• Published 3rd Oct 2015
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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 25 - Foot meets Mouth

Luna was glad that her gamble had paid off. Everyone was in a visually better mood than when class started that day. Chrysalis and Adagio weren’t projecting bitterness all around them; Sonata and Aria had content plastered on their faces; Tirek looked WAY more relaxed and much less stiff; Discord and Starlight didn’t look like they were going to jump to any of their antics; and finally there was Scorpan who didn’t look all that better, but at least didn’t look quite depressed as before.

This was all good and all, but Luna noticed the absence of one of her students.

“Where is Sombra?” And her question only incited mumbles and shrugs telling her that no one had any idea where the boy went.

“Maybe he decided to skip class.” Starlight reasoned that to be the cause of the boy’s nonappearance. “Ms. Luna, do you want me to track him down and bring him to you?” so he could hopefully get a reprimand for his bad behavior.

“Thank you Starlight, but it won’t be necessary.” Luna declined the girl’s offer, already imagining what the girl would do if given a little bit of power over others. “I’ll just inform Principal Celestia about this and…”

Luna then was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking at the door.

“You may enter.” She called, thinking it was her late student at the door. But when the door opened, she was surprised to see a member of the faculty.

“Good morning, Vice-Principal Luna. Sorry for the interruption.” It was Stock Canvas the Art Teacher. He was a very lanky man with unkempt brownish hair, who never acted his age; something about living like a free spirit was his excuse reason.

“Good morning, Mr. Canvas.” Luna reciprocated his greeting, breaking away from her initial surprise. “To what do we owe your visit?” Despite her own thoughts about the art teacher and some of his eccentricities, he wasn’t exactly the type of person who would come out and seek her or her sister without a good reason.

“Sorry if this is a bit last minute, but I’m here to inform you that the life model I needed for today’s lessons didn’t arrive.” He explained, sounding much less panicky than Luna had expected him to be after this news.

“I’m sorry to hear that, but I think you need to speak with Principal Celestia about this.” She was the one who authorized and supervised permits about letting third parties inside the school for any sort of didactic or educational reasons.

“Yes, I will have to talk to her about it after this, but I came here to tell you something else.” The way he said this made it seemed like it was of the upmost importance that he had to come here first.

“Yes?” Luna asked after a small sighed. Why was it that Stock Canvas always talked in a roundabout manner? Would it kill him to speak straight forward for once in his life? Luna wanted to go back to her lessons as soon as possible.

“I’m here to tell you I’m borrowing one of your students, Sombra, for him to be the replacement to my missing life model for my class.”

“Oh good, now his ego will skyrocket for sure.” Discord couldn’t help but comment upon this reveal. “He’s going to be insufferable.” All around him, his fellow classmates from Everfree groaned and mumbled in agreement, except for Starlight who took the opportunity for a small jab against the class clown.

“It would be like having another Discord.”

Now this elicited several responses, from Chrysalis’ laughter, to Sonata’s gasp of incredulity. But no matter the reaction, soon everyone soon fell into loud responses and arguments.
Luna could only sighed in frustration, wondering if having them all depressed and angsty was really worse than loud and rowdy.

Either way, Luna had a class to impart.




“Did anyone else hear that?” Fuchsia Blush asked out-loud.

“Who cares?” Trixie, who was sitting next to Feebee, answered bored out of her skull. “How much longer do we have to wait?” And she wasn’t the only one who thought the same as her. Around her the rest of the classroom looked bored or were having idled conversations with each other.

“This is quite strange, Mr. Canvas is never late.” Octavia Melody, a girl with long dark grey hair, said worriedly, since she had been looking for this lesson for some time now. “Do you think something happened?”

All around her, expostulations ran rampant. That is until Lavender Lace entered the classroom and took center stage. “It seems that Mr. Canvas is going to take a bit longer than expected.” She informed them receiving several confused looks, “So, he asked me to start the lesson for him if he was tardy.”

Now that sparked everyone’s attention.

“As you all know, today we were going to draw using a life model…” which it had been long time coming since they had been practicing with fruit bowls and scenery for so long. “And Mr. Canvas wished to remind us to act with the upmost respect towards our model and NOT act immature about this.”

This made all of the girls giggle, which meant it was All of the class.

For some reason, this Elective Course was taken by just girls. It seemed that boys at Canterlot High weren’t too keen on Art, preferring to take shop class among others. Of course, the girls didn’t mind having an entire class with just them girls. It was the perfect place to gossip and girl talk without the prying eyes and ears of any boy around.

“I’m serious!” Lavender warned them again. “If we don’t take this seriously, Mr. Canvas will not bring any more models and will have us draw fruit again!”

