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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 26 - Those Left Behind - Part 1

If you can say anything about Discord, is that he really lived up to his name. After making a scene out of his “arrest” the whole school blew up in hubbub; classes were cut short and the teachers let the students go while they discussed how they would handle the eventual “meeting” with the PTA, who will be eager to for assembly after hearing about this whole thing. Thankfully, Principal Celestia had managed to convince Discord's class from disclosing any information about the arrest, out of fear it might ignite even more outrage.


Sunset sat under the shade made by the Canterlot Statue, where the portal to Equestria was located, and reflected upon the events of that day.

First, she had slept in despite her precautions the day before; mostly because it had been a very physically and mentally exhausting day. And the only silver lining of being so tired was that she had no troubling sleeping. Heavens know she didn’t want nightmares about what could’ve happened in that alley.

Seeing she was tardy, she rushed through her morning routine as fast as humanly possible. And when she had finally out on the street running towards school, it was already too late and she knew she would get reprimanded, maybe even get detention for that day.

After she arrived and profusely apologized by her lateness, Sunset sat through the rest of the class trying to ignore the curious looks of her friends, who couldn’t wait for class to end so they could bombard her with questions; questions that Sunset didn’t know how to answer.

She didn’t want to tell lies to her friends, but she couldn’t also tell them about how she spent the day stalking Discord and how she had been attacked because of it. Not to mention there was the issue with Fluttershy, who had seen her with Discord at the Animal Shelter moments before she fainted out fear of the transfer student. What did Tree Hugger tell Fluttershy? And what did the shy girl told the girls about it?

Sunset got her answer when class was over and her friends just asked her about why she had been late. No questions about yesterday events or about a certain transfer student. She felt somewhat relieved that she didn’t have to say anything about the boy just yet and she answered their questions truthfully; she had slept in despite the alarm from her cellphone. After some good natured teasing from Rainbow Dash, the subject was dropped and they continued with their day. Although by looking at Fluttershy, she could tell the petite girl had something she wanted ask her. And when she remained silent Sunset assumed Fluttershy was just waiting for the appropriate moment to do so; something that the former unicorn appreciated.

When lunch time arrived, Sunset was so engrossed in conversation with her friends, especially with the fun mental image of Pinkie’s story about Maud and her college friends, that all the worry of what she had learned yesterday about the underbelly of the city almost vanished from the forefront of her mind. That is until she saw the boy that had plagued her thoughts all of yesterday, walking on the opposite way as she and her friends while surrounded by the Sirens.

Discord was a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. After the events of yesterday, the few answers she got from him only served to make even more questions which Sunset was eager to have answers for. And one of less important but still worrying ones was his relationship with the Former magical trio.

The Sirens who had been separated from the rest of the school by decree of both principals, after consulting with Susnet, as the local magic expert in town, when they arrived to school a few days later escorted by a truant officer. Heck, nobody expected the trio to keep on coming to school after what they pulled, but they were officially enrolled and they had to come to assist classes. And now after weeks of semi-isolation, they had new classmates in the form of Discord, alongside his fellow transferred students from St. Everfree.

Sunset remembered her own thoughts during her adrenaline induced panic where she thought that Discord might’ve been working with the Sirens. And after seeing Discord meet Adagio at the tea shop and seeing him acting chummy on the hallway, the thought that something was afoul intensified. Sunset and her friends tried several times to approach the Sirens to extend the olive branch only to have the trio shot them down. Those girls knew how to hold a grudge, especially after they professed their hatred and their desire of revenge against them, so Sunset wouldn’t put it pass them to try and get revenge on her and her friends, using a variety of means.

Including using an Everfree student against them.

She couldn’t help but worry a bit; the Sirens were cunning as they were mean. It wouldn’t be beyond them to manipulate someone to do the dirty deeds for them; but when Sunset remembered her “close encounter” with Discord, and she thought better.

Although she didn’t trust him 100% to be a “good guy”, Sunset knew that Discord wasn’t the type to be easily manipulated. In fact, after how he fooled her and that sick bastard King, it was most likely he was the one playing games on the Sirens instead of the other way around. Still, that thought wasn’t all that comforting either. Whatever the case might be, Sunset hoped that by the end of it those girls would be a little more open to the idea of friendship instead of wallowing in bitterness.

