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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 16 - Recovering

The storage room of the Animal Shelter was, as expected, very normal looking with the exception of being full of boxes; all of them marked on the side denoting the contents inside. That and the overwhelming smell of cleaning products and air fresheners to mask the underlying smell of animals.

Sunset tried not to gag as she tried to acclimatize to the clash of odors, while Discord didn’t seemed fazed by any of it.

“Now that we are here” The boy began as he turned back turned at Sunset, not even glancing at her direction.

Sunset had being dreading this. Discord knew. He knew it all along. He had been aware of her presence since the start. Ever since he finished detention with Ms. Harshwhinny back at school, he knew she was stalking him. Which made all those twist and turns he made her go through make sense. He had been trying to shake her off. But what made no sense was the thing he didn’t do.

Why didn’t he confront her? Why didn’t he call her on it, having lots and lots of opportunities to do so? What possible reason could he have to not do so? What was his end goal? And now that they were face to face, what did he want? What did he want with her?

“That we are all alone…” He drew out.

Sure, he saved her from suffering under that sicko King, and brought her to the Animal Shelter like she asked. But who’s to say this wasn’t all an elaborated trick? To lure her in a false sense of security only for him to spring whatever trap he had planned before hand? Maybe Adagio would come through the door, after knocking poor Tree Hugger out, and exact her vengeance against her for the whole thing about the Battle of the Bands. What other reason could they have for meeting like they did?

Discord, tyrant being of Equestria or not, was probably hired by the Dazzlings in order to do their dirty work for them.

“I guess now is the time…” He took a few steps away from her.

Maybe he trapped her hear to interrogate her? Torture her to get whatever information he or Adagio wanted! They would try and get her to spill all the secrets and weaknesses they can exploit against her friends. Or use her as a hostage against her friends. But to what end?

“Time for me to ask you something…” He went on with his back still turned away.

Dear Celestia! They probably want to know the location of the portal back to Equestria! Use her and her friends as leverage against Princess Twilight to force her to surrender or to repair their broken magical pendants so they can try to conquer and rule the world once more!

“Something very important…” He denoted as he picked up a strange green box.

Well, she wasn’t gonna let any of those thing happen! Whatever it was, she wasn’t gonna go without a fight.

Turning to the side, Sunset found an opened tool box and pulled out the heaviest thing she could find; and adjustable wrench. It wasn’t much but she was sure a good hit with it would be enough.

Sunset then walked up behind Discord, clenching the tool as hard as she could.

One swing. One good swing and she would put an end to whatever plan he and Adagio had conjured up.

“And that thing is …”

Before he could even finish, Sunset closed her eyes and swung the wrench with all of her might.


But it only cut air.


She missed?! Why did she miss?!

Apparently, by some ungodly luck, Discord had crouched down at the exact moment that Sunset had swung the tool.

‘Dear God!’ The feeling of dread multiplied tenfold. She had missed her one chance to get out of this. Now Discord would be extra pissed for trying to hit him from behind! And seeing how he stomped those thugs from earlier, he knew how to deliver pain.

“Are you alright?” Discord turned stood up and turned towards her with an unusually serious face.


“I asked if you are feeling alright.” He repeated yet this time his tone was far more concerned. “After what happened back there, and with the adrenaline running its course… your perception of time is a little wonky and you must feel very scared and jumpy.”

“Scared…?” Sunset repeated and soon after she feeling somewhat disoriented and confused as to what was happening right now.

“Look you are even clenching a wrench, right now!” He pointed out, “You must have instinctively picked it up without realizing it; craving for the need to feel safe and secure.”

“Eh?” Was… was he serious? Didn’t he notice? Didn’t he notice that she almost tried to crack his skull with the wrench not a minute ago?

“Don’t you worry Sunny. You are safe here.” Discord proclaimed nodding to himself. “Now that the effects of the adrenaline are over, you will feel slightly disoriented and a little exhausted. Not to mention you will soon start feeling the pain your brain’s dopamine had been blocking.” He explained sounding as if he had known all of this since forever. “So if you are hurt I can tend you with this.” He lifted the green box showing it was a first aid kit. And by the looks of it, it was brand new, never opened before.


“Don’t get to anxious! Take big breathes!” He prompted and Sunset had no option but to do what he said. And after a few minutes of deep inhales and exhales, she did end up feeling a bit better; but her arm, where the thug had grabbed her and pulled her, did start to hurt a little bit.

“Thanks…” she said grateful for the advice and for completely ignoring her unprovoked attack. “How do you know so much of this?”

“You could say that this sort of knowledge is ‘part of the curriculum’ at St. Everfree.” He told her with a silly smile.


“You should consider yourself lucky.” Trixie said as he helped Sombra to sit in a chair near a desk. “You are the first guy I ever allowed to be inside my room.”

After bringing the injured boy to her house, against her better judgment, she decided to move him to her room where she could hide him for a couple of hours before her parents come home.

“I understand. I too refuse those unworthy to ever step inside my private chambers. “He replied, not really getting what she tried to say.

“Uh-hu.” She acknowledged mildly indifferently. “Just… wait here while I get supplies from the medical cabinet. And do not. I repeat. DO. NOT. Touch anything, understand?”

“Crystal.” He agreed somewhat offended by the implication that he was going to snoop around like a nosy child.

“Be right back.” With a sigh, Trixie left the injured boy all alone.

Although Sombra gave his word that he wasn’t going to touch any of the girl’s mundane possessions, nothing stopped him from looking around and critic what he saw.
The room itself was small, at least compared to what a true bedchamber of someone his worth was considered, but for the common girl it suited them just fine. Likewise, the wallpaper was uninspired being just plain light blue, obviously the girl’s favorite color if his had to guess.

As for décor, it was as he suspected. No precious antique furniture or anything of that nature. Computer desk and side table made out of common furniture wood near a twin sized bed with blueish covers, clearly not made out of any high-quality fabric; an armoire unmistakably from a Swedish manufacturer that produces ready-to-assemble furniture.

It was too pedestrian.

But what the room lacked of high quality furnishings. It made up in the abundance of ornaments and personal objects that the girl had spread out around the room. From little bottles of perfume to jewelry boxes and makeup kits on a small dressing table; to strange boxes and trinkets that seemed more appropriate to belong in an illusionist storage room instead of a girl’s bedchamber.

“Perhaps she practices the arts of illusion-making?” He wondered.

Though he always relegated such practices for entertainers and court jesters, he had some semblance of respect for the subtle art of deceiving and playing with the expectations of a captive audience. If only they would put their skills for a greater cause instead of entertaining the masses.

Another set of things that illustrated the interests of his host, was a guitar resting on a holder mounted onto the wall and several decorative posters. The posters in particular caught his eyes, because they didn’t depict any sort of modern musician or band, like that insufferable Sapphire Shores: instead it was a band dressed in colorful outfits and ridiculously long hair that everybody nowadays would call ‘out-of-date’.

Sombra managed to identify the group as one of those bands that was famous in the decade of the 80’s. Those with awful fashion sense with garish colors, overuse of the synthesizer sound and laser beams and neon lights visual effects.

And their music …

Not that bad all things considered, especially compared with the trash what passed as music nowadays. Yet he would never admit this to anyone, ever, as long as he lived.

Soon after, Sombra’s musing got interrupted by Trixie as soon as she entered carrying with her the supplies she went after.

“Here, this is all I found that could help.” Trixie laid everything on the desk that Sombra was seated at. It was a bottle of antiseptic and another of alcohol, a small container of analgesic pills, a cold pack, bandages and some tape.

After a quick examination of the objects brought, Sombra nodded satisfied. “Good. Then we can begin.” As soon as he said this he stood away from the chair’s back and proceeded to try and remove his shirt.

“W-what are you doing?!” Trixie exhaled getting a little bit flustered by his sudden attempt at undressing.

“Obviously, I am removing my garments so we can thoroughly check for all injuries a might suffered during my fight.” He explained straight-faced ignoring the reason behind the girl’s sudden outburst.

“I-I guess…” she stammered a bit. It did make sense what he was saying. They needed to make sure there wasn’t any… “Wait a second! What do you mean by ‘we’?”

“Regrettably I concede the fact that I might need help with my physical examination.” He grudgingly admitted. “Especially concerning the hits I received on the back.

“Fine! Just get this thing over with.” Trixie ultimately agreed and saw how the injured boy, slowly removed his shirt, displaying his fit and well toned body for only her to see. This whole thing was too much for her that she had to turn her head away, not wanting to show the intense reddening of her face if the burning sensation she suddenly felt was any indication.

‘Those explain why he’s able to endure that much pounding.’ She thought only to mentally berate herself for such thoughts. Trying to get rid of more of those dumb thoughts she slowly turned her head back. ‘It’s just a shirtless boy! You have seen that plenty of times at the pool or during soccer practice at school.’ She reminded herself, but when her eyes fixed back to his physique, she felt agitated once more.

‘It’s not just a shirtless boy!’ Her subconscious clarified. “It’s a shirtless boy with long silky ebony hair, gorgeous green eyes, chiseled face and a body that looked like it was sculpted by the Greek pantheon. In your bedroom. With no one else in the house.”

And before her own mind turned even more against her, Trixie had to repeat over and over again, his bad qualities, specifically his exasperating personality and lack of tact, like a mantra.


“Just a minor injury. But it will leave a bruise for a few days.” Discord informed after he was done examining her arm.

“Thanks…” Sunset rubbed her arm a little bit, still feeling guilty that she almost tried to crack open his skull. “Thank you for everything…” she finally admitted.

“There’s no need to thank me.” He said waving it off. Really it wasn’t as if he had done anything nobody else would’ve done.


“You don’t have to apologize either.”

“Yes I have to!” Sunset reacted somewhat startling. “I… I almost hit you with a wrench! When you only wanted to help… and… and… I’m sorry for… stalking you and getting into trouble, having you to save me from…”

“Whoa there!” Discord stopped here before she went even further with her guilt-trip. “First of all that swing was so sloppy I could’ve dodged that in my sleep.” He said surprising Sunset once more.

‘He really did notice!’ She thought troubled. But then, why didn’t he say anything before?

“I know you didn’t actually mean to do that. The adrenaline released during the ‘Fight or flight’ response for earlier still hadn’t left your body completely. And I can’t blame you for feeling jumpy and attacking me, especially after what that dude threaten to do.”

His careful explanation did explain her sudden overreaction and helped with the guilt she was feeling but what didn’t help was Discord’s lack of anger on the matter. Heck he wasn’t even slightly upset.

“As for you stalking me… well, I guess it couldn’t be helped.” He admitted with a shrug.

“What couldn’t be helped…?” She repeated back confused.

“You, falling madly in love with me.” He stated very seriously.


“No need to deny it Sunny. It is obvious that after you saw me, you fell head over heels in love with me.” He continued sounding very convinced it was all fact. “Can’t blame you for that, especially with a face like mine.”

“Huh…” She preferred not to comment on that last part. Discord wasn’t ugly; he was just … not her type. “Actually…”

“I mean, what other reason could a girl like you have to stalk me at great lengths like you did?”

“…” She was at loss for words. She couldn’t possibly explain that she though he was a threat, let alone a magic tyrant from another dimension where magic was common and ponies were the dominant species.

“I…I…” she stuttered as she was put on the spot, not knowing what to say or do.

“Ha! Relax; I was just messing with you!” Discord laughed as he couldn’t hold it in any more. “You should’ve seen the look on your face, priceless!”

“H-Hey cut that out!” she called out with her face reddening, be for embarrassment or anger, no one could tell. “And don’t call me Sunny.”

“Now, now, I’m just livening up the mood, that’s all.”

“Discord!” She called again, thought it felt somewhat strange to refer to him by name specially, when he shared it with an infamous tyrant.

“Nah uh uh!” He waived his finger. “You have to call me Dizzy!”

“Gah, Ok…Dizzy…” Sunset finally said, and upon reflecting about it, it was easier to call him that while distancing the image of the evil draconequus from the boy in front of her. “Could you please tell me what happened?” He asked in a very somber tone.

“You don’t have to worry about any of that, Sunset.” Discord replied equally matching the seriousness which she had just talked. “Just forget about it.” He smiled trying once more to liven up things, but it seemed that Sunset wasn’t ready to relent. “A nice girl like you shouldn’t get involved in matters like this.”

“I need to know.” Sunset demanded with a look in her eyes that told him that she wasn’t gonna let the matter drop. “What were those thugs after? Who were the others on that alleyway? What does St. Everfree play in all of this?”

“Fine.” Discord gave in after a sigh. “It’s kinda a long story and I do not know all of the details …” he warned.

“I have time.”

“Well, all of this goes all the way back to…”


“The 1980’s. More precisely, the War against Cobra.” Scorpan explained to his so called Students in Delinquency 101. By the way, he didn't approved of that name.

“You mean that guy with the silly voice and mask?” Applebloom asked while raising her hand as if this was in fact a real class.

“Oh yeah, that always made me laugh!” Sweetie Belle agreed with a little giggle, but before they could go on to a tangent, Scorpan intervened.

“I suppose only exposure you three have to the infamous Cobra Commander is through the water-down, propaganda-filled, Saturday morning-esque, videos and movies about the Joe’s.

“What do you mean by that?” Scootaloo, who had been pretty bored since the beginning of Scopran’s lecture, leaned in interested. It was no secret that the G.I. Joe Team, or The Joe’s for short, were heroes admired by almost everyone. Including her.