“I assure you, we can act maturely throughout the whole thing.” Octavia said, in an effort to calm the giggles around her so they could all continue with the class. Thankfully, everyone else composed themselves. “We are ready.”

“Yeah just go on with it already!” Trixie demanded not wanting to waste any more time.

Lavender Lace just sighed; she could tell they were just faking it. She could smell it in the air, everyone was excited despite their now seemingly calm dispositions, it was simmering under the façade. Heck, she was no different. She had high hopes for this lesson since the beginning, but now that she knew WHO the model was, she couldn’t help but worry a bit.
Yes, she was the one who suggested him and brought him on board, but that was because she had been desperate and didn’t want to disappoint the girls who had been waiting eagerly for this lesson. Of course, some with different intentions than others.

“Okay, so without further ado, let me introduce you to our class model who graciously accepted to help us today.” Lavender called out and signaled towards a door to the side of the blackboard. It was a closet room where Mr. Canvas stored all sort of materials and finished artwork which was big spacious to house someone like they waited for their entrance.

Slowly the closet door opened making everyone’s head turn and look, waiting patiently to gaze upon their model. Then the atmosphere of the room change completely from a quiet with pent up energy to shock and somewhat horror when they noticed who it was. They recognized him as the dark transfer student boy with long dark ebony hair who had been all the talk since this morning.

Of course, the first ones to react were the girls who were the most acquainted with him.

“W-w-what the heck are you doing here?!”

“Sombra?! Please don’t tell me you are…”

Both Trixie and Fuchsia were red although for distinct reasons from one and other.

These reactions were, of course, not unnoticed by the rest of the class. Who was this Sombra character? How did Trixie and Fuchsia seem to know the guy? Was this guy as dangerous as rumors said? And how did he make this hair look so good?

Most of the questions were somewhat answered when Sombra finally opened his mouth.

“Miss Trixie? Miss Fuchsia? I didn’t expect to see you both so soon.” He was completely unfazed by the girl’s reactions and the stares everyone else was giving them. “As for your queries, I offered my services to help this class’ project when I was informed that the previous Life Model was unable to arrive in time. In fact it was Miss Lavender who brought this issue to my attention.”

Instantly both her friends turned and glared at Lavender, again for different reasons. Trixie was more akin to: “what were you thinking, you idiot?!”, while Fuchsia was more like: “You blabbermouth!”

“Now, I believe we wasted enough time.” Sombra continued, not really paying much attention to anyone but himself. “We better begin this lesson.” And then with just one swift motion, Sombra grabbed his shirt and removed it alongside a white undershirt without even unbuttoning it and flung them away.

This incredible display for stripping away clothes both surprised and amazed the class. But said amazement was soon drowned by wonder caused by his well-toned torso. Despite some of the bandages he was wearing, obscuring some parts, it was quite the treat for the female eye.

Sombra’s display of his own body elicited several responses.

The “shy” girls like Water Melody and Octavia sported blushes so dark, the school nurse would’ve worried about their health.

The more “Mature” girls like Mystery Mint and Star Light took it in good stride and let out a small “oh!” of surprise.

Photo Finish and her posse, Violet Blur and Pixel Pizazz, were unashamed since they openly stared and even took pictures of it.

And finally there was Trixie.

“Would you stop that?!” Trixie demanded. Despite doing what was asked of him as a model, she focused her anger towards him and not the girls’ reactions which annoyed her so. “Don’t you have any shame?”

“Miss Trixie, I do share the same social rules regarding the exposure of one’s flesh and body as everyone else, I really do.” Out of all of his varying opinions towards different social standards, he respected his dressing code above many others. “But I firmly believe there are two instances where one should disregard their inhibitions and taboos about one’s state of undress. One is , unfortunately, during medical examinations.” Something that Trixie was well aware of in regards to him. “And the other is Art.”


“Art should never be limited by social conventions or taboos. Otherwise, it fails to capture the essence of reality, whatever that may be.” Sombra explained very serious. “And there is nothing more beautiful than the magnificence that is the human body.” As soon as he said this, he lifted both his arms to emphasize his words. “I’m amazed by the complexity of these bodies of ours. The sheer wonder that is to walk erected on both our legs unlike any other being in our world is outstanding. And to pretend that this miracle we call the human body could be considered “dirty” is a major insult to humanity itself. For each and every body in existence, is unique and there is no other that is the same. Truly, each and every one of our bodies is unique and therefore beautiful. And should never be considered obscene!”

His words brought an intense silence upon the room. Some of the girls looked away, ashamed from their thoughts and reactions from moments ago, while others held a poignant look of acceptance. Meanwhile, Trixie was experiencing a strange mixture of both. Though she hated to admit her fault for jumping at him like that, there were no excuses, she owed an apology.

‘Who knew the guy could be profound.’ It came as a surprise despite his verboseness and lack of tact. After the events of yesterday Trixie thought she had Sombra already figured out and now here he comes again showing another side of him that wasn’t as infuriating or mad.

‘Maybe he isn’t as bad as I…’

“Your aversion towards the human body confuses me, Miss Trixie.” Sombra said interrupting her thoughts. “I thought that by now you wouldn’t have a problem with my undressed body, since you have already examined it thoroughly back in your room.”

For just a second, the world went so silent that a pin drop would be as loud as a jet engine. Alas, the instant that the second passed, the world fell into utter chaos. Loud shouts of incredulity and shock resonated all around, each and every single one directed at the platinum haired girl who was completely frozen in place, a look of horror plastered on her face.

Even inside a storm of shouts and screams, the world around Trixie remained silent except for the sound of her own voice.

“He…secret…said…reveal…yesterday…room…” Eve inside her own mind she had trouble forming sentences. She was shocked beyond belief and remained agape as her world crumbled around her.

No matter what Trixie did or day now, nothing could ever change the thoughts and ideas already formed in her classmates minds, who currently resided in the depths of the gutter, filling up the blanks with any sort or dirty detail they could come up with. It wouldn’t even take an hour for said stories to be heard and digested by the rest of the school, and then they would all brand her by many unsavory titles.

Trixie’s social life was over. She had been publicly executed. And the person responsible had no idea of what he had done. So Trixie did what any other teenage girl whose world had been mercilessly destroyed would have done.

“YOU ******* IDIOT!” Trixie screamed at top of her lungs, drowning the questions from the girls around her then she ran away, trying to escape the judgmental looks that were sure to come.

“Did…Did I say something wrong?”

“You ******* idiot.”

“Did you guys heard that?” Pinkie Pie asked out-loud as she put a hand behind her ear trying to get a better “reception” to the origin of said sound.

“Miss Pie, please pay attention!” The grumpy math teacher Mr. Cranky called out to one of his most “restless” students.

“Opps! Sorry.”


Luna let out a sigh of tiredness; talking with Mr. Cavas while keeping her class under control had been a difficult chore. But now that the art teacher was gone, with the vice-principal reluctant permission to borrow one of her students, Luna could now go back to her lesson.

Well, that was until another person knocked on the door.

“For the love of… You may enter!” Just who else had come to disrupt her lesson? In any case, her day was already soured so things couldn’t possible go further downhill.

“Sorry for interrupting your class, Vice Principal Luna.” It was none other than Principal Celestia, who had a very somber look on her face, which didn’t go unnoticed by her sister.

“Is something wrong, S…Principal Celestia?” In her own worry she almost slipped up, thankfully she was able to correct herself in time.

“You could say that…” Celestia said hesitantly, then after she entered the room, two other individuals followed suit. “These gentlemen came into my office with some pressing news.” In the blink of an eye, the whole room went from contained excitement to silent shock after they realized who these ‘gentlemen’ were.

Police Officers.

What were the Police doing here?

“Sorry for the interruption, Ma’am! But we are here to talk with your students.” One the officers said in a very stern voice.

“What for?” Luna asked worriedly. Unless this was some sort of surprise Drug-Prevention conference no one told her about, then something big must have happened.

“We are here about a case of Grand Theft Auto.” And before anyone made any sort of remark he added, “And I’m not talking about the Video Game.” Really, why did people always jumped to make some stupid joke whenever they brought up the crime? It was getting so old.

"Motor Vehicle Theft…” Luna recalled. Not the worst of misdemeanors or felonies for sure, but it was still highly punishable depending of the circumstances. It would either be a fine between $500 and $1000 if the vehicle wasn’t highly damaged in some sort of way, or up to one year or more in prison.

Luna then turned towards her students trying to think who could’ve done it. Sure, a teacher should always have faith in her students and never judge them like this, but she had seen their records and they were not favorable.

“Does anyone know about a stolen Karin Kuruma model 2001 color Black?” The second officer, who looked less stern than the first one but still sounded very solemn, pulled out a photograph with the car in question.

The reaction was instantaneous; Luna could see the looks of surprise and worry in the sister trio’s faces as clear as day.

“Adagio, Aria, Sonata. Do you know anything about it?” Luna confronted them before the officers could. She wanted to believe three of them were incapable of this crime. Yet, these were the girls that had previously wanted to brainwash the school to acquire enough magic power to conquer the world. In perspective theft wasn’t outside the realms of possibility.

