• Published 3rd Oct 2015
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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 21 – The Very Next Morning.


Pure, unadulterated pain is not the best way to start a new day. This was the consequence of his decision last night and Tirek wanted nothing more than to abide to this decision. But now that he felt the accumulated pain that had been blocked before thanks to RED and GREEN, the temptation to go and comb around his garden for BLUE he had thrown outside last night had doubled.

Tirek considered the idea of truanting school today and spent all day resting in bed, hoping that the pain and soreness he felt in his entire body would go away. That was the sensible thing to do, but there were two important reasons why he simply couldn’t do so.

First was the fact that if he missed school after the attack by Chrysalis’ soldiers, she would take this as a confirmation that her plan actually worked and that he was hurt, which then would prompt even more attacks to try and capitalize on his injured state. And second of all, he had foolishly accepted that Old bat’s invitation to go to her farm and show him whatever she wanted to show him; he regretted giving in, because now it was imperative that he had to come out of bed and go to that accursed school feeling like crap. There were lots of things he wasn’t proud of about himself, but he always found solance in the fact he always kept his word.

And Tirek wasn’t gonna let today be the day he started breaking his word.

A so, Tirek got out of bed, muscles aching, chest burning, and every step a hundred needles piercing the sole of his feet.

Great! Today was shaping up to be a terrible day.


“Second day of the week and already out of clean clothes…” Discord rubbed his chin as he pondered this morning predicament and trying to spin this so that it wasn’t entirely his fault. Sure, he was the one who goes through his clean clothes like an off colored hedgehog goes through vertical loops and he had forgotten to do any laundry on the weekend before school started, but this was certainly the fault of his Pop who refuses to hire a cleaning lady.

“Personal responsibility my ass.” He was a teenager for pete’s sake! An unattended teenager. The person who thought said teen could do some house chores under his own volition obviously lacked knowledge of what reality was. But pinning the blame to its well deserved culprit didn’t help his current situation. Discord needed something to wear to school. Fumbling around the house, Discord ended up going into what he called “The Forbidden Closet”. That is his Pop’s closet where he kept his own clothes. Having run out of options, he decided to risk it figuring it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Opening the closet, Discord found several articles of clothing that frankly weren’t his preferred style.

“All of these would just make me look like a grampa.” Discord was still far too young to dress so boringly. But among the group of clothes there was something that caught his attention. “Why hello there…” He said as he took it out so he could marvel at it some more. “I can work with this, but it won’t be enough on its own.” Well, since he was taking one thing borrowed there was no ill in taking some more.

As Discord search all around to complete his ensemble, he came across something unexpectedly awesome. “Hm? What’s this?” A set of keys clanked when he managed to pull them out a pair of pants.

“Are these…?”

Yep. They were definitely it.

And he was sure he wasn’t meant to find them.


Scorpan sighed sadly as he rode the bus from the city towards the outskirts where Canterlot High was located. He had to wake up early to catch the bus in time so he wouldn’t be late for his second day, but that wasn’t what had him down. What had him down was yet again another rejection by his brother.

This time, Scorpan had suggested riding the bus together, only for his brother to dismiss him telling him that he would wait for another bus. When Scorpan pleaded him to tell him why, his brother response was: “I don’t want us to be seen together.”

After that, Scorpan boarded the bus while Tirek waited for the next one to come by.

No matter how many times he thought he had grown accustomed to his rejection, it still hurt the same. Maybe because each time he still clung unto hope that things would be somehow different.

“Maybe I do need help.” So far on his own he managed to accomplish next to nothing. “I think I better take up the Crusaders’ offer.” He highly doubted than any advice they had could be applicable to him and his brother Tirek, but Scorpan was out of any ideas.

Speaking of ideas, Scorpan only hoped the girls liked his lesson for today. He had put a lot of effort into it. To teach them enough for them to believe they were learning something, without outright transforming them into Delinquents.

The path of the Delinquent was not right for girls as nice as them.


“Hurry up, you two!” Adagio said irritated at her sisters who were falling behind her.

“It’s too early Adagio!” Sonata complained as she yawned and rubbed the sleep from her closing eyes.

“Hate to agree with her, but Sonata’s right. It is way too early.” Aria grumbled with both her hands resting on the back of her head.

“It’s not too early, we’re on time!” Adagio growled. “I won’t risk getting detention and have Vice Principal Luna lecture us again for being late for class.” Not only would it be annoying to have to hear the same lecture all over again, she didn’t want to be also late for work and have some of her paycheck deducted. “So keep up the pace you two.”

“It’s such a drag to walk all the way to school.” Aria complained some more. “Why can’t we just take a bus?”

“Because the bus fare is 1.50 per passenger, so for us three it would cost 4.50. Now multiply that for the 5 days we go to school and that equals 22.50, finally double that amount for the ride back home and that amounts to 45.00 a week!”

“Ugh! You became awfully stingy these past few weeks.” Aria pointed out annoyed that everything always came down to money.

“And you think I don’t know that?!” Adagio was getting really tired of this constant attitude from Aria. “Do think I enjoy it? Being constantly worried about money? About how we need to pay the rent? About what we gonna eat? what we gonna wear? Do you?!” She shouted right in Aria’s face.

“Whoa! Take a chill pill!” The twin tailed girl put up both hands in front of her to put a little bit of distance not having expected such a reaction from their so called leader.

“I wish I could! But instead I have to look out for the three of us because YOU never seem to take anything seriously!”Adagio emphasized her displeasure by forcefully poking Aria’s chest with her index finger “And Sonata because she’s…” She would’ve continued with her rant if it weren’t for the water threatening to form on the girl’s huge raspberry eyes. “She’s still too naïve.” She abstained herself from saying anything meaner, not wanting to deal with the crying.

“Hey!” Said naïve girl called out, tears already forgotten.

“For your information, I do take things seriously.” Aria also called out, offended for being treated as a lazy ass once more. “I just don’t want to sound like a nag like you. Seriously, you keep talking as if you were our mother!”

“I wouldn’t have to, if you two weren’t so childish!” Oh, what wouldn’t she give for them to start acting more mature? “Now stop complaining and keep moving!”


“But Adagio, I’m sleepy!” Sonata protested again.

“And you think I’m not? Well I do. I am tired!” Tired of been the responsible one and hearing these two complain all the time; if anything Adagio should be the only one allowed to complain here. “I don’t like this no more than you two do. Believe me, but if there was a better way I would take it in an instant!”

“Would you girls care for a ride?” Said the voice of a man who just parked his black car next to the sirens. “I promise it would be fun ride.” The guy making the offer was dressed in a trench coat, with a trilby on top of his head and dark sunglasses on his face.

“Oh Ok!” Sonata nodded happily as she skipped over to open the door of the car. Fortunately Aria grabbed the excited girl from the back of her shirt.

“Sorry, we don’t take rides from strangers.” Adagio was the one who turn down the offer. Although she remembered the many times when the three of them would hypnotize people to give them a lift to wherever place they wanted to go.

“Lucky me, I’m no stranger. It’s me Discord!” The driver said as he took of his hat and glasses, revealing his smirking mug to the girls.

“Discord?!/Discord!” Both Sonata and Adagio shouted his name at the same time. The former with glee, happy to see their newest classmate that made her laugh so much; while the later said it with aversion, not wanting to deal with his tomfoolery before class even began.

“Yep, that’s me!”

“So this is what you do now?” Adagio questioned with suspicion in her eyes. “Drive around on a black vehicle picking up girls while dressed as some sort of shady criminal?”

“I’ll have you know that I’m only wearing this because someone forgot to do the laundry.” Discord explained in an obvious faux tone, pretending to sound offended. “And that person was me.” This of course earned him a fit of giggles from Sonata’s end.

While Sonata laughed and Adagio pinched her nose in annoyance thanks to Discord’s joke, Aria decided to check out Discord’s car. “Nice ride you got there Discord.” Aria complimented. “A Karin Kuruma model 2001.”

“You know the car’s name.” Discord noted impressed that the twin tailed girl managed to recognize the car by looks alone.

“Hm. The Kuruma models from that decade feature a turbocharged four cylinder engine and with it you can propel the Kuruma’s 2866lbs (1300kg) weight up to 124 mph (200kph), but because of the FWD powertrain, it causes noticeable under steer at high speeds.”

“Anything else?” Discord looked amazed by the girl’s apt description of the car’s performance.

“Why? You’re testing me or something?” Aria put her hands on her hips with a confident smirk on her face.

“Indulge my curiosity.” He returned her the playful grin.

“Hm, with just the right parts and a few mods, you can make it run at 150mph (241kph) top speed, and that’s without NOS. Also you can improve the traction and handling to make off-road travel be just as fast, allowing the Kuruma to keep up to even specialized cars made for in-rod and off-road competitions.”

“You sure know your stuff.” Discord was outright impressed. And he wasn’t the only one. Both Sonata and Adagio were shocked beyond belief if their open jaws were any indication.

“Wh-when…?” Adagio tried to ask but the words simply couldn’t come out.

“I have hobbies you two don’t know about.” Aria just shrugged off while Discord laughed at the whole scene.

“So you wanna ride with me?” Discord offered once more.

Instantly both Aria and Sonata turned their heads towards Adagio and gave her pleading looks, well that was Sonata, in Aria’s case was more akin to ‘say yes or else’.

“Fine!” the leader of the siren’s agreed to the offer, having been silently out-voted.

“Great, hop in!” Discord said as he opened the door for the co-pilot seat. “Milady.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Adagio while patting the seat next to him.”

“Ugh!” Going against her better judgment, Adagio did sit on the co-pilot seat, while Aria and Sonata sat on the backseats.

“Wow! This is so cool! And these seats are so comfy!” Sonata couldn’t help but admire the interior and wiggle on her seat finding it very comfortable.

“Thanks!” Discord fully accepted the praise although the car wasn’t even his. “What do you think Adagio, comfy?”

“Sure, whatever…” was her non-committed response, although silently she did find the seat to be quite nice. “Just take us to school. I don’t want to be late.”

“As you wish!” He said with a little sparkle in his eye that spell trouble. “Hold on tight!” And as soon as he said this he stepped on the gas, speeding off towards school.


An hour before students would normally arrive, a pitch back Sedan parked right in front of Canterlot High. From the fancy looking car, a well dressed Sombra stepped out, sporting nice grey west over a long sleeved black shirt and pants combo while holding a black cane on his right hand. It was a drastic change from his clothes from the day before, but if Sombra was to bring a cane to school, he better wore something that complimented it.

Despite looking as if he was on his way to a prom, there was no denying that Sombra looked very sharp.

“You can go now, I’ll wait right here.” Sombra said towards the driver, who just nodded acknowledging his request.

Sombra watch the automobile march away before he walked towards the School statue, which depicted a horse on its hind legs, and stood directly in front of it looking towards the street. That way no one attending this school could escape his notice.

“Chrysalis. I’m waiting for you.”


Author's Note:

Yay! Back to High school shenanigans! :yay:
or are we? :trollestia:

For those who are wondering about Discord's car.
Yes, it is from the GTA series.

At first I was looking for licensed car models for Transformers for a small reference, but it was such a hassle to go through all those cars and looking up specs for them. So I settled for a fictional car.
Also don't expect more references to GTA. :applejackunsure: Besides maybe more vehicle models and names.