“What I mean is that reality was far grimmer than those depicted in government-approved school films or those Special FX- saturated films made by Mike Bay.” His tone made clear how he really felt about those movies. “People didn’t eject to safety whenever a vehicle was hit or a plane fell down. Lots of people died.”

“But what does the war have to do with the History of Delinquents?” Scootaloo asked what was in the Crusaders’ minds.

“Well, almost everything really.” Scorpan sighed before he elaborated into the unsavory history.

“At first during the 70's the Joe’s were an Elite Special Ops team that dealt with Cobra operations and all was kept secret from the world at large. Then years later in 1982 a terrible terrorist attack that shook the hearts of every American everywhere, Cobra became a world-infamous Terrorist organization and the military could no longer afford to keep their activities under wraps. The government then made official their intentions of stopping Cobra once and for all and declared war on the growing terrorist group.

With the war at full swing so did the casualties which forced the government enact a more demanding Conscription, aka the Draft, to fill up their ranks. Bodily able men of 18 to 35 were forced to join the military, be citizens or immigrants. Not only that, but prisoners were also forced into it even if they were underage.

Soon public opinion, especially from large groups conformed of women who lost their husbands and sons to this war. Their protests forced the government to change their stand about using underage prisoners as recruits. And since having prisons filled to the brim with rebellious youths cost a fortune for tax payers, police forces became more and more lenient with Juvenile Delinquents, to the point of turning their eyes away. This attitude and lack of any serious organized crime left thanks to the draft and severe lack of adults, help proliferate all Juvenile Delinquency and the creation of Street Gangs in many areas.

Now, many years later we can still feel the effects the Forced Drafts and the War against Cobra had in our country, with school gangs running rampant in many places, and the overwhelming number of women in positions of power and the almost matriarchal state of things due to many, many years of lack of men to fill those positions.”

“Not to mention all the advancements made in technology.” Scootaloo added her own two cents. “That’s why we have transforming cars, like the one Vinyl has!”

“Yes, after many years of remaining solely for military use. Transforming vehicles and miniature computers that were the precursors of our Smartphones and tablets hit the general market. Not to mention, laser technology and the use of nanites for the benefit of medical science.”

Though in the darker side of things, many substances developed for military use got leaked and are used as recreational and hard drugs in some parts of the country. But He didn’t want to worry the girl about any of that.

“In conclusion…”


“Keep it together…” Tirek said towards his reflection in the mirror.

After Granny Smith finished cleaning up and closing his more pressing wounds. He had asked her to use the bathroom to freshen himself up; and so he did, splashing cold water unto his numb and burning face. But that wasn’t the real reason why he was there.

No, the real reason was far more … personal.

Tirek looked away from his reflection and gaze back towards his hand, specifically what he was holding in it.

He could almost hear it. He could hear its taunting and seductive voice daring him to put it in his mouth and swallow it.

A Blue Pill.

“I don’t need it.” He said to himself, reminding him of his promise to never take one again. Not after what happened last time. “I don’t…”

Yet he couldn’t bring himself to throw it away.

‘You need me!’ The darker part of his consciousness said. ‘Take me!’

“No… I don’t need you…”

‘Sure you do… the fact that you being carrying me the whole time is testament of that.’

“No… I just…”

‘Besides, you already took the other two. Why not me too?’

It was true, back at the orchard when he needed a plan to take down Chrysalis soldiers, he had dug up both a Red Pill and a Green Pill and swallow them both. Their effects helping him fight and withstand the pain of their attacks.

“That’s different. They overwhelmed me.” They were more prepared, more coordinated, smarter, attacked like never before.

Without any mercy.

‘That’s why you need me.’ Blue repeated. ‘Do you really think they won’t attack again with this sort of tactic or even a better one?’

“I’ll be prepared for next time!”

‘But without me accelerating the healing process, you won’t be well enough for next time.’ The pill warned. ‘Do you really think you can survive without me?’

“I’m strong enough, I’ll become stronger.”

‘No you won't.’

“Yes I will!”

‘The fact that the first thing you did in a pinch was to use Red and Green, proves you wrong.’


‘Admit it. You are nothing without us; without me.’

Tirek remained silent as his whole body trembled. Clutching the infernal pill inside his mighty hands.

“I’m strong… I’m strong…” He barely uttered above a whisper as he continued trembling.

‘No you are not.’


Author's Note:

Oh Sh*t! Who saw that coming?

Also remember when I said not to take the G.I joe joke too seriously?

I lied

Well not really, I thought it would be a neat way to explain some of the more unbelievable things in this fic and in the EQG movies. (I'm looking at you Vinyl, and your Car!)

And tie everything to an existing Hasbro Franchise.
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