“We don’t know what you are talking about.” Aria crossed her arms and turned her head away seemingly offended.

“Besides, who would want to steal a tacky vehicle like that?” Adagio followed suit, expertly lying through her teeth.

“I…I…” Unfortunately, Sonata wasn’t as quick or as prepared as her sisters.

“Sonata. Do you know something?” Luna asked again, this time focused solely on the girl who was becoming a trembling stuttering mess under her and the officers’ stares. It almost made Luna feel bad for pointing her on the spot like this.

“N-No…I-I…I don’t…” Sonata was so nervous that she could barely form sentences, an obvious indication that she was hiding a big secret.

“Sonata!” Luna pressed the girl again hoping she would break and spill the beans.

“I know about the car!” Discord declared as he stood up from his seat. “In fact, here are the keys.” The boy then dangled the keychain in front of him with a smile on his face. “I know how this looks like but I assure you this is a mere misunderstanding.”

“Discord…?” Sonata looked the boy with both worry and gloom in her eyes.

“Idiot.” Chrysalis mumbled. Just what sort of loser confessed to the crime so willingly?

“Serves you right.” Starlight muttered to herself, silently enjoying the sight of the delinquent finally getting their dues.

“You are coming with us to the station.” The stern officer said as he walked up to the boy and grabbed him by the arm so he could but the handcuffs with his arms behind him.

“Sorry I can’t. I have detention after school.” Discord joked, not even fazed by the arrest.

“Is that true?” The second officer with the picture turned towards Luna for verification.

“Y-Yes?” She answered confused as to why that should matter. “If you are taking him in, then detention is pointless.”

“So that means I no longer have detention?” Discord asked hopefully.

“Yes. You no longer have detention.” Luna responded somewhat worried by the boy’s messed up priorities. Did he not realize the mess that he was in? Or did he simply didn’t care?
“Actually, he is under custody for now.” Celestia clarified. “He won’t be expelled unless he is found guilty and processed.” It wouldn’t be exactly fair for Discord to be expelled if it turns out he was innocent and this really was a misunderstanding.

“Now with that out of the way, we need to take him to the station.” After receiving a nod of understanding from the principal, the officers then dragged the handcuffed Discord towards the door.

“You can’t take him!” Aria protested. If the officers took him away, who would give her sisters and her rides towards school and buy them lunches? She didn’t want to lose her meal ticket before she could even cash it. “Say something Adagio.”

“What do you want me to say?” It wasn’t as if it could help anything. Without her pendants and magic her powers of persuasion were null.

“Don’t shed tears for me; I’ll be back soon enough.” Discord said not even worried about the possibility of been sent to jail for a long time.

“You promise?” Sonata asked wanting nothing more than to believe his words to be true.

“Of course! With today’s judicial system I’ll be back on the streets in 24 hours.” Discord laughed as he said goodbye to his classmates. “Adagio, wait for me!”

“Come on move it.” The Officers dragged him out of the door and into the hallway.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna read me my Miranda rights?” I mean, what sort of arrest would this be without those classical lines?

With a slight groan, the officer repeated those tired old lines.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police. If you cannot afford and attorney, one will be appointed to you before any questioning if you wish.”

“Sorry, I choose waive that first right.” Discord grinned before he shouted. “LET ME GO! I’M INNOCENT I TELL YOU!!!”

With that yelling, Discord got what he wanted when droves of students and teachers exited their classroom to see what the commotion was.

“COMING TO ME AT SCHOOL, DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME?!” Discord kept on shouting as he his steps started to become short and slow, which prompted the police officers to not so subtly push him forward.


Despite his shouting and the situation he was in, Discord was enjoying every single moment of it.


That is until a familiar voice cut through the crowd and made him stop.


Said boy turned and came face to face against the upset look Sunset Shimmer was giving him. After seeing her like that, his whole demeanor changed. No longer was this fun or a game for him to get the attention of everyone in school. How could he find this funny if she was looking at him like that?

“Hey!” Discord said casually, not really laughing or anything else for that matter. “I’m innocent and this is just a misunderstanding, ok?” He tried to reassure the girl, but by the look she gave him it seemed that she didn’t exactly buy it. “Sunny…” He wanted to say something else to try and explain, but was interrupted when he was pushed forward once more.

"I’ll be fine!” He called out as he was been keep pushed forward and away from Sunset.

And soon enough he finally dragged outside the school and inside a police car.


Author's Note:

Now this is a doozy! :pinkiegasp:
Sombra and Discord should learn to read the mood and keep quiet. Now both are in trouble! :derpytongue2:
And with them out of the way, how will that affect the rest of their classmates? :unsuresweetie: