonna quit?”

“Like hell I would.”

Good, that was the attitude Aria wanted her sister to have. “So what’s the plan?”

“I...I’ll work on it.” The orange head answered a little off guard by that question.

“Just remember this Adagio…” Aria said in a very serious voice which was another surprise for the leader. “If you think he’s losing interest in you, just go for a nice “Old Fashioned” and everything will be okay.”

“Old Fashioned?” Adagio repeated confused as to what her sister was refereeing to. Then she got her answered not by a definition but by Aria making her hand into a cup-like shape and started moving it up and down several times with a grin plastered on her face.

Needless to say, Adagio understood the meaning behind such hand motion.


That scandalized look on her sister’s face was totally worth it, because a loud and angry Adagio was way better than a quiet and bitter one.


Tirek remained seated in a far away table, trying to be left alone. Thankfully his cold demeanor was enough to keep any Canterlot kid from coming near him. And that was the onl good news about this lunch break because the rest was crap.

He was hungry, very hungry. He felt like he could eat an entire horse. Well, maybe that was exaggerated, probably a pony. Yet he couldn’t eat anything. Why?

Because his whole body was still hurting like hell! He wasn’t confident on the chewing and swallowing not hurting also. And even if he managed to pass through that initial phase of the feeding process, stomaching the food was another dilemma in itself. If anything, he preferred starving all day than looking like a fool by either making a mess or puking on the cafeteria floor.

Tirek already had resigned himself that he was living hell on earth but a tap on his shoulder, which sent several pain signals to his brain, snapped him out of his dark thoughts.

“What…?” He asked in a very low voice, not wanting to show how much that tiny physical contact actually hurt. That, and shouting or doing anything else would’ve caused more pain than anything else. Turning his head carefully as to not strain his neck unnecessarily, Tirek saw the boy that carried him into the Old Lady’s house. He’s name was Big Mac if he recalled correctly.

They orange head just started at him silently for a few seconds, before he handed him a brown paper bag with a note stapled on it.

“What’s this?” The red giant asked a little suspicious as to why he was handing him this stuff, but Big Mac remained quiet and just pointed at the note.

“You want me to read it?” Why? Was it too hard to explain it with words or something?

“Eeyup!” That was the only thing to come out of his mouth before turning around leaving him alone once more. Tirek remained quiet, questioning what just happened, but decided to avoid the headache of coming up with answers on his own and took a look at the letter on the bag.

“Here, drink this. It would make you feel better.”

Granny Smith

Inside the brown paper bag, Tirek found a bottle filled with a brownish liquid. If he had to guess, it would be more of that hard cider of hers. With nothing else to lose, Tirek opened the bottle tap and swiftly drank the whole thing in one gulp.

At this point, he was ready to try anything. And getting drunk inside the school cafeteria seemed like a weird one in a lifetime opportunity too good to waste it.


Once again, Sombra decided to skip lunch at the cafeteria and instead roam the hallways in search of those mutts from yesterday. Though his plans to verify the existence of a buried treasure had been put on hold until Trixie return the book to him, he wanted to remind them who was their boss now and what he expected from them.

Alas, his search yielded no results.

Sombra was about to postpone his search for later, when a familiar voice called out for him.

“Sombra! Thank goodness I found you.” It was Lavender Lace, Trixie’s blond friend, who ran up to him in a hurry. “Quick this is an emergency. And only you can help.”

“Emergency?” The boy repeated confused yet interested.

“Yes! Now come with me, no time to explain.” The blond grabbed him by the wrist and started dragging him down the hallways she had come from. Under any other circumstance, Sombra would’ve broken out of their grip and then chastise the person from even daring to drag him like that, let alone let them touch him without his permission. However, the idea that there was some sort of urgent situation that could only be resolved by him and his abilities sounded promising. Maybe he would be able to test his skills and maybe even surpass his limits, becoming even stronger than before.

It didn’t take too long for the both of them to arrive to a classroom which supposedly was where the emergency originated.

“Mr. Canvas I found someone that could help!” Lala announced as she opened the door and brought Sombra into what looked like the art and crafts room, which held another occupant.

“Really? Do you think he could help us?” Mr. Canvas, the art teacher asked hopefully.

“Absolutely! I think he is perfect.” The blond girl confirmed with a smile.

Despite how much he enjoy been recognized as ‘perfect’, Sombra needed answers. “Will anyone please explain the nature of your emergency?”

“Why yes! You see, today we were supposed to practice drawing with a life model, b-but the model just called us…telling us he won’t make it in time!” The art teacher said, his voice somewhat breaking as if he was about to cry. “So we need someone to replace him. And…”

“Say no more.” Sombra interrupted by bringing his open palm towards the teacher’s face. “I understand your plight and I accept to become the life model.”

“Really? You’ll really help us!”

“Of course!” Sombra answered almost with mirth. Why would he refuse? This was the opportunity to be at the center of an entire room of artists who would focus in capturing his Regal Nature, and grandiosity into works of art that would surely become very rare and sought out pieces that would sell for hundreds of thousands of money.

“I admire your conviction, but…” The teacher looked away for a second sounding worried. “Would you be able to hold a pose and not move for the duration of the class?”

“Don’t you worry, Mr. Canvas! I saw him stood still in front of the statue and he didn’t move a muscle! I know he can hold.” Lavender answered for him obviously praising his abilities.

“Well, then I guess you’ll be our Life Model …uh…”


“Thank you so much for help us, Sombra.”

“No thank you, for the opportunity.”

Scorpan sighed sadly as he looked as his lunch. Why was it that everyone around him could have a good time except for him? All around him people talked amicably with each other and laughed, while he sat alone.

‘Wish the Crusaders where here…’ Even if the just bombarded him with question after question of seemingly random subjects and topics, he would at least have someone to talk with; instead of being there alone with his own thoughts.

‘Even Starlight seemed to adapt better than me.’ Looking at a few tables over to the side, the ex-Student Body President was chatting with some students. It seemed that even a scary rule-obsessed President could seize the opportunity and made friends before him too.

“When will things finally go my way for a change?”


Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay, I've been sick this entire week and it has been awful all around.
But here it is.

As a reminder, here's the seating arrangement for those who need a visual representation.


1st row: Scorpan Sonata Starlight

2nd row: Adagio Discord Aria

3rd row: Chrysalis Sombra Tirek

Also, for those who wanted more Chrysalis, be in the look out for these next chapters. :pinkiesmile: