• Published 3rd Oct 2015
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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 3 - Bad Impressions.

“What? Was it something I said?”

The crowd of students remained speechless after the strange event they just witnessed. But the spell of silence was broken by Sombra, of all people.

“Discord! You treacherous snake!” The fellow grey teen was very angry all of the sudden. “How dare you have such an elaborate entrance? If someone deserves an entrance that amazes all others it should be I!” He accused as he posed dramatically with one arm extended and his index finger pointing at the “traitor” who dared outshine him.

Thought unintentional, Sombra’s outburst helped the crowd of students and both Principals to finally snap back to reality.

For his part, Discord just casually walked up to where his fellow classmates were forming. “Good to see you too, Somby!” He greeted back ignoring the posing teen’s accusation. “I see you still a creep. Nice.”

But before the fuming Sombra could retort, Celestia intervened with a shout of her own. “Discord! Just what in the world happened? I demand an explanation!” I mean, it wasn’t everyday you see a student been drop off by police officers like they were a highly dangerous criminal.

“What can I say, babe?” Discord answered with a shrug. “It’s because I’m bad.” He smirked and gave a flirty wink to the Principal, who was appalled by it.

“Discord! That blatant disrespect to our honored Principal is just unacceptable!” Starlight stepped out of line to reprimand the dishevel teen. “Not to mention your lack of proper attire!”

Indeed, the teen was wearing the most “disordered” attire that everyone had ever seen at CHS.

Over a discolored dirty brown T-shirt with one torn off sleeve he wore a purple and blue vest that looked like it was made by stitching to different vests together; adding to the clash of colors, he also wore a pink belt on magenta colored trousers (although Rarity would later debate it was more likely a light shade of Amaranth red). And finally to complement this hectic attire, he wore mismatched gloves: a light yellow dress glove and a bright yellow fingerless driving glove on his right and left arm respectively; and a green sneaker on his right foot and a brown boot on his right foot for foot wear.

All in all, he was chaotic mess.

“Oh! Starlight Glimmer! You’re also here!” Discord said once again ignoring what everyone said to him. “Why, every party needs its own party-pooper.” He laughed as he saw Starlight’s eye twitch in annoyance. “As for my clothes, I’m just expression my artistic side and individuality! There’s no rule against that!”

“Unfortunately, he’s right.” Luna muttered while crossing her arms. The dress code was lax of the school was lax but it still prohibited clothes that were too revealing, and Discord’s though messy and mismatched, didn’t broke the rules. “But that doesn’t excuse the blatant disrespect!”

“Geez, you two aren’t any fun at all!” Discord rolled his eyes at both Luna and Starlight.

“Just take your place in the line and be silent or it’s detention for you.” Luna ordered, not caring for the disrespectful boy attitude. She was also very curious about the whole Police-thing, but she doubted they could get a real answer out of him. It was best for now to ignore it and move on. “And that goes for you Miss Glimmer.” The vice principal added turning at the girl who stepped out of her place too.

“Of course, Vice Principal Luna.” Starlight said with a small bow and returned to her place post haste acting like a respectable Student President should.

“Fine.” Discord followed behind Starlight and took his place in the line too.

Now that the six of them were present and formed in a line. Celestia finally addressed the group as a whole.

“Good morning everyone, I’m Principal Celestia and this is Vice Principal Luna. As you are very much aware, you will be attending classes here from now on until your school, St. Everfree, recovers from the damage and can resume classes as normal. I hope you find your stay in here both pleasant and meaningful. Welcome to Canterlot High.”

“Yes. It is an honor to be here!” Starlight answered as she stepped forwards deciding once again to speak for everyone without anyone’s approval. “We the students’ of St. Everfree, are grateful for your welcome and in return we will proudly sing our school Hymn as a sign of union between our schools.” She declared making the other five look at here like she was crazy. Well, crazier than usual.

“Heads high, students! Singing Proud! All together now! Every one of you, no person left behind!” she lifted her hand into the air and waited for her classmates to start singing.

And she waited.

And she waited even more.

When she finally had it, she turned around with an angry expression on her face. “That was your cue to start signing! What’s the hold up?”

Nobody answered. Not because they didn’t dare to, but because nobody wanted to acknowledge her.

“Huh…does our school even have a hymn…?” Scorpan was the one to bite the bullet and ask the question in everyone’s mind.

“Wait, I think I remember it!” Discord said snapping his fingers, “Wasn’t it …?”

♪ “Let them all go to hell, all except St. Everfree!” ♪

“No you f…fool.” Starlight tried her best to contain her anger and ignore Discord’s silly song. “The hymn that was put in place after I became School Body President!” It was a glorious and catchy song written by Starlight herself.

“You mean that song about how great how everything is better when everyone’s the same?” Scropan asked which earned him a nod from Starlight.

“Ha! How foolish! There is no one who’s equal to me!” Sombra laughed at that preposterous notion. “I refuse.”

“I have to agree with Slime Ball here, I’m not singing that garbage.” Chrysalis reluctantly admitted.

“I-I hadn’t have the time to fully learn it.” Scorpan apologized.

“Hn.” And Tirek just frown and cross his arms in front of him.

Starlight’s eye twitched even harder, but she didn’t let herself be consumed the anger she felt for his fellow students. “Doesn’t matter! I shall intone our School Hymn by myself!”

♪ “Life is so grand in our school; we’re always filled with cheer.” ♪
♪ “We never have to look around, to know that we're all here.”♪

“Not to be rude, but I think we can skip the singing for some other time.” Celestia interrupted much to Starlight’s displeasure, but the girl didn’t dare to voice any of it. “We better go inside and proceed with a tour of the School.”

“Correct.” Luna said as she moved to make more indications. “Everyone follow me still in a line.”

“Everyone, you heard the Vice Principal! Everyone follow her and pay attention! And don’t dare break the line!” Starlight commanded once more getting in everyone’s nerves.

“Says the one who keeps stepping out of the line.” Chrysalis pointed out while Discord just chuckled.

“As Student Body President I can overstep some boundaries to help maintain Harmony and order.”

“President of a pile of rubble, not us.” Chrysalis rebutted. “So don’t expect us to bow down and kiss you a…”

“I said to follow me, don’t make me repeat myself.” Luna reminded hoping to stop the argument there and finally get inside the school.
As the line moved, the crowd of students began to disperse as well, finally having satisfied their curiosity for the moment. Still, some students began talking with each other, discussion nothing but the new transfer students.

“Well that was…interesting.” Rainbow Dash said as she turned to the rest of her friends who were still processing everything that they saw.

“That’s putting it mildly, darling.” Rarity said, “Did you see what the last one was wearing? It was a crime on fashion itself!” No one with any sense of fashion could ever find something so hectic nice to look at.

“Yes Rarity, because what shocked us all here was what he was wearing and NOT the fact that the Police dropped him off like he was Hannibal or something.” Applejack said sardonically. Really, only Rarity would overlook something so bizarre in favor of judging someone’s clothes. “Just what the heck was all about? I mean, it had to be some sort of ruse, right?” No one in their right mind would’ve allow a someone dangerous enough that needs their own Police escort to come to a school. At least she hoped so.

“B-but if it w-was a r-ruse…” Fluttershy managed to say between stutters, “h-how did he get a p-police van and equipment like that?”

“Yeah, those officers and police van looked pretty real to me.” Rainbow Dash had to agree with Fluttershy in that aspect. “How does a teenager manage to pull something so realistic just for a flashy entrance?”

“But if it was real, doesn’t that mean that he truly is a dangerous criminal and that he’s going to stay at his school for the unforeseeable future?” Rarity reasoned not wanting to believe any of it. “It had to be fake; it has to.”

“I don’t know, but I thought it was pretty funny.” Pinkie said while bouncing up and down in excitement. “Everyone’s faces were like: ‘Huh?’ and ‘Whoa!’ and ‘Eeeh?!’ ” Pinkie would’ve continued making silly faces if it were not for the faces Applejack and Rarity directed at her. “I mean,” she said a little more serious, “it had to be a big elaborate prank to scare us.”

“That does sound like something students from Everfree would do.” Rainbow Dash admitted. “Put to pull something like this off… does that mean the rumors are true?”

Among the many rumors about the gangs at Everfree, one of the most absurd ones was that they had the power and influence to command, manipulate, extort or bribe local businesses, the board of education, the police and even the Mayor herself. Of course very few people believed that nonsense, but those who did used it as the explanation why the St. Everfree student’s managed to get away with their most infamous deeds.

“Dash, there are just delinquents not the mafia.” AJ rolled her eyes at the mere idea of high school students having so much power and influence. “Though I admit some of the less outrageous ones might be true.”Seeing the way some of them acted, and the sheer massiveness of the guy dressed in all black, she could believe that a lot of fistfights broke out in their school.

“What do you think about all of this Sunset? You been awfully quiet.” Then the country girl turned to Sunset Shimmer who until now had a pretty serious expression on her face.

“Oh! Me…?” The red head was caught completely unaware by the “sudden” question. “I-I’m alright. Just…processing what happened. That’s all.”

“If you say so.” The orange girl could tell that there was something more to it, but decided to not push the issue.

“Anyway, what are we going to do now?” Rarity asked frantically looking for an answer on how to handle the situation.

“We are going to stay away and keep an eye out for them until we can be sure they aren’t a threat to others.” Applejack offered what she thought was the most sensible solution.

“And if they are, I’ll just kick their butts!” Rainbow said confidently while cracking her knuckles only to earn a moan from Rarity.

“Really Rainbow? Even after seeing that frightful Mountain of Muscles you think you can win in a scuffle?”

“Y-Yes I can.” Rainbow tried to reassure everyone but it sounded more like she was trying to reassure herself. “Sure he looks tough, but he most likely doesn’t even know how to fight properly! He probably just uses his size and strength to beat up punks and has no technique at all.” As a proud practitioner of the art of Karate, she knew that good technique beat up pure strength every time. “Not only have that, with his size he’s most likely very slow.”

Rainbow Dash proceeded to throw several fast moving punches into the air and finished it all off with a flying roundhouse kick. “With my speed there’s no way he can even lay a finger on me.”

“Ooh! Dashie that was so great! Wasn’t it girls?” Pinkie applauded praising her friend’s excellent performance.

“Yeah it was impressive and all. But let’s hope to the stars that things don’t come down to violence.” Someone getting hurt was the last thing anyone needed. “If things look bad, we will better of reporting it to Principal Celestia, agreed?”

“Agreed.” Everyone concurred at the same time. Except Sunset Shimmer who looked like she was lost in thought again.

“Agreed.” The redhead said a second later.

But before anyone could ask what was on her mind, the school bell rang indicating it was time for the first period.

“Shoot! We better get inside; otherwise Mr. Cranky will throw a fit.” Rainbow said as she hurried up towards the main entrance followed behind by the rest. But when everyone was worried about not being late, Sunset Shimmer had other things to worry about.

Specifically, the transfer student whose name she managed to catch thanks to Principal Celestia’s outburst.


“He couldn’t possibly be the same Discord as in Equestria.” It had to be just a coincidence, because Discord was just a statue in the Royal Gardens in Canterlot back in Equestria.


“Besides if it were THE Discord, the world would be in total chaos right now.” He wouldn’t waste time pretending to be a High School student.


“But to share the same name as the most evil tyrant Equestria has ever known…” it wasn’t a good sign. “I have to find out but…I don’t want to cause unnecessary panic.” The last thing they needed was ANOTHER invasion from evil forces from Equestria, “or this world’s equivalent of one.”

Still, she had to make sure the school wasn’t in any danger.

“I’ll have to keep an eye on him, real Discord or not!”

Author's Note:

Before someone asks...
The reason why Sunset only recognized Discord and not the others, it's because she haven't heard of any of them, just like Twilight didn't know about Chrysalis, Sombra and Tirek. And I work under the assumption that Twilight hasn't told Sunset about the villains she had to defeat before.