Anyway, Lunch proceeded without any surprises or troubles except for how Fluttershy was a little bit quieter than normal, which was saying something about the shy girl. Whatever was it that she wanted to talk about was pressing on her.

If only what was the only pressing matter of the day. Unfortunately the universe had something else in mind.

After Lunch was over and they all return to class, it didn’t take long for things to go awry in the most unexpected way possible.


That was one of the many screams that tore everyone’s attention from the teachers’ lessons and unto a scene on the hallways of their school. Teacher tried to regain the students’ attention but it failed against the natural morbid curiosity of the human being. Everyone, including the teachers, vacated their classrooms and gaped as a student was dragged handcuffed by the police while said student shouted claims of innocence and police brutality.

When Sunset saw said scene, she couldn’t believe it. I mean, seeing someone get arrested was a weird sight, but to have a police officer dragged a screaming student was even weirder. The redhead was agape as the rest of her classmates, but unlike the rest of them her brain was going a mile a minute trying to rationalize this event.

What did Discord do?

Unless he had committed a crime before coming to school, which was ludicrous to even think about it; the most logical explanation is that the police had come for him for something he did before today. And that brought up memories of what had happened yesterday: especially the beatings he delivered to those thugs in the alleyway. Assault and battery were very serious crimes, and unless he could prove it was in self-defense, then he would face jail time. Though she didn’t condone violent actions (or at least not anymore), she didn’t believe the boy who saved her deserved any of this.

“Discord?” she called out his name and instantly he had turned to face her and the look he gave her spoke volumes.

“Hey!” Discord said casually, probably in an attempt to not make her worry. “I’m innocent and this is just a misunderstanding, ok?” He reassured her trying to show a strong face, but could she believe him? Believe that everything would be okay for him when he was handcuffed and dragged by the police, when he had told her that the police rarely bothered to arrest high school thugs. Despite his strong front, it was hard to ignore his words from yesterday’s explanation.

It was too much for her and she couldn’t avoid turning her gaze away from him.

“Sunny…” He called her by that silly pet name, trying to say something else but he was soon pushed away by the disgruntled police officers. "I’ll be fine!” he called out before he was pushed out away and outside the building and soon after into the police car to be taken away.

Not long after this commotion, the Principals called out an emergency faculty meeting and let everyone go for the day.

Which brought Sunset to where she currently was: underneath the shade casted by the Canterlot statue.

Sunset felt guilty despite reasoning that Discord would’ve gotten in trouble anyways even if she hadn’t been following him or taken as a hostage. Even so, he had saved her, a complete stranger, and he looked after her beyond any other stranger would’ve found reasonable, not to mention he didn’t even get angry when she had tried to knock him out from behind.

She owed him.

But what could she even do for him? The only thing that came to mind was to testify on his favor, but doing that would bring a new set of problems for her. Sunset knew it was standard procedure to do a background check on any witness that would testify in court, and she didn’t want the attention of the police or an attorney asking around and looking at her supposed past. It had taken a lot of her to fabricate a back story when she came to this world so she could enroll at Canterlot High, and she didn’t believe it was solid enough to fool the police for long if they decided to look deep into it.

So either she did nothing and Discord ended up facing the police on his own or she risked the possibility of been found out as an illegal alien (in more ways than one).

Having no idea what to do. Sunset decided to do something that had been long since coming.

“I need to write a letter to Twilight.”


Starlight should have been happy, barely containing her mirth after seeing that deplorable Discord get what had been coming to him. Ever since she had known of him she has wanted to reform him into a future functional member of society, yet no matter what she had tried he had always gotten away from her and her Disciplinary Committee. And now after getting away with his disorderly behavior for so long, the police had come and taken him away.

Then why did it felt so wrong?

Don’t get her wrong, she had enjoyed seeing him get dragged handcuffed by the police, but after the novelty had worn off, she couldn’t help but speculate. And the most pressing question was:


Why after so long, did the police take down Discord?

Starlight knew that he and the others were smart enough to evade the police and keep their activities under the radar as to not bring their attention towards them. So why now? Did Discord screwed up? Not likely. He may be an idiot but he wasn’t that stupid as to steal a car and then drive it to school as if it were nothing, otherwise he wouldn’t have lasted as long in Everfree as he did.

There was something afoul about the whole thing and she didn’t like it.

Then the ex-president remember Discord’s little stun from yesterday when he arrived in a police transport van and was dropped off like a dangerous criminal. At the time she had been curious as to how he pulled it off, but as with anything that related to the dishevel guy, they didn’t question him about it unless they were eager for a headache. Discord was infamous for pulling near impossible stuns and afterwards pulled the chain of anyone how incurred about his machinations.

So if he managed to do something like that, then faking an arrest was not above the realm of possibility. But if that was the case and this whole thing was a “prank” then what purpose does it have?

Knowing Discord, it would be an overly convoluted mess that basically equaled to “did it for the lulz”.

Anyway, what Discord did or didn’t do couldn’t be undone, so the only thing Starlight could do was to conjure a way to use this in her favor. Speaking of which…

“I need to find Flash.”

It wouldn’t be good if her time and work with him was undone by this whole spectacle.


“Why did this happen?” Aria growled as she punched a locker leaving a small dent on it. Everything had been going well, and then “flop” everything fell like a house of cards. Her ticket out of the craphole that were her and her sister’s current lives was taken away by the police.

“Don’t ask me.” Adagio answered the question as she crossed her arms in front of her. “I should’ve known something was wrong when he appeared with a car out of nowhere.” Then her eye turned from her frustrated sister to the other who was looking down feeling miserable. “Let this be a lesson to you so you don’t do something as stupid as he did.”

“B-but he’ll be alright, right?” Sonata looked up to them searching for validation that everything would be fine.

“Don’t be stupid Sonata!” Aria spat. “He was found with the stolen car keys, he even dangled them in front of him!” If that wasn’t a signed confession of a crime then she didn’t know what was. “But maybe he could’ve gotten away, if you knew how to lie better!” she accused recalling the trembling mess the blunette had become when she was confronted by the Vice Principal. “It’s all your fault Sonata!”

Sonata instinctively flinched away from her angered sister. “I-I didn’t mean to…” she sobbed fighting to keep the tears of guilt away. “B-But…he said it was a misunderstanding!”

“Of course he’s gonna say that!” Adagio rolled her eyes at Sonata’s gullibility. “What person admits their crimes entirely?”

“W-what are we going to do?” Sonata asked desperately for an answer to solve this problem, but her sisters weren’t so willing to come up with anything.

“What are you even saying?” The leader turned at the sad girl with an exasperated look, “We can’t do anything! We don’t have powers anymore!” Sadly that was another reminder of what they all lost before. “And even if he could do something, why should we?”

“B-Because he’s our friend…?” The bluenette answered even more demoralized by Adagio’s tone.

“Friend?” The orange head repeated incredulously. “Just because someone buys you lunch and give you a ride in a car, doesn’t mean they are your friends!” Far from it. “He was only nice to you because he wanted something in return.” Not like she could really condemn him, since Aria had convinced her to do the same to him. Something that Sonata obliviously had done too. “He was a selfish bastard.”

And with that declaration Sonata crouched down and started crying. Sadden not only by their words but by the guilt she felt from failing to lie.

“Yes keep crying.” Aria mocked still angry that her plan to squeeze the worth out of Discord had fallen so quickly. “You better cry now and run out of tears because I don’t want to hear a sound from you when we get home!”

“I guess that means we are back at square one.” Adagio sighed tiredly, thought on the inside she was somewhat glad she won’t have to deal with Discord anymore. So far the boy only annoyed her and played games with her. “We have think what we have to do next.”

“Do YOU have a plan?” Aria shot back. So far after losing their powers their leader hadn’t come up with any sort of plan with any substance.

“Well, now that Discord is unavailable for me, maybe you can try and snag one of the other boys in our classroom.” Adagio responded with a mocking smirk. “Maybe you could seduce that Sombra guy, he looks like he has money.”

“Shut the hell up, Adagio!” Aria fumed after having her own plan for Adagio shot back at her. “Forget it! I’m out of here.” She couldn’t even stand her sisters for now, so she stomped away from them not even locking back or saying anything else.

“Serves her right.” Adagio muttered as she watch her angered sister leave, before turning to the still crouched down Sonata. “And you, you better get over it and forget about that guy.” She had the same opinion as Aria in this regard; she didn’t want to hear any more of Sonata’s crying for long. “So unless you have money to bail his ass out of prison, we’ll probably never see him again.”

Having said that, Adagio left his sister so she wouldn’t have to hear more of her sobbing, and as she walked away she didn’t noticed that Sonata slowly stopped her crying as her face illuminated by an idea.


Scorpan closed down another book after he failed to concentrate in what he was trying to read. Not even the peace and quiet of the library was helping with this particular problem. And who could blame him? Today’s events where shocking to say the least. Discord been actually arrested. The thought crossed his mind several times back in Everfree ever since he had known of him. But actually witnessing it? It felt surreal.

After you get to know about him and his reputation, Discord was the sort of guy who appeared untouchable; by the police and thugs alike. I mean, you don’t get to pull a third of the stuns and pranks Discord did, if you weren’t some sort of dastardly genius.

And now he was been arrested by the police for a charge of Grand Theft Auto (the felony not the game); something was wrong about the whole scenario. Discord wasn’t that sort of guy. The sort that would got caught that easily, he meant; since it wouldn’t be a stretch if the “master prankster” of Everfree were to steal a vehicle for a joyride or any other sort of “youthful shenanigans”.

Then again, maybe he was over-thinking things again. It wouldn’t be dumb to think that maybe Discord had screwed up and the consequences of his “tricks” had finally caught up to him. No one was lucky or skillful enough to avoid trouble forever. It was statistically impossible.

Scorpan sighed.

Despite not wanting to think about Discord and speculate to no end about the issue, it was a welcome distraction to keep the mind away from his personal problems at home. And speaking of welcoming distractions…

A trio of girls he had been getting acquitted with entered the library and “walked really fast” towards him, since running was prohibited inside.

“Scorpan! We been looking for you all over!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed somewhat loudly, prompting the brunette boy to shush her and remind her that they were inside the library.

“But there is no one else here.” Scootaloo pointed out referring to the lack of any other student. “Even Ms. Cheerilee isn’t here.” That was also true. Apparently every faculty member was called for an emergency meeting to discuss the whole “Discord Being Arrested” matter.

Instead of fighting over this issue, he skipped the whole “you should still follow the rules” lecture he would’ve imparted if this was any other day. “What are you looking for me? I thought you would be going home to do homework or go to the arcade or youth center.”

“Youth Center?”
“Do homework?”

The red, mulberry and purple heads repeated respectively with confused eyes. Making Scorpan realize he was really disconnected from what people that were not him actually did for nice clean fun.

“Anyway. Why were you looking for me?”

“Why else? We are looking forward for our next lesson with you.” Scootaloo reminded.

“Oh yeah…” How could he have forgotten? It wasn’t like they were here to invite him to hang out or anything. “So when do you want to start?”


Although he would never say it out-loud for fear that the universe would accept it as an invitation for further troubles, Tirek was kind of glad for Discord’s little “show”. Either genuine or fake, he was going to enjoy this unexpected free hours doing absolutely nothing but resting his body. Another stroke of luck was that the cider the old lunch lady gave him had worked like some sort of miracle and now his body didn’t felt as sh*tty as before.

Whatever that Cider had in it, it had certainly worked.

Tirek had planned to rest those free hours everyone got thanks to the faculty emergency meeting. Unfortunately, he had to answer nature’s call, so that meant standing up and walking all the way to the nearest restroom.

That was the price for drinking all of that cider.

Tirek walked through the mostly empty hallways of the school, figuring that everyone that could would already be gone, meaning there were fewer chances of bumping into anything that would cause him trouble.

Regrettably even his thinking about it tempted fate and the universe repaid him ‘kindly’.

“Hey Big Guy!” A raspy sounding voice called out for him. Or well, that’s what he assumed since there weren’t any other ‘Big Guys’ around. “Yeah, I’m talking to you.”

Cursing his luck Tirek turned around to tell this annoying guy off, but when his gaze fell upon the person calling him out, he realized it wasn’t a guy at all.

“I got something to tell you!” Said a blue girl with Rainbow colored hair.


Author's Note:

Now we see that Discord's little scene had bigger repercussions that even he couldn't have imagined. :rainbowderp:
And this is just part one. :derpytongue2:
Part two will cover the rest.

Also, we finally have the long awaited confrontation of Rainbow and Tirek.